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  1. u can recover it by create a dektop.txt file in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\ and put inside: [Shell] Command=2 IconFile=explorer.exe,3 [Taskbar] Command=ToggleDesktop then rename the file desktop.scf
  2. have it too during nlite process on xp pro sp2 + nl1.0.1 and added only post sp2 hotfix Derni_re_session.ini
  3. best way i think, it's to install an xp+sp2 without f6 ( it should work if u don't use raid mode) then after the end of setup, install the full nforce package, it will install the lastest drivers for sata/pata controllers.
  4. U don't need ti install it to make it work, i have launch it from driver folder and it's working & viewing my raid. But if the exe is a cab file u need to expand it to get some needed dll's.
  5. i get the mediashield after install my nforce package, but as i say before i have a raid configured and perhaps it's join with nv sw ide driver, coz i install them during nforce setup. edit: the mediashield exe is in \IDE\WinXP\raidtool\NvRaidMan.exe (nforce 4 16x 6.85)
  6. because u don't have plug drive and configure raid.
  7. if i'm not wrong 6.85 is only for nforce 4 16x platform.
  8. Have the same mobo, i have make all bios update under windows with the asus update utility on mobo cdrom. On my old mobo to flash bios with alt+f2, i need to put on the floppy the bios rom and the awflash.exe (don't know if the same exe for asus mobo, not same bios brand). For the boot config in nvraid have the same thing too, in fact i had make a raid on sata 3/4 don't deleted it and remake another with the same disk on sata1/2 and can't mark it as boot until i ruplug my disk on 3/4 and deleted the raid.
  9. i cannot say that my floppy/mobo are 100% ok; all i see is that i have only bsod when i'm using nlite not with floppy + f6 setup. And i assume that's really mad coz i don't seen relation between floppy and nvraid.
  10. OK, this belongs to the other (x64) thread, but once mor my question:Did you ever try to integrate the LEGACY folder of the 6.85 package during your tests with 32-bit XP? yes, have the same result, nvraid is working but get bsod when disable floppy drive.
  11. hum i'm was wrong on nforce version, it's 6.83 for x64 and there's no legacy folder. I don't want on integrate others drivers, just need nvraid for windows setup and finish by the hand other drivers with lastest versions.
  12. just finish my xp64 setup, working fine with floppy disable. So i confirm for nf4 16x (asus a8n32-sli), it just need to integrate sata_raid folder as txtmode from 6.85 package without no mod on files. Sata and PATA controller are recognize as standard controller until 6.85 package is not installed.
  13. here's my bunch of test with my crappo floppy drive: fisrt one , clean xp32 sp1, sata_raid folder from 6.85 on floppy boot install (only raid drives plug) f6 + load nvraid driver install ok install 6.85 package + reboot plug 3° drive and reboot still ok disable floppy & reboot still ok second one, same cd, only sata_raid driver integrated with last nl (floppy disable and 3° drive unplug) boot install + delete all partition nvraid detect ok reboot after first install part , get bsod on acpi renable floppy in bios but not plug in & reboot install follow the end and finish fine install 6.85 package & reboot still ok reboot and disable floppy = bsod So there something wrong with nlite, perhaps someone can try to disable his floppy drive to test if the same thing occur. I'm remake an xp64 cd and test if it's work too
  14. Do you have try just to boot with your cd if windows setup can find drive without driver ? Maybe I am wrong, but I suppose, that this is the reason for all your troubles. If you want to create a new Raid array with 3 instead of 2 hdd's, it is not enough to enable the 3rd SataRaid port within BIOS, you have to add the new hdd to the array by nForce Raid utility.Before you do that, I would recommend a backup of your important datas. CU Fernando ok ok when i spoke about my 3° drive, it's only a data store drive, don't want to add it to my raid. I just unplugged for mbr problem and add it at the end on setup. I have only sata port 1&2 set in raid mode.
  15. It is not easy to understand.Do you mean that you integrated the SATA_RAID subfolder as TEXTMODE driver using nLite and additionally presented the same drivers by using F6/floppy method during TEXTMODE part of the installation? No i use the same driver but don't load it twice, i try floppy without integration and no floppy with integration You did not answer to these questions.I plug my 3° drive at the end on setup, dont use nvraid utility Don't have a clean cd, in fact the setup work with sp1a or sp2 without floppy, i get bsod until i disable floppy drive in bios.