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  1. ModernFrame replacement

    OK, thanks for the answers! I thought that, SecureBoot is a good solution against unsigned keyloggers and bootviruses. Yes, I tried: it is works with disabled SecureBoot!
  2. ModernFrame replacement

    Yes, SecureBoot is Enabled on my system, but not too safety to Disable this function.. This is the only one possibility, to activate ModernFrame.dll?
  3. ModernFrame replacement

    Thanks for the pics! Now I know what is it, but unfortunately it's not works on my system.. Here is my registry, can you see any problems? And I use UltraUXThemePatcher & OldNewExplorer, maybe these cause the problem with ModernFrame.dll?
  4. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

    Since version 1.5.1 the colorization with the new GUI not works to me. With version 1.5.0 it worked, but after a system restart the colors always back an default (black) color. So with 1.5 I can change the colors (Accent color tab in GUI), but it's just works until next system restart, but with 1.5.1 this is absolutely not working. Anyway I think the modernframe.dll & UxTSB.dll not works too, leastwise I cann't see any difference with this dlls... Win10 x64 14393.321 What could be the reason?
  5. ModernFrame replacement

    How could I see, it's works or not? What does this dll? I put the dll to c:\aeroglass dir, did the mods in registry, but after restart the system, I cann't see any difference. For example MS Edge title bar isn't transparent, MS Office title bars not transparent etc.. I read the forum often, but I cann't figure out what does modernframe.dll & UxTSB.dll exactly. Is there any description with pictures? Thanks!
  6. Experimental builds

    Hmm. How is possible to make the explorer window (and any other white Win10 windows) to full transparent with blur?
  7. Experimental builds

    Hi BigMuscle, Just would like to know, when will you plan to release the installer verison? Thx for your efforts!