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  1. Yes surely don't work in user mode
  2. If You want best out of money get Home Premium or Pro is bit overkill if arent in office domain like network . Get HomePremium , Apply Sp1/Platform update / Other updates , Apply BlackViper safe service tweaks All your needed apps until 2020! @jaclaz By the way my full name is Dibyamartanda Samanta not Monsieur de La Palice if required I can write Hindi/Bangla/Japanese/CHT/CHS[I know no more language ]
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    THis song relates as if i am in numbness
  4. Actually XP is not affected I think As VTX requires Hal Channel pass code but XP lacks that . VTx works in XP but Same way as AVX work in XP ......(not properly but technically more properly) I am trying to port Microcode update to XP... WIndows 7 update fix that Microsoft provided is easy to bypass for a malware writer so it doesn't make sense .. Best bet is to get firmware update !! This months update in windows 8.1 screwed up lot in my Skylake computer performance wise but my ivybridge is still intact
  5. Well thats depends upon your needs
  6. Modern Browser Project 2018

    Okay then better to leave it now. It is better to enhance old webkit then .
  7. Modern Browser Project 2018

    Can you update the webkit of yourport ?
  8. Please, can you help me to have GetTickCount64 on my XP X64 SP2 Kernel?

  9. Aero Modern (Revival)

    Great to know
  10. Km goanna consume large amount of cpu while playing on 360p using c2d
  11. Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker

    It is closed source . I will try some binary patch.
  12. does Injoy firewall works after update? https://www.bitwiseworks.com/firewall/
  13. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    Fantastic great job !!
  14. Compiling Chromium browser for XP

    It's clearly a false positive