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  1. If it's a theme you can use the AeroGlassGUI tool here: Otherwise, I'm not sure.
  2. Second sentence off-topic!<--a joke! Actually, I've never seen modernframe on the download page (am I missing it?). Always had to look through the thread about it to see what's going on, if anything.
  3. Enough already. We're here to enjoy bigmuscle's creation, not be disciplined at every turn. Bigmuscle created areoglass because of Microsoft's disregard of users, so I see the discussion about Microsoft as relevant here. We don't have to over-categorize every discussion. Everything is related in the end.
  4. Hardly a crime what he posted. It's relevant to the relationship between modernframe and Secure Boot, so I don't see it as off topic. There's more to this site than pure technicalities I would hope. Opinions have a place, and Microsoft could do to listen to users more. Don't forget, aeroglass was the most requested feature in Microsoft's survey of what people wanted to see in Windows 10 and they still blew it off.
  5. Sorry to hear that--maybe some other aspect affecting it. About the same startup time here. Good luck!
  6. ModernFrame works for me with 1.5.1--still using the debug version so getting the annoying pop-up. Do you have the debug version from build #652? Be glad when we have a final modernframe.dll.
  7. I understand bigmuscle's problem with complaints. They are annoying, and I know because as I've said before I had a retail business for 24 years and of course I didn't enjoy complaints, especially ones that weren't justified. If they were justified I wasn't happy, but I didn't blame the customer, just did my best to remedy the problem, and was glad when it was resolved. However, there is one bit of advice I'd like to give to those who are troubled by complaints, and it comes from one of our most admired past American presidents, Harry Truman, and what he said many times was: 'If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!'
  8. Try a different browser, especially if you are using IE. Try Firefox.
  9. I don't have any problem with the Edge buttons running 1.5 and 14393.222 but I did notice that if I add bigmuscle's current debug version of modernframe the buttons totally disappear. Also, that debug version of modernframe doesn't work in Edge for rs1 (no aeroglass) but the old modernframe for th2 worked in Edge in th2 (had aeroglass there). Hopefully the final modernframe for rs1 will work for me in Edge.
  10. Well, will I be getting a response to my concern?
  11. Just please respond to my message when you have a chance.
  12. Try using the new GUI utility (bigmuscle's post fourth from top--download with Firefox) here: You can adjust the opacity under the Accent tab and the amount of blur at the bottom of the Theme & Appearance tab.
  13. Release candidates builds #694 (32-bit) and #695 (64-bit) available after account login at Not yet posted in original post.
  14. Follow the guide and it should work. Your old donation.key should work if you haven't changed any hardware. Log into your account with your e-mail when you donated and download build #695--have to log in to get that build.