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  1. I can now verify that New Moon works on Windows 2000 with BlackWingCat's extended kernel.
  2. Could you try building an installer? https://developer.palemoon.org/Developer_Guide:Build_Instructions/Pale_Moon/Windows#head:Generating_the_installer
  3. It's not working for me, it's complaining about GdiGradientFill in GDI32.DLL.
  4. 2.1 is out! I changed many of the default security popup dialogs ("you are entering/leaving a secure site") to be disabled by default, as most people consider them to be annoying, I disabled the sidebar opening every time you search from the urlbar, added the StartPage search engine (Google results without the tracking), added a few urlbar keywords to search easier, and added an update notification to the default home page. Any issues please let me know. Download RetroZilla 2.1
  5. A lot of progress is being made on the stopgap release before I get to updating Gecko. I am planning on dropping 2.1 within the next few days, possibly as early as tonight. Has a few improvements, especially in the realm of search and a few security-related prefs. These fixes are all already in the codebase, roytam1's patches will be applied to the next release, the reason behind this is to get another release out quicker and allow for more further testing and development of the patches. (I may apply those patches in a 2.2 release, or just hold off for 3.x, depending on how certain things go.)
  6. Just tried it out and it's great, the native 64-bit version works and is fast, and it is extremely customizable. I found a Netscape 4/Mozilla Classic theme right away and installed TreeStyleTabs and it works just like my SeaMonkey install. (maybe once RetroZilla stabilizes a bit, I will work on a project that I will dub MoonSuite XP- an XP-compatible Pale Moon based SeaMonkey) Here's my setup if anyone's interested:
  7. Nice, I'm gonna try this out when I get home tonight, see how it compares to Firefox 52/SM 2.48. Would you know the comparative Gecko version of new Moon?
  8. Yep. Windows 95 is an operating system I test RetroZilla on extensively, and I will delay release if RZ is not working properly on it.
  9. The official source tree. If the tree built by VC6 works on NT3.51, we could try to backport the TLS patches to build on VC6 and add NT3.51 to the supported OS list.
  10. It works on NT 3.51? Never knew. If I may ask, what kind of modifications did you do? If I could get it to reliably work on vanilla NT 3.51 (with SP5), I will support it officially.
  11. Personally, I want to stay with 95 compatibility because KernelEx works on 98/ME and not 95.
  12. Well, I think that's the problem right there. RetroZilla was designed to build under VC6 and to run under Win95 and NT4. IIRC VC2K3 can't target OSes before Win98 or NT5 (2K). When you get your binaries to me, I could test them on my 95 and NT4 test VMs, and if it works, I'll try to get the code to build, or upgrade my environment to VC2K3. For now, I'm gonna roll back the code to before I added the TLS patch and keep the patches handy, I'm gonna push out that small 2.x release I was taking about a few weeks ago, and ship the TLS patch in the next major version.
  13. @roytam1 I tried applying your TLS files and building, and I have gotten errors involving WINVER being set as 0x0500 not 0x0400 which is required by WIn95 and NT 4, as well as an error in win95thred,c have you gotten these errors before? What OS have you been testing on? Could you send me a completed binary of what you included in the screenshot for me to play around with? (retrozilla.exe along with all the dlls and subfolders [dist/bin])
  14. Well, it turns out that I was able to get back into my Win2k build machine with another PS/2 keyboard, and now the USB drivers are installing properly. I don't know why it wasn't working a year ago. I guess now I can start work on RetroZilla again!
  15. How do you want your name displayed? Your MSFN user name or your real name? Right now, my big issue is getting the builder to respect my objdir setting. It's just building into the source tree. It's a laptop using Win2k3 32-bit, Core 2 Duo, 2Gb RAM. I used to do the building on a Win2K box with blackwingcat's kernel, IDK why it built right on that machine, but I can't get back in due to the machine not recognizing my USB keyboard before the login screen. (2k does the driver installs after login, really good design MS) The PS/2 keyboard port is shot.