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  1. Sadly, neither of the above work with Win 8.1
  2. Hi, I can't run the Help Assistant in Office XP on my Laptop with Win 8.1. When I try to run it, it states - The Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent 2.0 or later. The product is available on the Office System Pack. I've looked through Microsoft Support but get lost in the different filters! I miss my little cat, Help!! ;-)
  3. Uninstalling Google Chrome seems to have done the trick. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction K-Mart-ian Legend. Much appreciated...
  4. Hi K-Mart-ian Legend! I do have Chrome Installed, for about another 2 minutes! I use it seldomly but I do remember seeing something about that remote desktop thing!!
  5. Hi, These errors keep popping up. Any ideas what could be causing this??
  6. Hi erpdude8, That problem was over 3 years ago now!! I can't remember what I did at the time but I got it going again in the end!
  7. Hi, My neighbour last night let the Windows Updates run (10 in total) and afterwards allowed the restart and has since refused to boot up. On start-up, it automatically displays the boot menu. If I select any of the 3 Safe Mode (with Networking or with Command Propmpt) options the screen fills up with file names (in dos screen), stops and won't go any further. Switching off and restarting takes me back to the boot menu. If I select Last Known Good Config or Start Normally, the Windows XP start up screen appears very dimly, quickly replaced with BSOD then restart and back to the boot menu. I have his System Restore CD but I can't get his laptop to read the CD drive. Any ideas please? He has an Advent Laptop with Win XP Media edition.
  8. I only noticed recently, so I don't know how long it's been like this but I can't set the Screensaver. I put the settings in and Save, but when i reopen the Screensaver settings, they've cleared. Any ideas please? (w2k pro)
  9. Hi 888 I did try the last known procedure but it didn't work. I'm assuming I've somehow lost and/or deleted files I shouldn't. I must say though that I've never had this problem before and I've been in the same routine of cleaning up for years?? I havent restored from a cd as I cant find the original, which appears not to be a problem if that would crash too! If it is possible to d/l explorer.exe maybe this would give me what i need, do you mean from here? - I will certainly have a look at the above once I'm up and running again! If you would confirm a link for me for explorer.exe 888, it would be much appreciated. I don't want to d/l & copy the wrong file, I've had enough grief for one day!! Edit* Now that's weird, I cant find the winnt folder??
  10. Hi guys, explorer.exe has generated errors............ First time I've ever had this problem where I can't boot up at all, even after the above error.. Basically, I was trying to install an HP Scanjet 2400 via the HP website. I downloaded the installation files (huge mb!!) and try as I may, it would not play along. Anyways, I decided to forget it and go buy a diff scanner. I uninstalled it, deleted all useless files and then cleaned up the registry with various tools with which I've had no problems before - Crap Cleaner, Find Junk Files, RegSeeker, Free Windows Registry Repair. Where relevant, I have restored all cleanings etc except I got an error something like can't write to/or read Registry. I have a feeling I may have deleted something from the registry arrrgggghhhhh! I ran the System File Checker and that requests I insert the win 2000 pro installation cd, er, I would but I dunno where it is, I cant find it, it has been that long since I used it!! On the Windows support website an answer to a query there of similar nature was to download and reinstall the SP4. So, I really need some help here to get me booting up again guys and would much appreciate any help. TIA
  11. Not that I know of, at least not deliberately anyway.
  12. Hi, I just noticed my defrag doesn't want to work anymore. I can click the shortcut and it will open, but it won't analyse or defrag. I've tried opening and starting it via Programs > Accessories > System tools and via the command box. It opens up ok, but that's it! I got w2k pro. TIA
  13. Lektora is a nice reader that works in IE and Firefox. You'll need the Lektora Extension for Firefox.
  14. How do I get rid of it? It all started after taking bad advice late at night and running a crappy performance enhancement tool (yeah, yeah I know now!) and I discovered I'd inherited 33% more system files in the defrag display. Anyway, I discovered the tool had bumped my paging file size to 1738mb. I changed the setting back to one and a half of RAM and rebooted but the bogus sys files remained. Whilst all other readings confirmed the space was free the defrag still showed it as system files therefore making defragging difficult and a lot longer. I now run chkdsk and I discover that the displayed 'sys files' are in fact an allocation of memory to the MFT Bitmap. Great, I now know the exact cause of the problem but I've no idea what it means or how to remedy the problem! I would appreciate help in getting rid of this problem. *Edit* I've since found this article so it appears I need a third party defragger to reclaim memory from MFT, any ideas please?
  15. The alleged sys files (according to my defrag) circled red don't exist. A pie chart of my hard drive usage shows 31% free space. This all started when I first noticed the above as I was going to defrag one weekend. I discovered the problem was with the file paging, it had somehow reset to 1728mb! I reset it to 480mb (one & half of ram) but the problem remains in the defrag. It says I only have 8% free space. I have no idea how to fix this so any advice is welcome.