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  1. Found a few browsers with XP support! Feel free to test it! ArtistScope Web Browser : Version Pampa Beta Chrome Hybrid (Chromum 51) Sundance Found another obscure browser; WCGBrowser. It's not officially supported on Windows, but works as long as the requirements are met: Python (2.7 or higher – 3.x works fine) QT bindings: PyQt4, PyQt5, or PySide python-yaml
  2. A few more browsers I'm considering to add on the list Slimbrowser (Debating whether or not it should be included; HTML5 test scored 33...) Epic Browser 49? Citro 50.0.2661.276 (Chromuim 50!) Chedot 51.0.2704.5311 (Chromium 51!) GreenBrowser (Apparently works on Windows 98 and ME)
  3. Dooble browser version 1.56d came out on July 18th 1st, anyone care to test? Oh and thank you dencorso <3
  4. My topic listing the web browsers still working with XP has been deleted. Is anyone likely to edit the first post of this topic to list working browsers? http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/176663-list-of-working-web-browsers-on-windows-xp/
  5. Not sure where to post this. Emailed lsoft about ever planning to update Qt-web one day and got this response.
  6. I tried running Iceweasel on my XP laptop and it said Iceweasel wasn't a valid application.
  7. Updated list; added Netsurf to does not work section and created a new workaround section. Also found this site which has created "32bit web browser" and other software which may work on Windows 95, but I'm unable to verify it. The web browser is primitive, but is in development.
  8. Rather odd, it only refused to work when I used it for my specific school district... Oddly now it works, but prior to today the site would fail to display a popup (not counted as another window) which would give me a login screen.
  9. It would be perfect if the threads were united; keep the focus on one topic And thanks for informing me about Iceweasel Dibya <3 Has anyone else found the internet somewhat harder to browse on XP? Certain media files (videos) will not play on certain sites, certain video streaming sites like KissAnime say "No source available" on certain browsers (not firefox or slimjet). Youtube's audio bar doesn't work on Slimjet and sometimes experiences issues like the video's audio playing despite paused or acts like the same video is playing twice. One site (canvas for my school district) wouldn't display its login screen on Slimjet/Chrome which would display on Windows 7, but I bypassed this using Opera and Otter browser. Never hesitate to list a newer browser with XP support! XP browsing is slowly (though much slower) ending up like its older brothers 2000 and 9x.
  10. Installed the kernel extensions on my fresh 98 install: Firefox 3.6.28 crashes on boot Slimboat Portable ALMOST works (out of the box) now. Upon boot it still crashes, but a glitched window now appears. Palemoon XP gives a can't find XPCOM error instead of device not functioning. (Probably a good sign of progression) Opera 12.5 is closer to working, but still doesn't work
  11. Currently reading through some C++ book to learn about it. Luckily a relative had visual studio 2005 Applied legacyextender to comply 9x compatibility
  12. Yea, I think Qt 5 is incompatible with Vanilla Windows 2000. The last versions of Qupzilla and Dooble browser to work on W2k were Qt4-based both are now Qt 5.
  13. For Vanilla NT 4 (If you ever need to browse the internet on NT 4 for any reason) The most suitable modern web browser for a Vanilla NT 4 is QTWeb 3.8.4 Here's something to resolve programs which won't display errors despite not working, ImportPatcher.41
  14. List of software I would recommend -Google Chrome 13 or earlier, maybe experiment with BWC's older Chrome tool. Apparently this once even worked on 9x w/ KernelEx, sadly it's unknown which version allowed Google Chrome to run and which version. -Dooble Browser 1.4.0 (Last version working with w2k, Qt4 based) -Qupzilla 1.6.6 or earlier (Qt4)
  15. Dibya, is there anything I can do to help? :3 (If only I knew how to code T_T) I'm just plain guessing here, but in theory isn't it possible to backport a driver by converting certain coding using an older program software which only leaves dependencies for older OSes?