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Everything posted by burd

  1. Shorthorn Project

    on the page it shows win2k3 running wmp12 thats why? see here shorthornproject.com
  2. Shorthorn Project

    any idea how to get windows media player 12 working on vista?
  3. Compiling Chromium browser for XP

    Any luck with Firefox 57?
  4. Hello to all members

    Hello @AFMN
  5. Have you ever used vista? Vista SP2 runs faster than Windows 7 SP1 and even feels smoother but then again thats my opinion.
  6. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Wouldn't hurt doing so i guess , I might also do a fresh install in upcoming months(did 10 fresh installations this year lol) so it would help for few people, its your call if you want to or not.
  7. Good Firewall for Vista 64 bit?

    I think bitdefender offers a firewall if you get their antivirus which is good but its not light weighted.
  8. Game question for Vista 64 bit

    theres a 80% chance it will work unless it uses some files that arent present in vista sp2. Also i checked for you and it seems the game should run http://steamcommunity.com/app/201810/discussions/0/558754899238564390/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/201810/discussions/0/558756256597548343/ Also a few places mention Vista SP2 as supported and it is also said that vista was supported in the early stages but it was removed so i cant really confirm
  9. Vulkan Backport On Vista

    where does zernel32 , kernel33 and fileext.dll go? never heard of these before See i get this when i try using it https://imgur.com/a/V2155
  10. I Have Some Questions, Does Vulkan Beta in the last release 365.11 Nvidia Drivers Actually work or its just not meant to be? Also i dont find it fair that Vista doesnt have a Vulkan backport but XP does which is really sad. The Vulkan 1.05 was Backported to XP and i tried using it on Vista but i get the error application terminated so i suppose it wont work on Vista Is There Some Way to workaround this? Or is it possible for someone to backport this vulkan or modify the XP backport itself to work on Vista? Im using currently the 372.70 Nvidia Drivers and A GTX 1060 and was hoping that Vista would somehow get Vulkan If youre interested in the XP Backport Here it is https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/917396/vulkan-api-is-out-/ Comment #2
  11. Vulkan Backport On Vista

    Yes,is there some specific way to use it or it just wont work on vista?
  12. Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Welcome Back Please do great things
  13. Didnt check because i presumed the program would do the job, will check the next time i boot up vista
  14. Errors still coming and Black Screen Still Appearing after disabling.... I normally wouldnt get it frequently but ive done a fresh install so its happening
  15. Will try this in a bit and see what happens.
  16. The Thing About the black screen is, the explorer.exe process hangs or doesnt start, you can have to create a new process and type "explorer" it should fix it or you can just wait for the process to start up incase the process is on if not then manually start it by making a new task, the windows defender problem is also a random one, it will work sometimes, there is another problem the audio functions dont startup along with windows so you have to manually start them from the audio logo itself or from "services.msc"
  17. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Seems Good, i used your list to install them to my system as well, thanks.
  18. Is ME really that bad?

    Even i didnt like vista at first and almost fell for the bait of it being a bad o/s, i later on thought about this and actually compared Vista SP1 with 7 and Vista would edge 7, Im glad i did that now i know how overhyped 7 is.
  19. Vista on Intel Celeron N3050 (Braswell) board

    DX12 isnt needed,you have vulkan which is really good, though the official drivers DO include beta vulkan drivers,im unsure if it works or not,unless someone can test it, also if it doesnt work a backport would be nice because a vulkan backport had already been released for XP which is really sad and happy at the same time.
  20. Hey there!

    Hello,Please Enjoy While On These Forums,If you have any doubts regarding any topic please inform me or any of the members regarding it we would be happy to help you in anyway we can
  21. Vista on Intel Celeron N3050 (Braswell) board

    Vista is Vista any Editing to Windows 7 will never make it the real deal as Vista, You Cant Really Compare.