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  1. It is curious how in some insiders builds where I use Aeroglass, the same level of reflection that is applied in the titlebar is also applied in the taskbar and can be adjusted with AeroGlassGUI tool, this doesn't happen in the public version of the SO, at least to me, In this case I am using "Vista reflection".
  2. If you want to have the minimum size allowed for those buttons you have to put 8 in "Font" and 10 in "Window title bar height", from there, you can play with those two values until you find the ideal size of those buttons, for example, my ideal size is 10 in "Font" and 18 in "Window title bar height", but each one has a different preference.
  3. I don't know if I understood correctly what you mean, but those buttons can be easily resized with Winaerotweaker:
  4. Read this topic:
  5. But specifically for which theme atlas?, there are several themes compatible with windows 10
  6. I already have that value in 15, but I have noticed that the edges of the windows do not look the same as in build 14393.576, (in that build I also have that value set to 15), I think that's normal because it's an insider build and I'm not using the same DWMglass file in both builds.
  7. That's strange, I used Winaero Tweaker to bring back the classic paint on build 14986 and I had no problem:
  8. The version of Aeroglass that I use in the insiders builds doesn't work in modern apps since build 14955 but, for some reason, it returned to work on modern apps in build 14986 and in the rest of the system it works relatively well.
  9. I wonder why the problem with AeroglassGUI only happens with the color black, if I choose any other color for inactive windows works perfect: Even slightly changing the black color in the color editor works fine: But if I choose the "pure" black color, the inactive title bar always is white and the registry key "Accent color inactive" is automatically deleted:
  10. It may be an obvious detail but you have to have this option enabled: "Show colour in titlebar" and then log off or reboot
  11. In my case I have noticed that even when you put the same black color in both active and inactive windows in AeroglassGUI, the inactive windows always have this white color with clsharp and Crystalight TextGlow-Dark themes, even after a reboot, (this only happens with the black color): I found two ways to change that, manually change the registry or use Winaero tweaker, the latter is the one I use: This is the result, black color in both windows: I don't know if there are other methods, but those two work for me.
  12. @NoelC I edited my comment because you were right, after installing this experimental build, I forgot to put the same color on all tabs in AeroglassGUI, now Crystalight TextGlow-Dark looks like this with black and blue: Thanks for the hint.
  13. The theme that I use mainly is "clsharp_v4.4" and sometimes I change to "Crystalight TextGlow-Dark" and the only color I use is black, those two themes work very well on modern applications with this experimental build, but I fully understand that for those who use other themes and other colors, those borders can be a serious issue, but for me, it's not a big deal.
  14. This experimental build works excelent for me, the only minor issue I see is that AeroglassGUI tool freezes for 3 or 4 seconds after changing the color or theme, I don't experienced any crashes on explorer or something like that, works great
  15. Thanks, Crystalight TextGlow-Dark looks really nice on build 14393.351 and also works on build 14955