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  1. thanks! now my windows vista/7 look on my windows 10 is finally complete.
  2. At least you guys made this site mobile friendly, only issue is that now I can't have all my forums in a single app. Now I have all my other forums in tapatalk but for this I have launch chrome.
  3. Hey an thanks for excellent forum, I have found many useful tips here. but to the point I haven't been able to get in here using tapatalk,I tried to look and search if you guys have throbbed tapatalk support but I didn't see any mention about it. Other forums like xda are still working in tapatalk and I am typing this message with my galaxy s5 using chrome so it can't be issue in my internet connection. I sure hope that you guys haven't throbbed tapatalk support, because compared to tapatalk this mobile theme just sucks. Don't get me wrong it is usable, but compared to tapatalk... I sure bope that I posted this in the right place,if not then feel free to move this post.