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  1. Pidgin is now showing this message:
  2. Thanks. Pidgin is actually pretty good. I like it. Very similar logging style to AIM. Easily readable HTML files. It's a keeper!
  3. 4.8.2616 also gets the March 15 message... Likewise, if anyone can hack 4.4.2286 for me, I'd be very appreciative. The reason I specifically like 4.4.2286 is because of the logging feature which is specific to this version. Here is a download link to it: http://www.aciddr0p.net/aimversions/aim442286.rar
  4. Yes, I can confirm it's working... But it lacks the message logging feature of 4.4.2286.
  5. Nice find... Maybe I'll give that a try. I am, or rather was using 4.4.2286 on Windows XP.
  6. If Miranda can still connect, then there must be a way to modify AIM to work...
  7. Yes, I would like to know as well... I'm using an even older version (4.4).