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  1. Thanks Friends I will try . Thanks for all instruction .
  2. I am not using to change import . CFF Explorer best tool for the purpose . I have implemented API in Shell32,user32,kernel32 of XP. I want to get The installer work . Which portion of msi need to be edited ?
  3. Please one can help me . which one should i edit in ORCA ?
  4. First they will run well but as day will go both 7/10 will hog down .
  5. Thats fine . Tools depends man to man
  6. Yes it is working . Please see the blog of blackwingcat
  7. x86 files are PE 32 files where as x64 file are either PE32+ or PE 64 Files . (PE stands for portable executable ). It may result instability so it is better to go for x64patch or copy to system32 ( Every WOW64 system has System32 folder vista should have it) . One more 32bit sys files are PE32 drivers so simply they will be rejected by HAL and Kernel of 64 bit vista
  8. Grab pemaker by BlacKwingCat or Cff Explorer by ntcore . Change Image base to according to the language version file you are localizing . It is surely important . Image base defines hole Relocation table
  9. I think i know ............................. Any processor with out NX Bit as they cannot run 10 so no way of update
  10. My Pavilion with 4th gen i5 lying like a super slow beast with windows 10 . I will downgrade to original window 8.1 x64 and dualboot with XP.
  11. have you tried moding inf ? For me i got killer Ethernet is working by moding Ar-ethos driver for XP, same may need to be done with you . can i have the device id ?
  12. Even i have played Ashes singularity under Linux so wined3d works on linux . Syvet tried a lot and improved many thing , d3d10/11 works by wined3dbuild by Syvet but very slow but certain run faster than original SDK example are compatible
  13. It cannot run single DX10/11 SDK example .
  14. I am no more afraid . My ExtendedXPv 1.4(not released to public) is running firefox 55 Beta plus for now i am on palemoon which is working fine with ExtendedXP .