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  1. Actually, It's just the hardware. All my virtual machines get the identical hardware ID, regardless of whether I run Windows 8.1 or 10. Same on the real PC.
  2. Is ReFS ready for prime-time?

    So much for ReFS' self-healing capabilities.
  3. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

  4. Do you have Windows 7 installation DVD laying around or the ISO file? The files can be found in sources\install.wim. 7-Zip can read it. I know if you got 32-bit DLL on 64-bit system or haven't made corrections in the DLL with the hex editor, the result is non-working shortcut in Control Panel. I did test this on updated Windows 10 Build 15063, so that's not an issue.
  5. Looks like they'll release version 14 on October. I guess if multi-monitor woks in an older guest OS, upgrade could help, otherwise I don't know what to suggest.
  6. Could AG be triggering bugs in graphics drivers? Did anyone with AMD card ever report any glitches? Does it error out when you try View->Cycle Multiple Monitors? Creators Update is officially supported since version 12.5.6, released on May 18 2017. Version 12.5.7 was released on June 22 2017, has some bug fixes and security patches according to the changelog. That and the updated VMware Tools on the guest OS should make it work.
  7. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Theoretically, this should be changeable in the theme itself. With Windows Style Builder, changing Windows & Caption Buttons > Basic > Frames > Window > Top->TEXTCOLOR works well on Win 8.1, but the same property is ignored on Win10. The global CAPTIONTEXT (there's also INACTIVECAPTIONTEXT) property can be changed under Fonts, Colors, & System Metrics > Fonts & System Metrics. The custom color isn't applied under certain circumstances with that property, I think selected window frame accent color affects this. Those two primarily control caption colors of windows with Aero Basic or classic skin. This method doesn't seem to have negative side effects when some app chooses to use DrawThemeTextEx API function to render something other than the caption text like the hack in UxTSB.dll does. The text in Alcohol 120% dialogs remains normal. CONTENTALIGNMENT property can also be added under Windows & Caption Buttons > Basic > Frames > Window > Top to be able to center the text or put it on the right. So this one still works. Maybe the same control over the ribbon windows' titles as on Win 8.1 could be achieved by adding the correct property somewhere else.
  8. Backup program misbehaving

    I've seen that before. In one of the recent updates, MS implemented a workaround for a buggy 64-bit vorbis.acm crashing applications that loaded it. It wasn't mentioned in the changelog, it just happened that someone asked about the problem on Reddit and one of MS's engineers responded that the fix will be featured in soon-to-be-released update.
  9. @BJFox You can only use 64-bit Aero Glass on 64-bit Windows and only 32-bit Aero Glass on 32-bit Windows. People may have multiple different systems, the system they have for display below their avatar could just be their favorite/main OS. Some haven't updated it for a while. Some people also prefer to use 32-bit system on the weaker hardware, even if CPU is 64-bit capable and all drivers are available.
  10. It's pretty random, just the nature of that method. When I had Win10 as main OS, it would occasionally throw me back to login prompt while on the welcome screen with the spinning circle, but I haven't experienced BSOD at the time.
  11. Probably caused by UxTSB.dll injection with CreateRemoteThread, which is unreliable and dangerous. My Win10 virtual machine had these issues, including crashing on logon until I switched back to AppInit_DLLs method with UxTSBLoader. It's not just security software that can interfere with injection, the timing can be way off and cause problems as well. If I couldn't use AppInit_DLLs method, I'd probably just go with patching system files directly, there aren't a lot of options in that department.
  12. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    The DLLs are versioned, just the Readme and OldNewExplorerCfg.exe are still
  13. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Version resolves the issue. In this case we have a mix of two, Win10 and Process Hacker. Take just one out of the equation and the bug doesn't occur. Whatever the cause. something was invoked in OldNewExplorer which it was unable to handle.
  14. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Here it Is. I did remove all other extensions, but the result was the same. No other 3rd party software was running.
  15. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Exactly, Win10 is supposed to be the greatest MS's creation!