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  1. >Second bug isn't critical but will be good to get it fixed: AeroGlass creates two log files, one in installation folder but second on the root of drive C: Excellent! After 2 months no corrected.
  2. Secure boot requires signed DLL for AppInit_DLLs or signed SYS driver in any case. Or may be start as unsigned service more early than scheduler (srvany.exe works good for me). And DWMGlass.dll 1.4.6 for actual Windows 8.1 can't load UxTSB.dll, *.deskthemepack files can not be opened.
  3. There is only one stable way to "bypass" f*cking DRM secure boot fully - sign the driver with a certificate obtained from a trusted certification authority like VeriSign. Both for UxStyle or Aero Glass (\uxstyle\code\tools\_sign.bat). Self-signed certificate not works if secure boot is enabled. Another way is to use known vulnerability in Microsoft Windows like MS16-094 or MY123/Slipstream.
  4. If UxTSB.dll is loaded from registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\AppInit_DLLs, Windows 8.1, 10 RTM, 10 TH, 10 RS can't open *.deskthemepack files. If UxTSB.dll is loaded from DWMGlass.dll 1.5.2, there is no such problem. Please fix this bug, or modify DWMGlass.dll 1.4.6 for loading UxTSB.dll. But loading UxTSB.dll from DWMGlass.dll may cause winlogon-loop problem...
  5. Do not work for me
  6. After Aero Glass 1.5.2 installation the file "c:\debug.log" is permanently created in root folder c:\. How can i disable it?
  7. Any news about 32-bit ModernFrame for Windows 10 RS? I see 64-bit debug build only. Please help, where can I download it?
  8. OK. I installed a clean Windows without "oldnewexplorer", etc specifically for the test purpose.
  9. I see excellent two-colored borders around your windows. And "Invalid symbol type 4 for module dwmcore.dll" (835) for clean Windows.
  10. Same issue in and
  11. Aero Glass 1.5.0 works fine, but edge colors are broken since 1.5.1. I think the problem is: DWM\ColorizationColor(Inactive) settings can be used again for setting frame edge color (from history http://www.glass8.eu/out/changelogRS.txt) And two colors are calculating two different ways, two different settings, from two different tabs/register vars for one object. That is point, "automatically compute from desktop background" and automatically compute gray color for inactive windows, etc are broken. I don't know, how use GUI/registry to fix it, I think it's bug.
  12. 1. some colors are still used from "glass" tab 2. in this case, how can use "automatically compute from desktop background" checkbox correctly? 3 how can use one-color solid border?