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  1. Spenxa gets my vote - nice icons man! [This is not the thread to post your desktops ]
  2. hello. which docking programs do u use? mobydock, yzdock, aquadock? i had a problem with yzdock, minimizing my games like gunbound, so i want to use the best one. and where are u getting the icons for them? thank u.
  3. Just finished mine. Hea it is: dang just saw pit's desktop .. realli clean. =)
  4. try this... cmdow @ /hid i think thats wat that line does. else u prob would have to decompile the .exe file. then add that feature. then recompile it.
  5. yep wanted to write one of these too. but u got it =) we just need a common problem and troubleshooting guide now. good job!
  6. nice. Thanks guys. yah virtual pc is realli slow. =) so i dont think either make a difference.
  7. started with nlite. now ive been working on my perfect unattended cd for the past 5 days. haha i hope i get this to work soon. seems like there is always something to add. hmm would of wasted bout 30 cd's by now without virtual pc. well goodluck guys on yours.