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  1. Thanx, M8 Sorted
  2. Yea I know you can partition with fdisk but was unsure how to use it. Everything is so simple with partition magic Anyway everything done now.thanx
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the message you get when you insert a cd into the drive ie Play Cd, No Action ect I find this feature very anoying Any help would be most appreciated
  4. I used a win98 boot disk and then used fdisk to format drive. And then used partition magic 7 (V6 dosent work with xp) to partition the drive
  5. I have just installed a new 40 gig hdd. When I go to the device manager it's there and working ok. BUt how do I format it so win xp will recognise it. I have partition magic but it wont work with win xp Any help would be most appreciated