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  1. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    I'm glad you found an alternative but we're trying to keep xp alive because quite often Windows software on Linux can be limited and newer versions of Windows are quite bloated. Just like you, we do not wish to spend tons on newer hardware. Dual-booting never hurts
  2. Last versions of software for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    Vista still has a long life ahead of it even without updates XP is still pretty alive in 2017 with a bunch of software still supporting it. Vista has a very similar code to 7, so occasionally programs designed for 7 or later may accidentally work on Vista, too bad that isn't the case for xp xD An example of a program working unintentionally was Qupzilla 1.66 on Windows 2000. A nice web browser that still supports Vista is Maxthon, Qupzilla?, Palemoon?, and Dooble.
  3. WinME bad graphics behavior

    Try disabling system restore, I've heard Windows ME runs faster without it.
  4. Is MSFN.org now practically unusable for win-98/Opera 12?

    Thank you so much! I'll test these two tomorrow morning. So in theory, someone can create a newer web browser for Windows 9x. It would just require building off from either building off the Arora Browser or the Qt Demo Browser using Qt 4.4 (and reprogramming newer versions by self). I have no idea how much more limited/difficult Qt 4.4 would be compared to the current version 5 when implanting/backporting code. My stupid head still can't figure out how to use Qt. (Still need to get my head wrapped around if anything else is needed besides a compiler) I'm going to test this on my 98SE installation tomorrow. EDIT: I can confirm both work natively on Windows 98SE But a LOT of work would be required in order to make it up-to-date. Opera 12.02 has a score of 292 and scored 100% on the acid3 test >_<
  5. I gotta sleep in a few minutes, but I would suggest trying to look on the internet archive. Like you said, Webkit once offered tutorials and such for windows. If you go to the correct date, you may find instructions and important files.
  6. Is MSFN.org now practically unusable for win-98/Opera 12?

    Yea, it's outdated now but can't it be upgraded? It is open source after all. If I can just figure out how to backport features from newer webkit web browsers such as Qupzilla into arora then Windows 9x users can finally use the internet without hassle. Needed features would require HTML5 support, Flash?, Protocols, maybe spoofing to avoid being blocked, and others things I probably don't know of.
  7. Is MSFN.org now practically unusable for win-98/Opera 12?

    If anyone has the time, I believe this is the build of arora that works on Win98 https://github.com/Arora/arora/tree/0.4.0 I can't figure out how to it as a web browser...do I need to do something with a compiler in order to make an executable file?
  8. Is MSFN.org now practically unusable for win-98/Opera 12?

    Back in 2009, someone did build a webkit-based browser onto Windows 98 http://arorabrowser.blogspot.com/2009/01/modern-webkit-browser-on-windows-98.html A very old versiom of google chrome was usable on Windows ME with the use of KernelEx and blackwingcat's old chrome tool. Another way apparently was fully updating Windows 98/ME and putting XP dll's in the system. While it's outdated now, couldn't someone backport later versions of Arora and qt5-based software onto 9x? If I'm correct it would require using Qt 4.4.3 and a Win98 compatible program compiler such as TDM-GCC 5.1.0-3. I've never coded before, so I'm not sure of this.
  9. Keyboard won't work unless keyboard driver is unstalled

    Never mind, problem oddly fixed itself...
  10. Title says it all! My Windows XP installation's keyboard refuses to type unless the generic microsoft keyboard driver is uninstalled. Afterwards everything works fine. Unfortunately, this issue keeps coming back upon every boot-up now and requires me to uninstall the driver every time.
  11. List of Working Coding Software in Windows 9x

    Oh boy, months and still no progress I've done... Might as well list programs which can write and compile 9x compatible code.
  12. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Chrome 54 is very stable; I had at least 10+ tabs of youtube open along with others. I used to use Firefox as my main browser and well...there's a bit of missing features compared to Chrome 54, Maxthon, and Even Opera. For some reason Firefox, along with Slimjet refuses to play youtube videos and cannot access certain pages because of unsupported protocols. I never experienced a crash once on any of the browsers. Used version 43 briefly to see Firefox consumes more memory than Chromium 54. Video works again on firefox 43 xD
  13. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    I want to really thank you for this Dibya ^_^ Now I can watch youtube on XP without using Opera or Maxthon! ^o^ Also, Maxthon has the highest HTML5 score by far on XP! Tested to get a score of 505 OUT OF 555! Biggest downside is the browser takes more resources and probably wouldn't be 1gb ram friendly.
  14. XP x64 on Thinkpad T60?

    I've tried installing x64 on my R60 a while back with I used an offline driverpack to have no luck.. 32-bit drivers just don't like 64-bit OSes I couldn't be bothered looking for drivers so I quit at the time. Here's the video driver for the 945GM chipset Driver for an intel wireless card Searching the internet, SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio has no 64-bit driver.
  15. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Found a few browsers with XP support! Feel free to test it! ArtistScope Web Browser : Version Pampa Beta Chrome Hybrid (Chromum 51) Sundance Found another obscure browser; WCGBrowser. It's not officially supported on Windows, but works as long as the requirements are met: Python (2.7 or higher – 3.x works fine) QT bindings: PyQt4, PyQt5, or PySide python-yaml