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  1. My charger does indeed work (tested it on another dell, my e4310 model) and is actually a genuine dell. I disassembled the laptop to look inside and see the jack. I've read there might be pins which determine if the charger is genuine? Could I in theory manually have the pin moved to ensure the laptop always reads an ac adapter as genuine? Haven't doen research yet, at school atm EDIT: Searched a bit What I've found Modding the bios (although there doesn't seem to be any modded bios) Opening up the charger's power supply (not recommended) Link you gave me I just learned Dell is pretty lousy...
  2. My Dell Latitude D600 suddenly decided my Dell AC Adapter isn't genuine despite being used for nearly a year now, like the title says my battery cannot be charged because the system claims its not genuine and performance is throttled because of it. Are there any fixes to this?
  3. I don't believe so. Its been happening to me all year around.
  4. I've been experiencing this stupid issue on Windows 10 as well. My computer using wireless loses its connections for moments daily, its annoying because it NEVER happened on my unstable Windows 98 (or any other operating system, including Linux) installations...
  5. Oh...well either way its still worth knowing when software stops working on an OS. In this case Qupzilla survived up to version 2.0.1 or 2.0.2? without officially supporting xp. Searching a bit on the web, I found a Java, Chromium 55 based browser. It says it only supports Windows Server 2008 and later w/ JRE 1.6. would this be worth a shot? While I'm doubting it because of likely dependencies, if its java dependent could it bypass it? Doesn't seem anyone's tested it. https://jxbrowser.support.teamdev.com/support/solutions/articles/9000013733-system-requirements
  6. I can confirm Qupzilla 2.1.1 does not work with Windows XP anymore... After installing it, opening it will mention an entry point wasn't found and refuse to open. Qupzilla 2.1 (I think, maybe it was around 2.0) gives errors mentioning entry points not found, but opens and still works anyway.
  7. I want to make this clear: Did you use the just SP5.1 or did you also include the UURollup? Tried using Chromium Portable 34 on my W2K SP5.1 laptop and it told me it wasn't a valid application.
  8. I'm hoping to contribute to making Windows 98 usable again by developing/porting programs back. I'm not sure where to start though and what type of programming is required. If anyone could inform and introduce me to programming in Windows 9x, that would be perfect~ What I'm looking for Type of programming which would be proper for 9x Programs meant for coding (Which version of visual studio am I supposed to use? Are there better alternatives???) Advice in general Thank you!
  9. Title says it all. My Dell Latitude D600 laptop is refusing to show battery level despite not even being on an AC Adapter. I went to the Power Option Properties in the control panel, but still no change. Am I missing a dll file? Once I had this issue installing XP on the same computer, but fixed it by downloading the missing dll file and placing it in the right system folder. Edit: This this ACPI that's missing? Edit 2: Googled a bit and found lack of ACPI is the issue. Enable/Disable ACPI Enabling/ Disabling - The following instructions will allow enable ACPI with Windows 98: To enable ACPI after Windows 98 is installed, run Regedit and go to the following key in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Detect Create a new DWORD value called "ACPIOption" and set it equal to 1. In Control Panel, run Add New Hardware and choose hardware detection. ACPI should be detected and installed. After the system is rebooted, all ACPI-enumerated devices will be set up again. You don't need to insert your cd, just direct the driver finder to C:/win98
  10. I've discovered there is technically a workaround to use Firefox 11; CometBird. Like older versions of Palemoon, its a clone of firefox. Its odd that Firefox 10.0.9 won't even start... However, using Cometbird I discovered there's weird coding issues. I haven't watched a video yet, but typing anything displays another letter/number. While youtube doesn't appear completely broken, the words are. Overall, Cometbird isn't what I would recommend, but it works. It may require jumper's kernelex extensions, I didn't test without them.
  11. Once I tried running a virus on Windows 2000 SP4 (I think I also had BWC's kernel32 extension) and every single virus failed xD Not ONE out of 60+ viruses it attempted to install worked! Missing dependencies and windows version check was too much for it Most virus writers want to do as little work as possible, they're not gonna bother with legacy systems
  12. Just hopping on. Windows 10 gave me another issue of its start menu turning completely black if you tried to search anything. Found a workaround; install classic shell.
  13. Just dropping by Man XP is so much more efficient with my T7200 processor than 7 could ever be. My 9 cell battery has ALMOST 4 hours with xp, the battery life is about an hour shorter on 7. My only issue is watching html videos on kissanime, but I haven't checked the thread addressing this yet.
  14. This I think I may can confirm Windows 98SE doesn't crash with more than 512MB of ram on physical hardware (Dell Latitude D600 has 1gb ram) although I wouldn't recommend going over 512mb, it might be the reason 98SE and ME are so unstable on the laptop...
  15. I quickly determined it by looking here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_Latitude#D-Family Ah, it looks like I made another mistake (darn it, I'm on a streak of mistakes). Didn't check closely enough if the D410's video driver was 98 friendly... Actually there are drivers for the 900 series (910, 915, and 925) if I'm not mistaking https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/14713/Chipset-INF-Update-Utility-for-848-865-875-910-915-925-Chipset-Based-Intel-Desktop-Boards Correct me if I'm wrong