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  1. Its possible somehow hack other driver to use it with this card?
  2. Teamviewer Quicksupport - how exactly use it? Sorry, i had a accident im in hospital and so i didnt test it.
  3. Hmm, this is not solution.. i still got error windows not finish loading error and default boot option after that is still 3.
  4. Ok, thanks it is working. Only installation process was a bit, complicated - when i point Device manager to driver folder, i got endless searching for driver dialog, which have to be killer, after that, in Device manager for new device with Exclamation mark, but was now possible to use Have to a disk option and point driver searcher directly to *.inf file. I have Asmedia and Intel Sata controller and im using Paragon GPT driver, so i have to switch between IDE and AHCI mod in Bios and install Asmedia Sata driver in safe mode and after that i could switch to back from IDE to AHCI.
  5. Great to know, was using 25 years config.sys, but i never though that msdos.sys is same sort of beast.
  6. In msdos.sys how do you mean it? I suppose msodos.sys is not text file, or im wrong?
  7. Thanks for info. And how i open registry file from other partition? What is path and name of main registry file?
  8. Hello, im trying to remove driver - ASATAFLT.sys which i can see in autoruns, it has Asus signature, is from old board, i now have other MSI board, i have tried disable device in autoruns or delete all registry entries, there is not some related installed software, but everytime when i disable it, im getting boot bluescreen. How to fix it and properly remove it? If you need more information, i would provide them.
  9. Thanks i will test it this weekend, im now in other location.
  10. My machine is working this way - crash, reboot - i got system protection error, reboot - safe mode is default - reboot - scandisk and normal boot - Its annoying, i dont know if is QEMU or Win98 fault, but too much rebooting.
  11. Its somehow possible use driver for other or similar device just by change some IDs? Its just Lan card, i dont have problem pay some bucks for driver.
  12. cdob: Sorry im not in location were now computer is, but yes im doing this types of cloning for years, problem is that this ITX board, were only USB ports avalaible are intel USB3 and whole computer is in case passively cooled - Akasa Euler S, it would be quite hard to access USB2 ports headers and have possibility to run a machine (cooling), i have tried some USB2 port to USB3 header cable, but it doesnt helped with my problem - keyboard and mouse are not working, OS is booting at least into safe mode and here cursor blinking.. I have tried connect mouse and keyboard directly or through USB hub no success. I have on same machine second Windows 7 partition, installed with USB3 drivers include and its running well. Its Skylake system, board is ASUS Q170T. There are even SW to adjust Hardware in machine to new machine - P2P (Physical to Physical) adjusment or Dissimilar HW recovery tools. Problem is that as far as i know, only tool, which could to it, without whole image recovery, only just adjust is Paragon HDD Professional and unfortunately - his taste of INF files is quite problematic - lots of valid INF files not working with this tool - its scanned as invalid or empty. I can do same really nasty convert this partition in VirtualMachine add drivers (+ not only USB, also for Lan and add VNC client as backup), make image and recover image into physical machine, but it would take lots of time and there would be some virtual machines drivers leftovers.
  13. Hello, its possible to adjust Windows 98 behavior to not boot to Safe mode as default after crash? Its annoying, because my version crashing often and i can you USB device in safe mode, so safe mode is useless for me.
  14. Ok there are some screenshot, i wonder where is Z97 sata controller device, because in Device manager is only Asmedia Sata controller and DVD drive conected to Intel Sata is not working not proper driver is installed. Board is Z97: Extreme43.1/