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  1. Cannot reproduce the issue on Polish XP as well. News informed about Moldavian government. I cannot find whether there were Moldavian edition of XP or were they using some other national edition (maybe Russian or Romanian)?
  2. Not sure how Avast! looks like on Windows 95, but If there is an option to view it's firewall logs, we'd like to have an insight to them (at least to the part showing what happened when you tried printing). Did the problem start form some particular point in time, or is it happening since the Avast! and printer are both present?
  3. It means Home XP was provided with patch that blocks WannaCry spread via SMBv1 and not a bit more. Home XP got update from march. POSReady got new update in may, fixing another flaw.
  4. Link to older post from 2014. looks like bad quote tag editing makes some trouble.
  5. It DOES, however, some IT news sites reports that due to high interest in patching corporate system it is overloaded by the amount of traffic.
  6. We can get away with POSready-ing our home XP's but imagine that whole, let say, British NHS is going to use this trick, and how many lawyers' bul***** might be thrown into when M$ will realize that thousands of machines are getting updates that no one have paid form :>
  7. It seems I've forgotten to put smiley at the end of the quoted sentence
  8. This is ransomware. So if: - they don't have backup (Basing on their panic, they don't); - shadow copy is off or deleted (and WannaCry deletes shadow copy); - there is no known decrypter (and since it uses RSA 2048, it can't be done easily); The only thing that could be done is to try to pay ransom. But since it's author is probably chased by major national investigation bureaus, I bet he shut his services down. I didn't find any 'universal' decryption method in the internet, and if any will appear, major IT sites will inform about it within minutes. We can only hope author will release his key pairs hoping to take down the chase.
  9. Actually someone responded to your question: But I''ll make it a bit more verbose. In general, POSReady stands for 'Point Of Service Ready', which means it is designed for devices like Cash machines, ticket machines, and Endpoint for McDonalds employees. It is not designed for Desktop PC, it doesn't have some of Home XP elements, and it was never sold in retail version. It seems after quick googling that you can download an evaluation CD ISO, burn it into physical disc and install it on your PC. But unfortunately, it's 120 days evaluation licence. Maybe you can play a Warez d00d and get illegal activation key, but this will be... uh... illegal They were never sold for Personal users: Some features might work or not work no POSReady installation, when compared to XP - best review Microsoft pages for list of changes.Example dorm this topic: O, besides, there was actual topic about that on MSFN:
  10. Oh, no one uses Googleless search engine. I do it on a daily basis. Must say, that sometimes I have to swap for Google for more sophisticated search queries. Also, DDG fails while looking for images showing 1% of what google does. But for regular things It supplies >99% of my searches correctly... and sometimes is much better than Google... I admit I use TrackMeNot to lie to Google. But still...
  11. Any project website, git repository or anything? Sorry, but such miracle solutions provided as a file wake my cautiousness.
  12. Programs written in language that is based on .NET Framework will require .NET Framework. Security updates... well, patch known vulnerabilities According to @heinoganda's revelations, these are hotfixes fixing something broken in previous .NET updates. If you are not using stop-computer cmdlet in Powershell (and if you are outside of corporate network and don't know what 'powershell' is, this is rather unlikely) you most probably won't notice that changes provided. .NET is a base for more and more programs for Windows (for example, popular password Manager KeePass2 requires .NET framework to run). However, of you don't use any .NET based program, you might uninstall it completely - which might not be that easy, to track down which dependency every of your programs require. Personally, I uninstalled .NET 1.1 Framework on XP, no more updates are being provided, and I failed to install any available POSReady updates into it. And I don't think I have ever used .NET 1.1 based program o_O. A base for digital signatures and internet encryption. They have their own expiration dates, and some are being revoked if stolen or published by authority that later appeared., eh, slicky. Not to dig deep into it's theory, it's worth to have them updated. Windows has it's own certificate storage, but other programs, f. e. Firefox browser, have their own as well.
  13. Machine might have 'Windows installation' mode in BIOS. Can't promise you much, but in my case I could use USB 3.0 on windows 7 before installing drivers with this setting on.
  14. Name your topic after the question you are trying to find answer for, and: a) more people will be likely to read it and help you, b) mods might magically move your topic to desired subsection if necessary with ease
  15. @FranceBB So I thing I'll try to find time to post on their forums. I can get away with updates (POSRedy updates are not an official way, I get they might don't want to support them), I know how PUP is wrapped within installers and how to mitigate it, but a problem with scanner effects directly my relatives, and I don't want to be called by person for every document scanning :/