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  1. Can someone point me to last driver version? I have G7950 PCI-E and when i try to install drivers from exe, i have got lots of empty windows dialogs..
  2. But there is some QEMU trick how to make VNC keyboard and mouse working, maybe some similator workaround could be used for make USB working as PS2 device inside virtualization.
  3. rloew: Thanks. I maked USB working, but only in normal mod, in safe mode is not working and when machine crash, is needed to control safe mode throught VNC client- its stupid, but its nothing too annoying. I dont know, maybe its Win98 SE limitation that USB not working in same mode, problem is that as far i know, there is not QEMU PS2 device passthrough. So only Network and Audio is needed to make it fully working. I didnt test any benchmarks but its really fast with Core i5 2500S - 1 core and 256 MB RAM.
  4. rloew: Could recommend some piece on eBay? I just can confirm that Unraid machine with my new arrived passivelly cooled Geforce 7950 PCI-E is booting in to normal mode! I now have not time, but i will continue with more testing. Question: Is there some Bios setting, which could do downgrade USB3 ports for USB2? To be fully supported by Win9x or this dead end? If this is somewhere working, it still could be MB dependent, i want to know if it is worth of try, i have Gigabyte Z68 chipset board and Z97 board is ready too, i only wanting on CPU which is on the way.. Problem is still not USB, outside of VNC mod.. In VNC mod i can boot to safe-mode and i can see that no USB controller there, what is probably why keyboard and mouse not working at all. I have tried New hardware detection in safe mode, but nothing was found, but i read about some trick to rename somae PnP Bios device to PCI-BUS and some new devices were detected - even some Network adapter and USB PCI controller - problem is that somewhere is process and lost - CD/DVD devices with Windows98 mount image, so i have not drivers for that to test it.
  5. @rloew It is lost in history, probably i dont even know if have still this board, i need to check it.
  6. Today i tested on my Z68 board PCI card options, but i had no luck with Creative Audigi and SB !Live and 3Com lan card, only PCI device which is detected is ATI Mach PCI video card, but when is added to machine is not booting, but i already have new Z97 board and wating for new CPU from Ebay, i will retest it. Im also looking for any other PCI videocard, some Nvidia or more modern ATI. Today i also ordered PCI Geforce 7950 so we will see.. I wonder is there any Win 9x compatible USB Lan or USB Audio card because this could be solution too? Regarding this site at least some USB Land exists:
  7. I have very bad memory, its about 5 years. Im not sure, maybe it not even posted, no picture after boot at all.. or freeze during Win9x boot. Only thing im sure that it was Gigabyte card with passive cooler, probably with less that 512 MB.
  8. I have using last version from website - 14 days trial, but it could be extended, because its tight only to unique email address. QEMU has also i thing 440BX chipset option, which is probably even more compatible. There is Unraid Win98 thread, not too much info, but atleast for someone its working, only with some startup sequence hassle..
  9. I had this board and i have failed to make Geforce 7600 PCI-E running with unfoccial drivers, there is some graphics compatibility list for this board and its pretty short.. Maybe other PCI-E GPU work, but you need to be lucky or i did something wrong.
  10. I did some testing is possible to install Win98SE - with VNC display driver, i ended stuck at Keyboard and Mouse detection, after real GPU was used (i used integrated Intel HD2000, because i hadnt at the hand any Win98 compatible card and ATI Mach 64 VT wasnt working with Unraid) - so GPU passthrough working even for Win98. Keyboard / mouse problem probably can be solved with PS2 keyboard and mouse or 2 PS ports mianboard or more compatible USB devices - i dont have at home best set for compatbility i have some too modern and not good keyboard for compatibility (nothing like old Logitech, Chicony IBM keyboards). I tested all through some 1xPS2 to 2x USB convertor.
  11. Hello, i just wonder if someone tried Unraid - QEMU virtual machine with GPU Passthrought, is working well for WinXP 32bit gaming with old Geforce 8400GS with Z68 board and Core i5 2500S - it would work with everything with IOMMU support (Intel VT-d). Unraid is primary for big custom Raids, but has Virtual machines plugin which is based on KVM, so PCI-E and PCIE and USB devices passthrough is possible and few VMs can runs in parallel.
  12. Thanks, i have Geforce 6600 passive, but i have to install fan too - Noctua one - around 500 RPM its quite silent.
  13. Thanks for replies. Could you link exact model, im suprised that there is passive version of card with 95W TDP. In unofficial driver for PCI-E cards really stable with Win98SE? I mean on similar level as AGP cards? What about installation could be OS installed with PCI-E GPU inside, or installation is possible only with PCI / AGP card and card need to be switched later? So if PCI-E GPU is working, 2 PCI slots are enough. I was thinking about 2 cards and necessity of change monitor outputs for boot different system - solution could be some DVI or cheap HDMI switch (even cheap ones have output autodetection and autoswitching) + DVI-HDMI cables.
  14. What is best W9x graphics card? I tested long ago Geforce 7600 and afaik driver was only unofficial and unstable, same PCI-E device driver, so i have to use G6600 or G6800 for AGP, i think that PCI would be big bottleneck even for this old card. I did some research, there are lots of great boards with AMD 970, but they had only 2x PCI slot and this could be problem. PCI old GPU + PCI NIC + PIC soundcard require 3 PCI slots, so it means board where is NIC or Soundcard directly supported by Win98SE is needed. Is there such one? Is there Realtek ALC887 Win98Se compatible driver?
  15. Hello, i finally ressurected by ultimate Win98 machine (in multiboot a have WinXp, Win7 and Linux LMDE 2 too), but primary purpose is Win98Se retro gaming. I had problem with board, old one Asrock Conroe 865 died and used some Asus P5PE-VM - which wasnt optimal - regardless of OS, new one is again Conroe and its stable 865, but forgot old Win 98 dirty tricks, after 2 years. I have some problematic devices is Device manager, how to fix it? I using Core 2 duo cpu, 4 GB of DDR1 - limit by some patch from here to 1024 MB and , SATA Sandisk 240GB SSD+ Sata driver from some guy here. I have not any IDE device, but IDE ports are still enabled in the Bios, i have 1 Sata disk on Sata1 port and 2 Sata DVD writer on same PCI SATA Controller - Sillicon image something. Have 2 unknown devices and few ones in problems (exclamation marks). Look at pictures, sorry Windows is czech, but device names are usually in the english. Problems are 2 unknow device, exclamation marks on IDE devices and Motherboard resources with exclamation mark - share resources error.