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  1. You can use some updates like usp10,gdiplus,ie8,.net etc
  2. All from ollydbg. Conditionvariable function are buggy?
  3. I donot know why SumatraPDF and Klite Codec Pack Crash .. I am unable to fix . It is urgent to fix !! SumatraPDF 0012F900 00155000 0012F904 7C802B02 RETURN to kernel32.7C802B02 0012F908 00000000 0012F90C 00000004 0012F910 7C802AF0 kernel32.WakeAllConditionVariable 0012F914 00000005 0012F918 101CC645 RETURN to libmupdf.101CC645 0012F91C 104EB214 libmupdf.104EB214 0012F920 102951B8 libmupdf.102951B8 0012F924 100D939A RETURN to libmupdf.100D939A from libmupdf.101CC589 0012F928 104F5004 libmupdf.104F5004 0012F92C 00000000 0012F930 00000000 0012F934 101B6C74 RETURN to libmupdf.101B6C74 0012F938 00000001 0012F93C 00000001 0012F940 0012FD01 0012F944 10011620 libmupdf.10011620 0012F948 050C6D4A 0012F94C /0012F98C 0012F950 |101B54F6 RETURN to libmupdf.101B54F6 from libmupdf.101B6C31 0012F954 |102951A8 libmupdf.102951A8 0012F958 |102951BC libmupdf.102951BC 0012F95C |050C6D8A 0012F960 |00000001 0012F964 |00000001 0012F968 |0012FD30 0012F96C |00000000 0012F970 |01000000 0012F974 |0012F95C 0012F978 |7C91BFDD ntdll.RtlFindClearBitsAndSet 0012F97C |0012F9CC Pointer to next SEH record 0012F980 |101B6120 SE handler 0012F984 |1552D3AE 0012F988 |00000000 0012F98C ]0012F99C 0012F990 |101B5437 RETURN to libmupdf.101B5437 from libmupdf.101B544F 0012F994 |10000000 libmupdf.10000000 0012F998 |0012FD30 0012F99C ]0012F9DC 0012F9A0 |101B5637 RETURN to libmupdf.101B5637 from libmupdf.101B53FC 0012F9A4 |10000000 libmupdf.10000000 0012F9A8 |00000001 0012F9AC |0012FD30 0012F9B0 |050C6DDA 0012F9B4 |00000001 0012F9B8 |0012FA04 0012F9BC |101B5704 libmupdf.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012F9C0 |00000001 0012F9C4 |0012F9B0 0012F9C8 |0012F9D4 0012F9CC |0012FB08 Pointer to next SEH record 0012F9D0 |101B6120 SE handler 0012F9D4 |1552D3EE 0012F9D8 |00000000 0012F9DC ]0012F9F0 0012F9E0 |101B5720 RETURN to libmupdf.101B5720 from libmupdf.101B55DE 0012F9E4 |10000000 libmupdf.10000000 0012F9E8 |00000001 0012F9EC |0012FD30 0012F9F0 ]0012FA10 0012F9F4 |7C90118A RETURN to ntdll.7C90118A 0012F9F8 |10000000 libmupdf.10000000 0012F9FC |00000001 0012FA00 |0012FD30 0012FA04 |101B5704 libmupdf.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FA08 |00000001 0012FA0C |00252B38 0012FA10 ]0012FB18 0012FA14 |7C91DD92 RETURN to ntdll.7C91DD92 from ntdll.7C901176 0012FA18 |101B5704 libmupdf.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FA1C |10000000 libmupdf.10000000 0012FA20 |00000001 0012FA24 |0012FD30 0012FA28 |00000000 0012FA2C |00000000 0012FA30 |7FFDE000 0012FA34 |0012FA90 0012FA38 |0012FB00 0012FA3C |C0000034 0012FA40 |7C91E8E0 ntdll.7C91E8E0 0012FA44 |7FFDD000 0012FA48 |7C91E8D6 RETURN to ntdll.7C91E8D6 from ntdll.7C90E906 0012FA4C |7C91EBE2 RETURN to ntdll.7C91EBE2 from ntdll.7C91E7BB 0012FA50 |00252D80 0012FA54 |00251EE0 0012FA58 |0058BE44 SumatraP.0058BE44 0012FA5C |00000000 0012FA60 |00000001 0012FA64 |00251EE0 0012FA68 |7FFDE000 0012FA6C |7C90D80A RETURN to ntdll.7C90D80A 0012FA70 |7C923BD2 RETURN to ntdll.7C923BD2 from ntdll.ZwQueryInformationProcess 0012FA74 |FFFFFFFF 0012FA78 |00000025 0012FA7C |00000014 0012FA80 |00000001 0012FA84 |00000000 0012FA88 |00152C20 0012FA8C |00000000 0012FA90 |00000000 0012FA94 |004DF962 SumatraP.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FA98 |00000000 0012FA9C |0000000D 0012FAA0 |00000000 0012FAA4 |00000016 0012FAA8 |00050001 0012FAAC |00000000 0012FAB0 |81400102 0012FAB4 |0001014C UNICODE "Files\Common Files" 0012FAB8 |00000000 0012FABC |001C3E90 0012FAC0 |00000000 0012FAC4 |7C90E920 ntdll.7C90E920 0012FAC8 |7C9101E0 ntdll.7C9101E0 0012FACC |FFFFFFFF 0012FAD0 |7C9101DB RETURN to ntdll.7C9101DB from ntdll.7C90E906 0012FAD4 |7C91ABE9 RETURN to ntdll.7C91ABE9 from ntdll.RtlAllocateHeap 0012FAD8 |00150000 0012FADC |00400000 SumatraP.00400000 0012FAE0 |7C910323 RETURN to ntdll.7C910323 from ntdll.7C90E906 0012FAE4 |00000000 0012FAE8 |101B5704 libmupdf.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FAEC |00252B38 0012FAF0 |00152E40 0012FAF4 |0112FAE4 0012FAF8 |00152DE8 0012FAFC |00000000 0012FB00 |0012FA28 0012FB04 |7C910328 ntdll.7C910328 0012FB08 |0012FD0C Pointer to next SEH record 0012FB0C |7C90E920 SE handler 0012FB10 |7C91DC00 ntdll.7C91DC00 0012FB14 |00000002 0012FB18 ]0012FC94 0012FB1C |7C922014 RETURN to ntdll.7C922014 from ntdll.7C91DB8D 0012FB20 |0012FD30 0012FB24 |7FFDD000 0012FB28 |7FFDE000 0012FB2C |00000000 0012FB30 |00000030 0012FB34 |00000000 0012FB38 |00000000 0012FB3C |00000000 0012FB40 |00000000 0012FB44 |00000000 0012FB48 |00000000 0012FB4C |00000000 0012FB50 |00000000 0012FB54 |00000000 0012FB58 |00000000 0012FB5C |00000000 0012FB60 |00000030 0012FB64 |00000000 0012FB68 |00000000 0012FB6C |00000000 0012FB70 |00000000 0012FB74 |00000000 0012FB78 |00000000 0012FB7C |00000000 0012FB80 |00000000 0012FB84 |00000000 0012FB88 |00000000 0012FB8C |00000000 0012FB90 |00000000 0012FB94 |001A0018 0012FB98 |7C9226DC UNICODE "kernel32.dll" 0012FB9C |00000018 0012FBA0 |00000008 0012FBA4 |0012FBC0 0012FBA8 |00000040 0012FBAC |00000000 0012FBB0 |00000000 0012FBB4 |0012FD30 0012FBB8 |00020000 0012FBBC |0012FCE0 0012FBC0 |001A0018 0012FBC4 |7C92306E UNICODE "KnownDllPath" 0012FBC8 |001A0019 0012FBCC |7C922F1E ASCII "BaseProcessInitPostImport" 0012FBD0 |00160014 0012FBD4 |7FFE0030 UNICODE "C:\WINDOWS" 0012FBD8 |00140013 0012FBDC |7C922F3A ASCII "BaseQueryModuleData" 0012FBE0 |005A0058 SumatraP.005A0058 0012FBE4 |00020600 UNICODE ""C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe"" 0012FBE8 |7C9140D0 ntdll.7C9140D0 0012FBEC |7C913EE1 RETURN to ntdll.7C913EE1 from ntdll.7C90E906 0012FBF0 |02080028 0012FBF4 |7C981048 UNICODE "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll" 0012FBF8 |00400120 ASCII "PE" 0012FBFC |00560054 ASCII "kkje opnes" 0012FC00 |000205A8 UNICODE "C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe" 0012FC04 |02080038 0012FC08 |00020290 UNICODE "C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\" 0012FC0C |00000002 0012FC10 |0000000C 0012FC14 |00000000 0012FC18 |0195376E 0012FC1C |7C81727B kernel32.BaseProcessInitPostImport 0012FC20 |00251EB4 0012FC24 |00000020 0012FC28 |00000002 0012FC2C |00000000 0012FC30 |000101B5 0012FC34 |003F003F 0012FC38 |003F003F 0012FC3C |00000000 0012FC40 |00000000 0012FC44 |00000000 0012FC48 |00120000 0012FC4C |7FFC101C 0012FC50 |7FFC1422 0012FC54 |7FFC141E 0012FC58 |00000000 0012FC5C |000104E4 UNICODE "SOR_REVISION=3a09" 0012FC60 |003F003F 0012FC64 |003F003F 0012FC68 |00000000 0012FC6C |00000000 0012FC70 |00000000 0012FC74 |00000000 0012FC78 |7FFB001C 0012FC7C |7FFB0222 0012FC80 |7FFB021E 0012FC84 |00000000 0012FC88 |7FFD2004 0012FC8C |7FFD2DE6 0012FC90 |00000A06 0012FC94 ]0012FD1C 0012FC98 |7C921F0F RETURN to ntdll.7C921F0F from ntdll.7C922989 0012FC9C |0012FD30 0012FCA0 |7C900000 ntdll.7C900000 0012FCA4 |0012FCE0 0012FCA8 |7C90E900 ntdll.7C90E900 0012FCAC |7C918700 ntdll.7C918700 0012FCB0 |0012FD30 0012FCB4 |FFFFFFFF 0012FCB8 |7FFDE000 0012FCBC |00000000 0012FCC0 |00000000 0012FCC4 |00000000 0012FCC8 |00000000 0012FCCC |00000000 0012FCD0 |7C9187E0 RETURN to ntdll.7C9187E0 from ntdll.7C90E906 0012FCD4 |0012FD30 0012FCD8 |FFFFFFFF 0012FCDC |7FFDE000 0012FCE0 |00560054 ASCII "kkje opnes" 0012FCE4 |000205A8 UNICODE "C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe" 0012FCE8 |00000000 0012FCEC |7FFDD000 0012FCF0 |7C90E900 ntdll.7C90E900 0012FCF4 |7C918700 ntdll.7C918700 0012FCF8 |FFFFFFFF 0012FCFC |00000000 0012FD00 |0092315A SHELL32.0092315A 0012FD04 |0012FCB0 0012FD08 |7C923624 RETURN to ntdll.7C923624 from ntdll.7C923140 0012FD0C |FFFFFFFF End of SEH chain 0012FD10 |7C90E920 SE handler 0012FD14 |7C919E30 ntdll.7C919E30 0012FD18 |00000001 0012FD1C \00000000 0012FD20 7C90E457 RETURN to ntdll.7C90E457 0012FD24 0012FD30 0012FD28 7C900000 ntdll.7C900000 0012FD2C 00000000 0012FD30 00010017 0012FD34 00000000 0012FD38 00000000 0012FD3C 00000000 0012FD40 00000000 0012FD44 00000000 0012FD48 00000000 0012FD4C F6482CF8 0012FD50 00000202 0012FD54 804DB7F3 0012FD58 F6482A58 0012FD5C 00000000 0012FD60 86136268 0012FD64 00000286 0012FD68 804E393E 0012FD6C F64C2A04 0012FD70 F64C2A38 0012FD74 00000000 0012FD78 F6482A74 0012FD7C 805E0711 0012FD80 F64C2A38 0012FD84 00000000 0012FD88 00000000 0012FD8C 8604DDA0 0012FD90 8604DDD4 0012FD94 F6482AC4 0012FD98 804EC11A 0012FD9C F64C2A04 0012FDA0 F6482AC0 0012FDA4 806EF1B9 0012FDA8 00000297 0012FDAC 804E52C8 0012FDB0 00000100 0012FDB4 806EF070 0012FDB8 F6482B34 0012FDBC 00000000 0012FDC0 00000038 0012FDC4 00000023 0012FDC8 00000023 0012FDCC 7C910228 ntdll.7C910228 0012FDD0 FFFFFFFF 0012FDD4 7FFDE000 0012FDD8 7C91019B RETURN to ntdll.7C91019B from ntdll.7C9101F1 0012FDDC 7C9101DB RETURN to ntdll.7C9101DB from ntdll.7C90E906 0012FDE0 004DF962 SumatraP.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FDE4 00000000 0012FDE8 7C810CAD kernel32.7C810CAD 0012FDEC 0000001B 0012FDF0 00000200 0012FDF4 0012FFFC 0012FDF8 00000023 0012FDFC 00000246 0012FE00 804DC2BA 0012FE04 00000000 0012FE08 8604DDA0 0012FE0C F6482B2C 0012FE10 00000001 0012FE14 00000020 0012FE18 00000246 0012FE1C 804E393E 0012FE20 00000000 0012FE24 F6482BE4 0012FE28 8065B6B1 0012FE2C 8057661B 0012FE30 F6482B7C 0012FE34 F6482C00 0012FE38 8057658C 0012FE3C 0000001E 0012FE40 00050803 0012FE44 862E8FE8 0012FE48 00000000 0012FE4C 8624E050 0012FE50 8624E050 0012FE54 80040001 0012FE58 00000000 0012FE5C F6482B3C 0012FE60 F6482B00 0012FE64 000003E8 0012FE68 00000400 0012FE6C 00000000 0012FE70 F6482B10 0012FE74 00000000 0012FE78 FFFFFFFF 0012FE7C 804E2408 0012FE80 804EA5A8 0012FE84 FFFFFFFF 0012FE88 8057661B 0012FE8C 804DE7F8 0012FE90 FFFFFFFF 0012FE94 00000000 0012FE98 00000000 0012FE9C F6482C08 0012FEA0 804DCCE5 0012FEA4 BADB0D00 0012FEA8 F6482BF4 0012FEAC 00000000 0012FEB0 00000000 0012FEB4 00000000 0012FEB8 00000000 0012FEBC 004DF962 SumatraP.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FEC0 862E8DA0 0012FEC4 804FAC39 0012FEC8 00000000 0012FECC 00000000 0012FED0 00000000 0012FED4 804FAC19 0012FED8 00000000 0012FEDC 806F4C0A 0012FEE0 00000000 0012FEE4 00000101 0012FEE8 F6482CF8 0012FEEC 00000030 0012FEF0 00050803 0012FEF4 00000000 0012FEF8 806EF1B9 0012FEFC 00000246 0012FF00 80534171 0012FF04 00050803 0012FF08 00000000 0012FF0C 00000246 0012FF10 8065C82C 0012FF14 FFFFFF00 0012FF18 F6482C08 0012FF1C 8065C836 0012FF20 7FFDD000 0012FF24 00000000 0012FF28 F6482D08 0012FF2C 805D4BD6 0012FF30 F6482C2C 0012FF34 8057BFAE 0012FF38 862E8DA0 0012FF3C 8604DDA0 0012FF40 7FFDD000 0012FF44 804FAC31 0012FF48 00000000 0012FF4C 00780018 SHELL32.00780018 0012FF50 00000008 0012FF54 00000000 0012FF58 00000000 0012FF5C 804F13E8 0012FF60 806EF1B9 0012FF64 00000005 0012FF68 00010002 UNICODE "::=::\" 0012FF6C 00000000 0012FF70 7C900000 ntdll.7C900000 0012FF74 00000000 0012FF78 00000000 0012FF7C 00000000 0012FF80 00000000 0012FF84 004DF962 SumatraP.<ModuleEntryPoint> 0012FF88 862E8DA0 0012FF8C 804FAC39 0012FF90 00000000 0012FF94 00000000 0012FF98 00000000 0012FF9C 804FAC19 0012FFA0 F6482C98 0012FFA4 806F4C0A 0012FFA8 00000000 0012FFAC 00000000 0012FFB0 806F4C10 0012FFB4 00000000 0012FFB8 862E8DA0 0012FFBC 805851EB 0012FFC0 BADB0D00 0012FFC4 00000018 0012FFC8 862E8DA0 0012FFCC F6482CEC 0012FFD0 863BE600 0012FFD4 8054B8B8 0012FFD8 85EFBD10 0012FFDC 8604DDA0 0012FFE0 8056F12A 0012FFE4 7C9000D0 ASCII "PE" 0012FFE8 00000000 0012FFEC 8604DD00 0012FFF0 85EFBD40 0012FFF4 00000000 0012FFF8 00000000 0012FFFC 00000000 Klite Codec Pack 001290A0 7C802BD4 RETURN to kernel32.7C802BD4 001290A4 00000000 001290A8 001F93C0 001290AC 7C802C60 kernel32.SleepConditionVariableSRW 001290B0 00000000 001290B4 /001290E0 001290B8 |7C802C71 RETURN to kernel32.7C802C71 from kernel32.SleepConditionVariableCS 001290BC |001F924C 001290C0 |001F93C8 001290C4 |FFFFFFFF 001290C8 |00821DF6 RETURN to mpc-hc.00821DF6 001290CC |001F924C 001290D0 |001F93C8 001290D4 |FFFFFFFF 001290D8 |00000000 001290DC |0081F5B3 mpc-hc.0081F5B3 001290E0 ]001290F8 001290E4 |0081F622 RETURN to mpc-hc.0081F622 from mpc-hc.00821DD1 001290E8 |001F924C 001290EC |001F93C8 001290F0 |FFFFFFFF 001290F4 |00000000 001290F8 ]00129108 001290FC |0081F5C0 RETURN to mpc-hc.0081F5C0 from mpc-hc.0081F60A 00129100 |001F93C4 00129104 |FFFFFFFF 00129108 ]00129140 0012910C |0081F4E3 RETURN to mpc-hc.0081F4E3 00129110 |001F93C4 00129114 |001291B4 00129118 |00129180 0012911C |FFFFFFFF 00129120 |00000000 00129124 |001F93C4 00129128 |001F9248 0012912C |00129150 00129130 |0081F3D7 RETURN to mpc-hc.0081F3D7 from mpc-hc.008389AB 00129134 |00000000 00129138 |00000000 0012913C |6F430544 00129140 ]00129154 00129144 |0081F6ED RETURN to mpc-hc.0081F6ED from mpc-hc.0081F494 00129148 |001F9248 0012914C |001F93C0 00129150 |00000000 00129154 ]00129168 00129158 |0044F9D0 RETURN to mpc-hc.0044F9D0 from mpc-hc.0081F6DD 0012915C |001F9248 00129160 |001F93C0 00129164 |001291C4 00129168 ]001291A0 0012916C |0044F6C5 RETURN to mpc-hc.0044F6C5 from mpc-hc.0044F990 00129170 |001291B4 00129174 |6F4305A4 00129178 |001B38F8 0012917C |001B391C 00129180 |008EE19C mpc-hc.008EE19C 00129184 |001F9248 00129188 |001F93C0 0012918C |00000000 00129190 |001F4A60 00129194 |001291D0 Pointer to next SEH record 00129198 |00871A6E SE handler 0012919C |00000000 001291A0 ]001291DC 001291A4 |0044F13B RETURN to mpc-hc.0044F13B from mpc-hc.0044F670 001291A8 |6F4305D8 001291AC |009D0AF8 mpc-hc.009D0AF8 001291B0 |009D0898 mpc-hc.009D0898 001291B4 |00000230 001291B8 |00000798 001291BC |00000000 001291C0 |001B391C 001291C4 |00000000 001291C8 |001B38F8 001291CC |000000E4 001291D0 |0012FF50 Pointer to next SEH record 001291D4 |008719CE SE handler 001291D8 |00000001 001291DC ]0012FF5C 001291E0 |004AEC17 RETURN to mpc-hc.004AEC17 from mpc-hc.0044F0B0 001291E4 |6F436B58 001291E8 |009D0898 mpc-hc.009D0898 001291EC |004ADB80 mpc-hc.004ADB80 001291F0 |0000000B 001291F4 |7E41B34C USER32.DefWindowProcW 001291F8 |00000000 001291FC |00000000 00129200 |00400000 mpc-hc.00400000 00129204 |00200269 00129208 |00000000 0012920C |00000000 00129210 |00000000 00129214 |008F3FB8 UNICODE "MediaPlayerClassicW" 00129218 |00000000 0012921C |00000000 00129220 |00200269 00129224 |00000000 00129228 |00000000 0012922C |001CC534 00129230 |00000000 00129234 |00000000 00129238 |7C90DC9E ntdll.ZwSetInformationProcess ____________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE ____________________________________________________________ it is common to both cases ???? ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND (0000007F) ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND (0000007F)
  4. Thanks. My friend I prefer doing it official way . Latest mesa will unlock me up to ogl to vulkan. That's fine . Adding dx support is hell in earth. Direct3D is initially started through theDrvGetDirectDrawInfo in which the GDI driver will cask to enable DirectX or direct3D. Direct Draw support is done in the GDI driver of the gfx driver done through theDrvEnableDirectDraw function. Theuser mode dll and some of the kernel mode sys for the DirectX graphics pipeline is implemented by some components of windows. The API will return api calls to process specific job in hardware. I hope I am not saying wrong I read this in some driver developement books. Any expert may confirm my words ? Though I written in my own words not on textual way . I am playing with some ddk stuffs with mesa3D.
  5. Okay thanks for suggestions
  6. Thanks
  7. I will do it today. Thanks for advice.
  8. may be it worked on my xp due to my kernel extension
  9. Well without manifest fix it is impossible to load blender. Edit :: most of you might have heard about universal vesa / vbe graphics driver. Writing Mesa / directx / vulkan extention will solve all problems. If I am not wrong mesa has opengl.
  10. I think some existing functions needs update .
  11. I will try and let you know but it suppose to work in theory. One more thing , can you compile some newer app for xp like Filezilla then put it on XPitory?
  12. Opera 64bit version 44 is not xp x64 compatible.
  13. Now only tried to compile ff 54 with vs2015 . I downloaded src back in weak. For xp x86 compiled flawlessly but for xp x64 few compilation error came which seems to be easily fixed. Now its time for wait for FF to unplug the power cord from xp . I will compile from that time. It took horrible amount of time to compile. I am trying since 3 hours. Systems resource usage is horrible during build process. They said 4gb ram as min requirements but more than 12gb is consumed. Cpu usage is fine though using i7 6700k that's slower than most other high end processors used for coding like xeon.
  14. just i want you as somebody to suggest me . I have 8.1x64 with VS2015 community hope that will do the trick . Firefox can be compiled with mingw as per their official doc i want to do that . VS is to heavy and generate too heavy code .