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  1. Come on fixing A Vast issue almost done . what about running Chrome 56 ?
  2. I donot know why Bose take so much of money for their stuffs still these are no expected. I have Bose sound-link , hope it is not spying
  3. it seems to be 1050 specific problem . 1060 working well though no 3d Acceleration
  4. you need cpu with 37bit PAE addressing capability . https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10547
  5. i will try . Today got back from Taiwan so now in home with my pc . It is time to mod kernel . do you have any problem using kernel Extension? (like personally you donot like etc )?
  6. welcome to msfn
  7. Only the CRap heads will support 10 . Nothing new The OS which crashed WatCh dogs 2 almost at the end , My gaming session was lost and i cannot save . Opened Firefox , Os started saying use Garbedge it is better I want to beat those guys making 10
  8. We have to backport win 7 driver . I never wished to touch ntKernel&system files for mod but no way left
  9. Try original nv driver
  10. I have ram patch upto 128Gb My games use ram beyond 3gigs
  11. hi what about this? http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/GRAPHICS-BOARD/NVIDIA/NVIDIA-GeForce-iCafe-Graphics-Driver-36891-for-XP.shtml
  12. @98SE Intel driver back-port is in progress but i have not got enough confident to share still now . I brought a Asus Z170 A board with GTX1080 to repair my skylake build but i am not getting enough free time for now . Within this summer i will try to do something please wait I am studding XHCI architecture so that i can write my own driver
  13. 2000 SP4 and XP SP2 are not similar . XP SP2 has few hundreds of more api than 2000 sp4 XP and 2k3 are far similar in their api and internal structure but it should not be done incase of 2k. Windows 2000 win32k.sys target api & memory space in VA where as XP and higher do in RVA(That improve bit of performance in rendering )
  14. In day of easter god may bless heinoganda & xp . Both should live for ever
  15. Storport of 2k3 work in XP but need to change some thing i386 folder of installer . I donot know what with 2k