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  1. Oh right, Windows Phone 8.1 gets continuous support until 2017, gets discontinued and it's immediately a security risk, yet most people carry around Androids with version 4.0 or less and no mention of it.
  2. Updated Updates repository with: June and July security updates for both x86 and x64; Internet Explorer 9 cumulative update (latest); Latest cumulative timezone update (in the Extras folder) A huge thanks to @bbq for keeping the updates in a handy list for download!klBBXC5b!SJSY-VWBto55Ft63CrAgJQ
  3. Try installing the latest Servicing Stack update. It updates the updating component of the OS:!pwJAUTCC!sqbMYxNOfcissfQAQWMzjrf9_15hBVuKLFbupOif-Vk (from my repository ) Speaking of which: Latest Flash Player update added; Latest IE10 and Security Only updates added (the June and July ones were missing) Latest Monthly Rollup added; Latest timezone update added (in the Extras folder). These changes reflect both the x64 and x86 repositories.!ExhDEbDA!pUhzXKVp5-hgzvylW_btfQ
  4. You should try extracting the cab file from the update and install it using dism... Might work. (Extract it with 7-Zip or a similar program, and then run the comand: "dism /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\packages\")
  5. Try installing the Monthly Rollup instead:
  6. Shouldn't you limit yourself to games that work on Vista, that supposedly have Windows 7 as a minimum requirement? Seems a bit redundant to put games that state in the system requirements that Vista is OK.
  7. Unfortunately, you don't leave much to the imagination Besides, I like to think I'm saving people from the predator that is Windows 10, by making them GET TO THE CHOPA!!
  8. Go to my repository of updates for Windows 8.0. I have in there x86 updates. Keep in mind that there are no updates for WMC, so it might become vulnerable in the long run.
  9. I'm now using Windows 8.1, so the only way to show you the scores would be to run the "winsat /formal" command and paste the resulting XML file. Also, some good news! The fix for Windows Update as mentioned by @TELVM now supports memory patching, which means no OS files are modified and it runs as cleanly as possible. I've tested it on my laptop and it worked! If anybody's interested, here are some drivers for Kaby Lake that I found working for 7/8.1 (used to be 10 exclusive): Intel HD Graphics: (these aren't WHQL'd, so you need to disable driver siganture enforcement) Intel Trusted Platform:\INT3400?os=windows-8.1-x64# (simply extract the files inside the executable with 7-Zip and you'll have the INF files. You'll need to install the drivers manually through device manager)
  10. I respectfully disagree with you on that @98SE. XP might still be ok for most apps these days, but you can already see plenty of modern software not working on XP, and saying that it's no use developing a deep compatibility layer because what we have is good enough is not a very forward way of thinking (especially considering one of the main goals of the project is to extend the life of XP). Look at the Windows 9x line of OSs. One minute you have most programs working, the other XP is a minimum requirement. Keeping a 16 year old OS relevant is a daunting task, but efforts such as these are needed for the long run, if you care about it the way @Dibya does.
  11. Surprisingly (or not), the OS is so bloated that these performance increases (if any) end up doing nothing, and the games run even worse in some cases! (And I'm running an AMD card, that supposedly runs better on 10!)
  12. BTW, just wondering, but why do you want to make WMP 12 work on Vista ? AFAIK it doesn't have that many functionality updates... Also, I don't know if it would have mp4 support, seeing that it comes from the improved Media Foundation API found in 7.
  13. Found it funny... One of the main guys that made Windows 8 dissing on Windows 10. Since this is the thread related to Windows 10 being the worst thing ever, I found it appropriate.
  14. Can confirm it crashes my Explorer on Windows 8.1 x64... Amazing how such a small thing can trigger a crash. I saw your post on Reddit. Let's hope this gets patched.
  15. Delete everything inside "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download". It's just Windows Update downloaded cache. Delete System Restore Points. These can take up to 10GB. Disable hybernation. Can restore about 5GB. Run the Disk Cleanup utility. Sometimes, it can help. Run on cmd with admin rights: "dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup". This will remove superseded components off WinSxS. Can cleanup from MB to quite a few GB Defrag the disk. I know it shouldn't do anything, but on Windows 8.x it restored for me 100MB, after a restart, which is weird. This is usually what I do to regain some HDD space on Windows. Since Windows 8 doesn't have the "/resetbase" switch that 8.1 has, for the dism command, it won't truly remove everything, but it's a start.