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  1. I know, but just imagine having it on both sides.
  2. Good point about Remote Desktop. Check this out: Looks familiar?
  3. Interesting, I went really quick through those options and must have overlooked this one. It's unchecked on my end. For some reason, it doesn't change anything with (certain) custom themes. I tried loading default theme from the previous Windows build and it's ineffective with it as well. This could explain why you noticed the change without changing anything on your own, besides upgrading Windows and Aero Glass. You also don't get this grey menu background color on Windows 8.1, it always has the same appearance as the title bar.
  4. The GPU is irrelevant.
  5. UxStyle consists of a service and a driver. Do any of the following commands from administrative Command Prompt return any positive results: sc query UnsignedThemes sc query uxstyle If so, and if UxStyle cannot be removed from Control Panel->Programs and Features, these can be used to purge references from registry which will prevent all parts of UxStyle from running: sc delete UnsignedThemes sc delete uxstyle Then reboot and delete the following files: C:\Windows\unsignedthemes.exe C:\Windows\System32\drivers\elytsxu.sys UxStyle hasn't worked properly in years now. Best to avoid it like plague. It's not updated anymore and nobody forked it to fix it. Even Microsoft noticed and is blocking its installer:
  6. You need a working patcher that allows usage of unsigned themes. There's no ideal solution, but if you are careful and switch to default theme before installing a major update, UltraUXThemePatcher works the best. Though any update could replace one of the theming DLLs with unpatched one, so Windows will likely BSOD when trying to load unsigned theme if you forget to switch back. There are also UxTSB DLLs by BigMuscle in the other thread somewhere in this forum section, but the only way to use them is either by letting Aero Glass inject it at logon, which may not work reliably, or use AppInitDLLs method, which doesn't work on computers with secure boot. And even then, not everything works 100% properly, eg. you can't switch to a theme by double-clicking .theme file in Explorer.
  7. The problem is related to FCU build of Windows 10. They changed something in default theme so the whatever element Firefox uses for menus is no longer marked to have transparency. You need a replacement theme, overriding atlas image alone is not sufficient.
  8. Wireless Connection, Windows 8.1

    Oh, I've had Windows 8.1 on my laptop for some time and didn't experience any reliability issues then, so I don't have any suggestions for your case specifically. Apart for basic things like making sure you have updated drivers for the wireless card and experimenting with advanced settings under wireless card's properties in Device Manager. Though none of that helped me when I had a weird problem with wireless on Windows 10 where the d*** thing always disconnected after half-minute...the workaround was to manually connect rather than let it connect on its own. This was a bit special case as it only happened when the wireless card was bridged with the wired one and was fixed after some time without any special intervention, I assume it was an update. I only posted the instructions in the other thread for how to make use of Windows 7's DLL without uploading it somewhere, since it's not redistributable and I'd rather play it safe. Though you have those weird websites hosting various DLLs...still best to take it from authentic source.
  9. C:\Windows\System32\quartz.dll C:\Windows\System32\en-US\quartz.dll.mui C:\Windows\SysWOW64\quartz.dll C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US\quartz.dll.mui Remember to also take care of the .mui files for any other languages other than en-US, in case you have them installed. I keep the original files around, just in case, so I renamed them by appending .bak to their name. And you have to take ownership of the originals beforehand (security tab in the file properties) and give Administrators group Full control permissions over the file. Windows 7 version of quartz.dll also works. but only MS knows the actual differences. Either way, all things I'm aware of that need DirectShow seem to work fine with Windows 10 version of the DLL, including MadVR and cinematic playback in certain old games.
  10. Counting files remains dog-slow on Windows 8.1 in 2018. Nothing improved in that regard on Windows 10 from what I'm observing on my PC. It's indeed a night and day difference compared to 7/8. I have plain old HDDs, where this is most profound since they're slower, but have plenty of capacity and potential to host tons of files of varying size.
  11. Wireless Connection, Windows 8.1

    I don't know about stability, but regarding functionality, it's possible to bring back the interface from Windows 7's Control Panel to manage wireless networks using a system file from Windows 7.
  12. Well, I was playing with Aero Glass on my native Windows 10 installation again. After disabling the graphics driver, the glitches that would appear while scrolling in Registry Editor disappeared, but I can still reproduce that redraw bug related to blurring with QTTabBar's context menu (when you right-click on the tab bar, not a tab). Hovering with mouse over "Toolbars" almost always results in the submenu not being fully drawn the first time around.
  13. Also worth mentioning, I get very minor glitches under specific circumstances on my Windows 8.1 install as well. Disabling blurring also gets rid of them there. They're the easiest to spot on alt-tab switcher, I use the one from Windows Vista, which has a glassy appearance. Having more windows open helps make it glitch in this case, although when it comes to the glitch in general, this isn't needed. It's pretty random. I don't know much graphics programming, but maybe blurring could be done differently? Could some drivers be cheating/taking faster code paths when it comes to compositing since glass effect isn't the official feature of DWM anymore? One more idea, is it possible to force usage of software rasterizer (WARP) for compositing for testing purposes? I know it must fall-back to software rendering when real graphics driver isn't present/is disabled, but I think it would be nice to be able to try that out without messing with drivers.
  14. There's a registry setting for it, look it up on Aero Glass website under Guide. Or use Aero Glass GUI (also from AG's download page) to turn it on. The symbols downloaded without an issue for me though. Funny thing about this Windows update (and apparently the future ones as well), if you don't run any anti-virus at all, you have to manually set some registry setting to get it.
  15. You know what's funny about the MS's software patch for these vulnerabilities? They don't offer it unless anti-virus software (or you) sets a specific registry setting. So if you don't run any anti-virus, including Windows Defender, you don't get it (or any subsequent patches, according to MS). A measure to prevent blue screens caused by incompatible anti-virus software therefore applies to users that don't run incompatible software in the first place. https://support.microsoft.com/en-hk/help/4073119/protect-against-speculative-execution-side-channel-vulnerabilities-in Edit: should've pasted https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/help/4072699/january-3-2018-windows-security-updates-and-antivirus-software