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  1. I have a Pentium MMX 233MHz motherboard with 128MB RAM and a 120GB hard drive partitioned into an 8GB and a 112GB partition. The video card is an ATI RageXL PCI card with 8MB RAM. I'm trying to do a fresh install of 98SE into the 8GB partition after using FDISK and FORMAT so I know the disk is clean. After installation, Windows reboots and I get While initializing device IOS Windows protection error. You must restart your computer every time I start up. I just installed ME on this machine and it works fine but I'd really like to use 98SE if possible. I like being able to reboot into DOS mode. Any advice for me? TIA Tom L
  2. I'm looking for a PCI card that can handle 300Mbps and has Win98SE drivers. The oldest card I could find has ME drivers but not 98. I thought it would still work with 98 but no. Is there any PCI wireless N card that has drivers for Win98 SE? If so please let me know the model number and maybe a link to the driver. I looked at the Airlink101 products which someone mentioned as working with 98SE but the only drivers I could find were for XP and above. I know I can use an external Access Point in client mode but I'd rather have an internal solution. TIA Tom L