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  1. Hi Mike And why not trying to reinstall your 10240 with unplugged internet and wifi disabled ? Since windows 10 RTM I use 2 tools I find very useful to block updates and run before connecting after reinstall - - If I choose to enable both I have no pb to keep running my anniversary update but it's also working for previous builds ( 10240 - 1511 ) I tested Creator update but it seem this major update breaks something and enable again microsoft updates Hope it helps
  2. Do as I did : I'm still running anniversary update and aeroglass works fine
  3. To achieve such transformation you need to learn how to get a full glass theme ( take a look at ) but not all visual styles allow to get rid op the adress bar like on your screen , it needs some hackings like on my screen too
  4. Hi BM and thanks for quick info gonna delete that folder
  5. Last night , had a bunch of web symbols downloaded in its own folder in C:\web symbols though aeroglass is already installed ( 1.5.1 x64 windows 10 ) in C:\Aeroglass 138 megs ! did you guys had the same thing?
  6. Well , I don't really understand where is your issue .. There is only one titlebar , Edge uses tabs so ....
  7. Hi did you tried edit title font color with aeroguiTool ?
  8. My current desktop set for personal use " Smoked Yoda Glass" Very happy for daily use Merry Christmas all !
  9. you mean this ?
  10. I'm running last CB build 14393.479 and aero updates symbols with no pb .
  11. Hi Ziyaad ! My registry seemed corrupted ( Accentcolor , inactive entries missing ) Now all works fine when setting accent tab You are a saver many thanks !
  12. I have the same result as carlitosoo for both active and inactive But I must admit that is confusing , and I finally noticed when I get my settings right , every time I run aeroGUI , it manages to disable inactive window color so I set it once for all and all runs fine .... windows AU 14393.447 X 64
  13. Nevermind , thanks for help a transparent commandbar module with hover text and custom icons
  14. Windows 10 anniversary 14393.447 Metro style