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  1. This Bugs has not been fixed yet aeroglass 1.5.3
  2. this has nothing to do with aero.msstyles i think the addons glassmyfox maybe not compatible with windows 8 because the layout windows 10 has been change so its more compatible to 10 than 8 or you change somtihng on aero.msstyles that does not fits on it ...just replace it select all remove and past it when you finish install this addons on stylish. glassfirefox.rar
  3. can you please take a screenshot i want to know exactly what issue you get so maybe i can help you to fix it my firefox works perferct on aeroglass. i use the latest firefox version.
  4. when i was using aeroglass 1.5.1 to change the light colors on aerogui it works perfectly but when try to install version 1.5.2 the light colors on aerogui ''minimize maximize close'' button go to ''black'' so itry to reinstall 1.5.1 again but it did not works i dunno how to fix it .
  5. yep i can confirm cannot change this UCyborg i try this but it completly freeze i need to turn off the power Can't even restart my pc i hope someone can send me the link to redownload the version 1.5.1.
  6. i do not use special setting , i use only Aeroglass but i use this website to get more light colors. i just want the light colors to get back to normal light minimize maximize button. http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp
  7. I use this ffffa31a or if i add any other Light colors i get the black minimize maximize it doesn't work
  8. i get the black minimize maximize when i change the color or white AeroGlass 1.5.2.
  9. i finally fix it i miss the UxTSB64 i install it and it works
  10. I get one more problem i cannot Change Text Font Color of Title Bar it only change on metro apps but not in File explorer.
  11. Try this "regsvr32 DWMGlass.dll" "regsvr32 /u DWMGlass.dll" Ctrl Alt Delete Sign out' Sign in
  12. bigmuscle It is working now thanks!
  13. Try put this and tell me if it works or not
  14. Its Working fine now Thanks again
  15. This Version bigmuscle release 1 Weeks ago http://glass8.eu/out/ModernFrame-2016-10-22.7z it works only in build 321 if you will update it will still work on build 351 but if you reinstall a new fresh build 351 it will not work i hope a new version will release soon for 351 ohh btw I get the same issue @raiden89