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  1. Still waiting for an experimental version from Bigmuscle.
  2. Just save your donation key and put it back in the c:\aeroglass directory and it should maintain the license. No need to deactivate and re-activate.
  3. I tried installing version 1.5.3 and that was a disaster--just more or less locked up my system and I had to restore a recent backup. By the way, after installation you do get some new symbols, so therefore no incompatibility message. You can get version 1.5.1 on there without locking up the system but I really had no luck getting any transparency or blur, for that matter, whether using AeroGlassGUI or not--title bars pretty much look as if there was no installation. We'll just have to wait until Bigmuscle has his first experimental build for rs2.
  4. It's coming I'm sure--just have to give BigMuscle a little time to produce it.
  5. Best to uninstall first or at least make sure the task is not running. You may have problems if the task is running when you update--I did going from th2 to rs1 and was able to resolve the problem by turning off the task.
  6. I haven't been able to get aeroglass to work at all with the Creators Update. Did you do anything special to get the effect because it doesn't show up at all and if you move a window around it just splatters the window all over the screen. Update: Actually I got it working a little by pointing my theme to rounded corners in the AeroGlassGUI--all I get is some color to the title bar in the active window but no transparency and I get nothing in the inactive window. The splattering is gone with version 1.5.1 but was there with 1.5.3.
  7. I installed the Creators Update and got the incompatibility message (ver. 1703.15063.0). Do we just need the symbols or will more work be needed for aeroglass?
  8. You can use the AeroGlassGUI utility that can be downloaded here (second link from bottom): The accent tab allows you to change opacity to transparent. Use Firefox or other non-IE browser to download.
  9. Did the system download any additional symbols on the last reboot? Strange, usually everything is done on the first reboot with a new patch.
  10. I'd try uninstalling areoglass and reinstalling to see if that corrects the problem.
  11. Symbols downloaded this morning!
  12. If it's a theme you can use the AeroGlassGUI tool here: Otherwise, I'm not sure.
  13. Second sentence off-topic!<--a joke! Actually, I've never seen modernframe on the download page (am I missing it?). Always had to look through the thread about it to see what's going on, if anything.
  14. Enough already. We're here to enjoy bigmuscle's creation, not be disciplined at every turn. Bigmuscle created areoglass because of Microsoft's disregard of users, so I see the discussion about Microsoft as relevant here. We don't have to over-categorize every discussion. Everything is related in the end.