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  1. Why trial? don't worry, I got a vaild key, if that's what you meant \;
  2. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. P.S Can I just download Win2000 pro and somehow install SP3 on it?
  3. I thought about open a specific server on Win2003 but then(after I've installed it) I saw I couldn't open one. I play only in HL mods and a little workstation. I know Win2000 is not super for games but it's only HL \;
  4. The topic and it's description explains everything.
  5. Well, place your bets. I don't want to use XP anymore... Now I use Windows Server 2003 - Enterprise Edition. I don't know if I wanna switch it, I thought about switcing into 2000. Well, what do you think? what do I need to do \; P.S I know XP related stuff aren't supposted to be here, but it's a small thing and the others do related to this forum.