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  1. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    It's about time I have the obligatory Windows 10 VM, but I'd rather run Windows 3.1 than put up with that data mining spyware masquerading as an OS. Much of it *can* be fixed, but then what? It's basically a slightly improved Windows 7 with a half-broken UI. Might as well just run 7, then. It does pretty much all the same things, but with much less work to get it to behave properly (it's actually pretty good out of the box, but with a couple minor additions (7+ Taskbar Tweaker, Classic Start Menu), it's perfect). c
  2. XP already has LBA48 support? Like, since SP1! c
  3. Excellent! Add the Netscape 4-like theme and it'll fit right in! Is it faster and less clunky than modern Firefox on 2000? FF on 2k works okay for me, but it's slow and somewhat quirky (for example, bookmarking doesn't work). On the other hand, I've found recent versions of FF to be slow and somewhat quirky on modern, supposedly supported platforms as well, so maybe it doesn't matter anymore? c
  4. @roytam1 Could the problem with it not displaying fonts have something to do with your locale? What happens if you use American English NT 4? Perhaps I can set it up in a VM and try it out myself.... Also, has anyone tried compiling Pale Moon XP (the new experimental backport of Pale Moon 27) on NT 4? c
  5. Can it run without NewShell? And what is "Superpack 7"? c
  6. OK, I have it all up and running now. I like it! It totally blows modern Firefox away, yet manages to still render modern sites properly. I think I have a new favorite browser for XP (and anything else this will run on)! c
  7. Also, where did you get that theme, and what is it called? It looks like FOXSCAPE (which was my favorite theme back in the Firefox 10.x-19.x days), but FOXSCAPE hasn't been compatible with anything since FF28. EDIT: Never mind. Found it! It's called MOONSCAPE! c
  8. I better download this! Pardon my ignorance, but is it technologically better than Firefox in some way? Since the ESR is set to be the last supported version for XP, it seems like this could be the best option going forward, and I suppose that alone makes it better. c
  9. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Ah, I see. When did you stop maintaining it? Any work you did would probably be newer than whatever came stock on older Linuxes, such as Fedora Core 1-4. Yeah, everyone seems to have this mistaken understanding that people want something *better*, yet everything they've thrown at us is quantifiably worse in almost every respect. We just want something that works! I mean, there's no reason why we can't have an ultra modern OS like 10 function with the UI of XP, and without Telemetry. My point being, one doesn't need to reinvent the UI in order to add new functionality! c
  10. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I remember KDE2 and 3. They were a bit hard to get used to (almost *too* customizable for the average person ), but quite powerful and flexible. I'm glad you're maintaining it, because I could never quite figure out KDE4+, and it's gotten rather big and heavy. Xfce is a fairly good substitute, but it's actually gotten a bit heavy too. LXDE is the lightest of the modern, full featured environments I've tried, and it's decently fast and light. The old KDE and GNOME of yore were the best, though! c
  11. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    And it's not really that good. I suppose there *are* some genuine improvements in the Win10 start menu somewhere (though I can't for the life of me fathom what they are), but it's just such a strangely distorted and mutant thing that I can't stand using it. The good old menu from Windows *95* was perfect, in my opinion, though I did appreciate some of the enhancements it got in Windows 98, 2000, and XP, though, most notable of which is drag-and-drop. What was nice is that it didn't otherwise change how the menu looked or worked. XP's start menu was kinda weird at first, but not that bad really. I still prefer the good old classic menu though. ClassicStartMenu is great and all, but it's really stupid that Microsoft couldn't just leave the built-in menu alone (do what they did in XP and Vista: keep the old menu around, but offer the new one as an option). And that's not all, because there are so many things that have been ruined in Windows 10. Pretty much every NT 5.x based OS has a perfect UI, though 6.x-based Windows (except 8.x) are OK too with some tweaks. Windows 10, though? It's just a stupid, jumbled mess of new technologies that are cobbled into an ugly and unchangeable UI. And don't even get me started about Telemetry! Let's just say that I'm not really liking the direction modern Windows (and Mac OS) has taken lately, and if there weren't specific programs I need to run, I'd probably be OK with Linux for modern stuff. Fortunately, Windows 7 (and Mac OS 10.9) still have enough life left that I can keep going with them for at least a few more years. c
  12. @Anixx Can you tell us how stable it is? If I can get my 8.1 to look like that without losing a bunch of functionality, I'd probably use it more regularly. Getting it or (especially) 10 to run with the supposedly excised Classic Theme *stably* is quite an impressive feat, and if you've accomplished that, then good job! c
  13. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I guess anything below XP, such as Windows 2000, is considered NT. Nevertheless, with all the excellent hacks and stuff that blackwingcat has added to it, it's roughly equivalent to XP in many fundamental ways anyway (as it was in the beginning (XP RTM and 2000 were quite similar, except perhaps for some interface tweaks and improved, but largely compatible APIs and kernel); nowadays, stock XP SP3 and stock 2K SP4 are quite different (stock 2K is almost useless), and BWC's hacks help to close that gap), so it's not surprising to see a few people using it for web surfing. I find it fascinating that almost half of the PC world still uses Windows 7. It's like MS got it so "right" that nobody wants to give it up (it's like Vista, but better, and it has aged fairly well (compared to, say, Apple's Mac OS X 10.6, which was released contemporaneously with 7, and is now almost completely abandoned), so it's still quite modern and capable of many of the social media-y and webby things people expect nowadays (don't ask me what those things are, because I'm stuck in 2012, and most of those things, save for Facebook and Twitter perhaps (to name a few), didn't yet exist then ). c
  14. Wow! Great Windows 9x-like look!!! That must've taken some doing!! How did you do it? How stable is it?? The best I can manage is to get 8.1 to look somewhat like an updated Windows 7. Any attempt to activate the Classic theme crashes everything for me. c