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  1. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Note, actually I have registered in this forum because the users reciprocally no accusations make which Windows version a user prefers. I also prefer Windows XP, but I also have no problems working with other versions of Windows. In many German-speaking forums, hardly one has what postet and already one can not save itself from comments. With under of because of you're a safety risk and other meanstream bla bla that give any self-appointed specialists of themselves. Therefore, mutual respect is one of the aspects that made this forum great!
  2. Correctly! For .NET Framework 1.1, you could still use those for Server 2003, if the updates were manually adapted to the installation.
  3. What I think of the upcoming Firefox versions, simple censorship! https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/08/08/mozilla-information-trust-initiative-building-movement-fight-misinformation-online/ http://www.businessinsider.de/mozilla-new-initiative-counter-fake-news-2017-8?r=US&IR=T http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-14-firefox-browsers-will-soon-block-fake-news-flagged-by-george-soros-linked-left-wing-groups.html For one, I think the other web browser to follow, on the other hand here is a freedom right restricted the free information procurement! Therefore, any older web browser should save versions for itself!
  4. @sdfox7 Some updates that are still published for Office 2003 Viewer can also be used for Office 2003. Currently USP10 and GDIPLUS. Ultimately therefore still lacks many updates! @pcalvert The .NET Frameworks updates after April 2014 require the POSReady entry for download via AU / WU / MU, for the installation this is not needed!
  5. This is perfectly correct, I myself use IE8 because of WU / MU. Important is nevertheless the latest updates for IE8 to be installed since this is with the operating system is very intertwined.
  6. Who still uses IE8 for the Internet today is very carelessly! Best use of a web browser with sandbox technology plus μBlock where malware domains additionally blocked.
  7. Because the files USP10.dll and GDIPLUS.dll have been updated by KB4039384! Hopefully not!
  8. @Dave-H If there was a problem with KB4039384, there would have been a corresponding comment from my side. Regarding KB4039111, a fader flavor remains due to the enclosed file xpsp2res.dll version 5.1.2600.7239, whether a more current version like the version 5.1.2600.7248 should have appeared here. This will ultimately show the upcoming updates.
  9. When I wrote this comment, which originally answered the questions of Dave-H and pcalvert, Dencorso wrote a comment to pcalvert at the same time, which I edited my comment to the extent that the part was removed at pcalver. Since I create my own Updaterollups where it is necessary to extract the individual updates from MS is the circumstance noticed because of the file xpsp2res.dll. At this point, however, I was just testing the various Updaterollups, where Dencorso has already published another comment. After the test, I have my comment because of the knowledge gained added. For this reason, there is a temporal discrepancy. One might think, that MS to have evil intentions for the update KB4025398 from 08/28/2017 and KB4039111. Just suspect, that in a short time these errors happen!
  10. Wow, tested for me on my virtual machine (1 core core 2 duo 2.4 GHz and 512 MB memory) after I installed the latest cumulative update of IE8 manuel, as well as updates for Office 2007 compatibility pack. With the following search and install I have completely 5 minutes needed!
  11. @Dave-H KB4039111 (kernel32.dll, ntdll.dll, ole32.dll, rpcss.dll, sprv0407.dll, wordpad.exe, xpsp2res.dll) is an update related to security updates KB4026061 (sprv0407.dll, wordpad.exe) and KB4018556-v2 (kernel32.dll, ntdll.dll, ole32.dll, oleaut32.dll, rpcss.dll, xpsp2res.dll). Unfortunately, MS in KB4039111 has an older version (5.1.2600.7239) attached to the file "xpsp2res.dll" against KB4018556-v2 (5.1.2600.7248), which can not be updated in Windows XP "xpsp2res.dll". Hopefully, this bug will be fixed by a subsequent update. This could cause problems with the English language version of Windows XP Professional (ENU), as well as with all language versions of Windows XP Home. In a test in the VMware with the English-language version of Windows XP Professional, I have not found any problems (The file "xpsp2res.dll" was installed with version 5.1.2600.7248)!
  12. This update is incorrect and has not been corrected by MS!
  13. @pcalvert Please check the version of the file msimsg.dll or msisip.dll under "%windir%\system32", if MSI Installer v4.5 is installed it should match 4.5.6001.22159 . Among the file properties is sometimes this entry "(vistasp2_ldr.150618-0601)", which is completely correct, because MSI 4.5 of Windows Vista also for older Windows versions was provided. Otherwise check again the registry entry for POSReady.
  14. @pcalvert @niko32 First, disable automatic updates (make a reboot if high processor load of the svchost.exe process in the task manager), then manually install the most recent cumulative update for Internet Explorer 8 KB4025252. Furthermore, Windows Installer 4.5 (KB942288-v3) should be installed. Now a new search in IE8 at WU / MU.
  15. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Anyone interested on PaleMoon 27.4.2 (from the source https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/wiki) as a setup, can send me a PM! Update: Likewise, Setup for Advanced Chrome v54.15.5320.0 from http://browser.taokaizen.com incl. WebRTC and μBlock plugin available.