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  1. hi friends is there any way to change EAX register ? New 16TB HDD patch is coming , support GPT . I need time to fix KiCheckForKernelApcDelivery
  2. Try patching with xompie I am releasing my shell32 soon that has the function. Please can you check with dependency walker . Please
  3. Actually I tried to do with xpx64 but due to lack of my knowledge with x64 assembly I have left it. Exe/dll/sys files use fileformat known as portable executable. I have no knowledge in pe64 . If I get soarce code of xpx64 I can enhance but who will give me . Friends shell32 mod is almost ready .releasing soon
  4. Lets ROCK!!!
  5. Alky works with XP64 tested also you can use XOmpie in XP64 but remember to patch 32bit apps only . A guy over another forum asked me why? AM i sticking on XP why? I am not going to 7 / 10 . what? The usefulness of expanding XP. My answer :- *Does not eat terrible amount of ram (7x86 1.87 GB , Windows 10x86 2.8GB , windows 8.1x86 980MB) where as XP with MSE consumes 172 to 196MB *Usable windows search ( I need two days to search a file under windows 7 and up) *No proper startmenu (excluding 7) *Terrible amount of craps are not present , *My system does not run out ram during some serious rendering(!! Middle patch of rendering session you will have nice restart !! sooooooooooooo lovely ) *NO proper file management in 7 up system *Not so much customization can be done as XP *Older Software run best on XP only . * Proper networking speed oh yeah xp prints and works far faster than anyone in LAN even than linux mint *Extremely FAST GDI Engine no other OS leaving 2003 has it reason games runs faster on them. *I have seen the games running at 89-98FPS in XP droped to 23FPS to 43 in newer oses . *lightweight uxtheme engine Most worst lies :- * Xp has old memory manager it was introduced long ago : OH! My dear liar will check memory management functions of hal & kernel under ida and compare with latest win 8.1 , it is 99.99% same . in xp function directly return value ( Xor eax,eax ) where as in 8.1 call a subroutine that repeats like xp *XP is unstable in newer system : I cannot believe it sorry nothing to say .( anyone can comment) There are much many word spread-ed all over web which are technically wrong but people filling stackoverflow and other sites with useless words . IF you love XP please share . we 9% users are enough to bring flood over world to those terrible people . No one like mods please its my kind request donot bring any modification to 2nd last line thanks in advance .
  6. Autodesk maya 2013 Autodesk 3dmax 2013 These two though outdated but working better than newer boy(max) and gal(maya). i donot know why animators personify those two software .
  7. You can easily patch XP to use RAID5 that will allow using big drives . My 4TB was perfectly usable under xp on my skylake pc but unfortunately system died .
  8. You cannot move kernel32 from one os to another , they depends on internal kernel structure . How much vista and se7en seems equal they are not in respect of many places of internal structure . Same way you cannot use Kernel32 of xp in 2000 but for unknown reason 2k3 sp1 kernel32 work on xp with respective ntdll.
  9. Yes you can install XP sp3 then install sp4 setup exe
  10. great place to start my friend MY latest driver pack mass storage may be helpful in installing on newer hardware like Skylake , Haswell etc http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?pid=59147#p59147
  11. Slipstream it on A XP Sp1 or higher disc with nlite (Should be untouched XP Disc) Slipstream AHCI driver if needed go to winraid forum Create iso test in virtualBOX if everything goes fine then burn your iso with img burn at slowest speed or create a usb stick with winsetup from usb to install .
  12. We are trying to fix some issues .Please stay tuned
  13. OLD IS GOLD but what about saying pure gold
  14. Go to harkaz's GDrive link , there you will find fixit file
  15. My granny said she use to use z80 in her office where she used to work in Italy. She is an BE in electronic engineering from a Japanese institute, I cannt remember the name . She said it's too easy build a computer by using z80 . A vero board and few other components are required . I said are you kidding me? She said no .after seeing the schematic I found it easier than raspberry pi. Really old systems are not as complicated as todays one . Previously old systems used single layer pc now they are multilayer which makes quite impossible to find which component rested in hell so it tough to repair . Commonly capacitor blown are easy to find but think about a realtek lan ic there is no way to check with multimeter. Technology has developed but they forgot to last long . One thing cheaper smps should be banned for above words .