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  1. Hi Back again! I now have the new drivers for the alcatel modem but still have problems with the USB ports. I am using an indapendantely powered usb hub, but i think the problem is with the usb ports on my computer. When their is too much on-line activity, my usb ports fail. I don't know the names of the drivers I have to update. Can someone help me!!
  2. When I shut down, the computer resarts. I didn't have this problem last time. It's since I done a new install. Any ideas? Cheers.
  3. i don't think i'm using a firewall, i don't know how to tell!! i've now been using the modem for 2 hrs and no problems, it's a usb modem, external. the lights go out and the computer thinks it's still ok. i can't close the connection so i have to restart.
  4. Does anyone use this modem with XP. I have alot of trouble with mine. Although it works, it continually dies. the only way to get it working is to restart. is anyone aware of a different driver? Cheers David