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  1. Windows 10 security: Install on a dedicated computer with or without network adapters. To stop all security leaks, shut down the computer. I've found this technique to be fool proof even for me. Even after a Windows Update in which Win 10 loses the WIFI connection and messages are adamant that no network adapters exist, the Router knows that clandestine Win 10 is using the "non-existent" Internet connection for secret purposes. Shut Down blocks that leak. At least the Router indicates that assumption.
  2. The crap is piled a little higher. The MacBook is on 16193 and running OK. The Dell laptop is there, too but Win 10 seems to have trouble finding the Dell network adapters. Seems to run the processor at 50% while the rest of the computer is doing little or nothing when it can't find the network adapters. Seems to have some Freeze issues as well. Sort of the old "Branch on Self" programming. Takes holding down the power off button until it shuts down to get control back. Once it finally sees the network adapter and the WIFI is back then the processor runs at less than 10% under normal idle conditions. Oh, and it seemed to take an extra hour for the this update to complete.
  3. Thanks. Logging on with a local account or a Microsoft account seems to be a factor with that issue, too. That's an interesting computer that you have. Are you running SSDs as well?
  4. Have seen the issue on and off over the last 6 months give or take a little. The message is not there now on Version 1703, OS Build, 16193. Just out of curiosity, what is your OS Build? (Arizona summer)
  5. Oh, crap! Can't believe I did that. Tried to get the Boot Camp Windows 10 partition to become a Dual Boot, Win 10 and Win 7. The Shrink to establish the second partition started to work but wiped out the Apple Host! And Win 10 stopped working as well. However, it was good practice to build out the MacBook back to OS X and Boot Camp Win 10, 16193. Three days and it's back again. Might even be a more stable combination this time. Sorry about the use of "stable." Apple just works if you don't do stupid.
  6. Amazing Crap Continued: The Dell laptop updated to 16193 with "No WIFI" again. However, used the same procedure again that brought WIFI back to 16188. And WIFI was back and connected to the normal internet provider. The puzzle pieces are becoming clearer. No driver software was changed. No line commands were used. No changes were made with Regedit. It appears that some parameter, app or OS software is running after the update that stops the normal network adapter scans from working. When the interfering software is stopped, then normal Win 10 network adapter scanning software finds the available network adapters and the connection functions properly. Stay tuned to more exciting adventures with Joe B. on "The Crap Express."
  7. More Amazing Crap: The Dell laptop now has the WIFI connection and is running the 16188 Win 10. What led up to this amazing magic? Disabled all network adapters in Device Manager. Turned off every app option including those running in background and privacy options in Settings. Restarted PC. When it came back up enabled on WIFI adapter and tried to connect. The available networks showed up and the normal connection worked! "Smoke and Mirrors" comes to mind.
  8. New crap, old crap, no Amazing Crap: Dell laptop is at 16188 now. Four options for an Internet connection, 1 wired and 3 wireless. However, Windows 10, 16188, can't find any of them! It is Stable now, nothing goes out and nothing comes in. It does power up and power down! It is a dual boot PC and the Win 7 Pro can use any one of the four options for the Internet connection. And the Win 7 is more Stable than the Win 10 even when it goes out into the wide world of computing. Crap or crapless, that is the option. Oh, by the way, the MacBook runs Windows 10, 16188, with no apparent issues. The Apple just seems to work even if it runs Win 10! I wonder what computers are the developers using to create and test Win 10? I keep hearing that they think the product runs quite well. I see which computer that it runs on here.
  9. Amazing Crap today: The Dell laptop updated from 15025 to 15063 but the WIFI was gone. That's been the recent scenario of the Win 10 saga. So I thought that I'd try plugging an ethernet cable into the network router. Yup, no connection there either. So just for grins, tried a couple of netsh interface ipv4 commands, install and reset. No apparent change so did a shutdown and power on. Now comes the amazing part: The WIFI magically was back and working normal?!!!!!!! The laptop in on the way to updating to 16188. Go figure?!
  10. Persistence: Along the crap road. The Dell laptop is now on a newer Windows 10, 1607, 15025. At least the software is a year newer. And 15025 sees both of the WIFI adapters on the computer. My question is, "What W10 software is missing when the windows update moves beyond 15025 that causes the WIFI adapters to be lost?" The adapters are still in the Device Manager display. However, the WIFI Network parameter is missing in Settings. So, no Internet connection when windows update goes into action although the WIFI adapter is used to do the update. I suppose that a manager could have decided to take those adapters off of the "Qualified" list. Sort of crappy if that is the case.
  11. If the Windows 10 OS can't find the wired or wireless adapters to access the Internet, is there any value in it? Those same wired and wireless adapters using Windows 7 have no problem getting to the Internet. I wonder if it is necessary to buy a new computer to get to the Internet with Win 10? Just talking crap.
  12. The crap gets better and better. "Never give up." Went back to Win 7 Pro on the Dell laptop and then used Media Creation Tool to download Win 10 Pro. What came down was 1511, 10586.873 Windows 10 Pro (Just a couple years old). And the W10 was digitally activated! And better yet, the key is the same key that wouldn't activate Win 10 before?! This was an interesting challenge. And NO, Windows 10 is not a home production computer here. It's just a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing pieces.
  13. Gotcha crap: Windows 10 Update wiped out the Dell laptop insider W10 software. OK, so just did a clean install to get back in the game. However, the digital activation was lost in the process. So had to have a WIFI connection to activate the Windows 10. That was the other problem with the W10 update. The WIFI that was used for the update disappeared once the update was complete. I think it's called "Catch 22." Or I could spend $199 to buy a new Key for W10. This gets better and better! And the MacBook did the same W10 update without any problems.
  14. Back to the crap: The Dell laptop was updated to 16170 but the old application software issue of Win 10 showed up again, NO WIFI. The fix used in 15063 did not work for 16170. Used up my patience with MS for this Dell, Intel application software wipe out. Restored the Dell laptop to 15063.14 and magically the WIFI worked just fine. Removed the Dell laptop from the insider Fast Track. The MacBook will remain the insider Fast Track computer. For now, the MacBook is still the tamer of the Beast.
  15. And the crap rolls on. 16170 is running on the MacBook. This appears to be a fertilizer release.