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  1. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Certain Linux distributions are user friendly nowadays, while others are still the old fashioned way (like Arch Linux). Linux lacks many programs that are widely available on Windows, has limited support to professional suites (open source alternatives aren't always that good) and although there's a market to install programs within the official repository, there aren't many. Most of the time, you have to download packages, resolve dependencies and compile the program yourself with GCC++ (if it's written in C, C++). Also, every time you update the kernel, something might break (like pulseaudio) and you gotta figure out yourself. A deep use of Linux is not for everyone, but hardware compatibility is becoming less and less common for XP. An example? UEFI without Legacy BIOS support. My suggestion would be to use a Linux distribution on your new shiny computer (I personally use Fedora) and clone your existing XP to a new hard drive or convert it to a vdmk file to use a virtual machine (virtual box and VMWare are the most popular, but there are alternatives like QEMU). I'm using Fedora with Virtual Box and I can do pretty much everything in my XP. I have Avast Premier in XP and all the traffic goes through Linux with its firewall and antivirus (nod32) added on top of the Windows ones.
  2. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    I was heading to the ACI (Automobile Club Italy) and once I got there, I didn't bother about all the manuals lying on the desk, but I quickly notice that blue bar: they are running Windows XP.
  3. I modified it to 80%. Encoding a jpg image at 80% is a kinda good compromise, compared to PNG which is lossless.
  4. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    Windows XP spotted in the tube.
  5. Another good VM software is VMware which is probably the best one in this field, athough it's not free. @monroe as to virtual box and your XP installation, there are two ways to use a virtual machine: using a virtual hard drive (.VDI, .vdk file) or using the Raw Disk mode to access a physical hard drive or a partition and boot Windows from there, which is what I'm doing right now. Also, remember to install the virtual box guest additions in safe mode in order to get drivers and get USB 2.0 or 3.0, shared folder, high/full screen resolution, audio/video 2D and 3D acceleration via OpenGL and D3DX9 and a few more features. I also suggest to enable the PAE Flag in "Processor" and set paravirtualization to Hyper-V. Last but not least, please note that under Windows Virtual Box may be limited (certain functions are not allowed) and that PCI Express Passthrough doesn't work in almost every case, so don't even try it. If you can, use virtual box over other free VM softwares, 'cause it's really well done and it's a way better than how it used to be in the past. I can almost say that nowadays it offers a normal user experience, like using a native hardware, which was impossible years ago (it was a way slower back in the days).
  6. I'm actually running Windows XP via Virtualbox using my brand new PC. I didn't install Windows, though, but Fedora instead (a famous Linux distro). Fedora is not Arch (which is kinda complicated to deal with if you are new to Linux) and is kinda easy and user friendly, so it's pretty easy to have everything up and running in a few minutes. I'm happy with my config right now, but there are a few issues when you run Windows in a VM, like GPU-Intensive programs running not-so-well, a lack of support for a decent 3D acceleration (won't be fast enough to play games etc), you won't be able to use your webcam if there aren't XP drivers ('cause webcam isn't generally virtualized, but it's "passed through") and audio latency will be high, generally too high to use a mixer, but you won't notice any difference if you just wanna play videos on YouTube, surf internet, listen an internet radio, check your emails etc, which is what many people do. Yes. You can install Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10 or Ubuntu/Fedora. It's not a big deal. Then just google "Install Windows XP with Virtualbox" and follow a tutorial. There are many different tutorial.
  7. Actually, no, according to BBC. I was listening BBC Radio 4, and they said that although machines have been tested using Windows XP, once the aircraft will be fully operational, it won't use Windows at all. It's gonna use a custom OS made out of Unix, instead. They were talking about something called BAE (or something like that).
  8. Google Project Zero just found out a new vulnerability in a Windows Kernel Call. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix it in the next monthly update. https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/42219/
  9. The WinXP Internet games works on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 but not on Windows 8 or 10.

    Can you reverse engineer the Microsoft MSN Gaming Zone Games from Windows XP to work in Windows 10?

    Please PM me if you need more info or the binary and registry files to give it a try.

  10. Oh, ok. So Microsoft did release a patch. (I guess the website was wrong, then). Thank you!
  11. Cyber-security firm enSilo has released a patch for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that will protect against attacks via ESTEEMAUDIT, a hacking tool developed by the NSA. It can be used to get into computers with open RDP ports, or for moving laterally inside a network that features PCs with open RDP connections. The website "bleeping computer" says that Microsoft has not provided security updates to protect against this threat 'cause it only works on Windows XP and Server 2003, but how about POSReady? Maybe Microsoft didn't release a patch because this threat has been developed by the NSA? Do you think it's safe to install this patch: http://pages.ensilo.com/download-the-patch-for-esteemaudit-exploit
  12. @Dibya Unfortunately, people who don't know things are more willing to help, but people who actually know things don't bother to teach 'cause they don't actually really care. It's not their "fault", 'cause this is a community and no one has to reply and share its knowledge if he/she doesn't want to, but still I understand it may be frustrating. Anyway, this is not limited to this forum, but to IT in general, afaik. I have been facing this since the very beginning when I started learning how to code. As a matter of fact, I found more support on MSDN by Microsoft engineers about C#, than on Stack overflow (I was a noob and they didn't bother). That's just an example. Anyway, I don't want to go off-topic.
  13. Easeus partition master (the software I use to make partitions in XP) is also able to decrypt Wannacrypt encrypted files.
  14. Backporting latest Nvdia And AMD driver to XP

    As long as is "just" backporting, it may be done, but there's no way custom drivers will be more efficient than the official ones. At least, not for NVIDIA. (different story for AMD which released crappy drivers few years ago and modders demonstrated that it was possible to make better drivers than the official ones, even though it was a slightly different scenario). XP is faster than newer Windows OS "per se", which means that it actually gets more fps than its rivals on supported hardware. The problem is that there are many ways to make newer GPUs to work: A) using inf modding that we all know doesn't always work. B) cross fingers and hope that the new kernel will have all the functions to make win 7 drivers work: very unlikely considering the actual stage of things. I mean, kernel mod by Dibya is reality, functions have been backported and, on a separate scenario, Windows longhorn by Samuka almost has the full Vista compatibility, including a few x64 drivers, which seems crazy, but it's reality. On the other hand, it's still far from being "compatible enough", 'cause the amount of work is indescribable. C) Backporting existing win 7 drivers which would probably lead to a working desktop, full resolution, high bit depth, high refresh rate, but would leak in providing basic hardware acceleration (2D and 3D) and definitely OpenCl. Even though there might be a way to "enable" basic video acceleration via OpenGL and 3D acceleration by D3DX9, it would be buggy and definitely slower than cards running using official drivers in supported Win. I know that it's not a very "bright" perspective, but it's a realistic one. I'm myself using Windows XP x86 in virtual machine via Fedora 'cause my new computer doesn't support XP: UEFI (no legacy BIOS option available), AHCI only (no IDE support), new NVIDIA GPU (inf modding not working with official drivers), Kabylake CPU, unsupported motherboard with DDR4... Last but not least, although I did the webcam passthrough, I can't even use Skype to call my family 'cause there are no drivers for XP... (Win 10 only). In a nutshell: will we be able to use Windows XP 'till 2019 (and possibly, even after such a date)? Yes. Will we be able to use our hardware at 100%? Not quite sure, but probably no. The way I see it, we will soon be able to run XP via VM only, which is not quite bad, considering that under Linux VMWare and Virtualbox are quite well done and provide a good user experience, even if you wanna play games.
  15. Speaking of which, Avast reported 201,138 blocked Wannacrypt infections in 112 countries. That's pretty impressive. Edit: 20/05/2017 It escalated quickly to over 250,000. It just doesn't seem to stop.