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  1. .. so put a folder with symbols from the directory with the program installed.
  2. . After yesterday's updates, the build of Windows rises to version 14393.953.
  3. .. after the updates 14.03.17 no symbols are loaded, there is a solution or put the folder with the latest ones.
  4. .. After the upgrade to the assembly 479 (3201845), takes off the ventilator to download characters, where to download, and if they are at the moment?
  5. .. not using, .. Artifact is absent when the calculator screen is the default, but if you move it, it appears.
  6. .. When you close the built-in calculator visible artifact in a black frame.
  7. Version 1.4.6 is already fixed?
  8. hi, why is the interval to activate the new machine code, it does not diminish, but rather increase a previously deactivated keys, is this normal?
  9. .. A decision on when to expect in 1607?
  10. ... I understand, though strangely enough, why such a machine code was issued after reinstalled a couple of times and the code has not been changed, but not fundamentally, the key is deactivated and the left there is another generation.
  11. developer, ..... I'm sorry, but why when you reinstall the same operating system on the same laptop, change the machine code, and the same key is not suitable?