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  1. Searching for a few utilities

    Does anyone know where I could find... A third party battery meter - something similar to this. The program does not properly work on ME after changing a setting. Screen brightness adjuster and maybe color as well - Windows ME lacks one A decent office utility (besides Openoffice, something more modern) Modern PDF reader Third party screensavers - Just for fun; I wanna show to my peers that Windows ME is never truly obsolete Thank you!
  2. No MSFN forums with Opera Presto engine

    Isn't there a way to spoof the browser into fooling the webpage thinking the browser is a phone? I don't like the thought of viewing web pages using the mobile version but it maybe the only choice now.
  3. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    Have you tried downloading larger files ~100mb? The wireless seems to time out after a while.
  4. Windows 98SE acting up on laptop?

    PROBLEMCHYLD, please reply when you get the chance. When using your broadcom driver to download anything on Windows 9x the card often times out or breaks while downloading, thus making larger file uploads/downloads impossible.
  5. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    So...has anyone found a good pdf reader? I found Filezilla's Free PDF Reader, but it costs money to view the whole pdfs T_T I wanna read my bible!
  6. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Anyone know of a modern PDF reader? Windows 9x is surely good for reading ebooks.
  7. Is MSFN.org now practically unusable for win-98/Opera 12?

    Can you link me to MinGW 3.2.0? I can't seem to find an older version.
  8. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    I apparently found a download to version 1.03 of Sysinternals' NTFS Driver for Windows 98! http://loadion.com/en/NTFS-for-Windows-98-1.03_69715.html Found version 2.0, BUT it's in Spanish... https://ntfs-for-windows-98.softonic.com/descargar Random video I found claiming to have NTFS for Windows 98 (It's in Japanese and requires a niconico account to view) http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26911273
  9. Antivirus for xp?

    Malwarebytes still works on XP. Although it's super bloated; my T7200 laptop lost a lot of CPU and ram using it! As antiviruses become harder to obtain on XP, luckily it's the same with malware. That's my favorite part of Windows 9x :3 Once I tried installing shady offers on my XP installation, the malware wouldn't even launch because I was missing updates!
  10. List of Working Web Browsers on Windows 2000 & NT4

    I tried installing chromeframe on Vanilla W2k with no luck. The installer says an error occured...I think it could work (if dependencies aren't missing) as the installer does say on 9x Chromeframe is for W2k SP4 and later.
  11. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I'm sure people have their reasons NT only software (not that I know of any)? Maybe their hardware is extremely old and W2K is a bit too much. Maybe the drivers fundamentally written for NT 4.0 may not work on W2K.
  12. PCI network card wifi

    A link to odyssey client (thanks to MERCURY127!) https://www.multiup.eu/c967fa856c1540d0cb35a222170f9aab
  13. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I found a media player that apparently still supports Windows 9x http://www.vuplayer.com/vuplayer.php It claims to support mp3. Someone needs to create a new topic for concurrent Windows 9x software or change the thread OP. The thread's creator isn't actively updating the first page, so there's plenty of software out that is not listed. Also, does anyone know of a player that still supports 9x or a mp3 codec? I swear, Windows 9x has so much abandonware that the developers have completely abandoned due to closing down such as Multimedia Calculus.
  14. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Then what are you waiting for!? Get QTWeb!
  15. Compiling Chromium browser for XP

    Is Maxthon open source? It was the only web browser on XP I could use to bypass certificate errors.