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  1. @mnogo999 That basically describes Netscape 3/4, but with modern rendering capabilities and security updates/fixes. Something like that would be really nice to have for Win9x as well. c
  2. @Dibya That's the original Pentium and/or PII, right? XP can run on those, but I'd imagine it would be miserably slow on such a system in stock form. On the other hand, if you nLited it down to the bare minimum needed for things like networking to work, it might be tolerable. c
  3. Well, one should probably use a more modern computer for those things anyway, for security purposes if nothing else (possible exception: logging into forums about old software, such as this one). What these proxies do is allow one to browse things, read news sites and perhaps search for things on Google. I don't think that's too gimmicky. c
  4. Modern Browser Project 2018

    @hotnuma It would make pages slower to load probably, but once loaded, the pages should be lighter and more responsive. @Destro Retrozilla is sort of meant to fulfill the role of a modern-ish browser for 9x. However, it seems that, save for minor updates to security ciphers and rendering, it's only about as good as Firefox 2.x or 3.x at best. At least for now. It's probably a longshot, but it might be worth trying to get Pale Moon to compile and run on 9x. This is most likely impossible, even with KernelEx, but some features and improvements could be backported to Retrozilla? c
  5. That would be me I'll have to check it out! Thanks!! c
  6. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I guess maybe because Win2k is to NT4 as Win98 is to Win95? And as such, I suppose there are people who prefer the lighter UI of 95/NT over the "webby" one in 98/ME/2k. With some work, the UIs of 98, 2k and XP can be tweaked such that they're close approximations of the 95 UI, so you can have the UI, and still enjoy the benefits of running a more modern OS. c
  7. iCloud.com doesn't work with the official PM build on Win 7x64 either, so it's a bug in the official source. However, when people asked about it on the forum over there, the answer was basically "live with it," so I kinda got turned me off to filing a bug report there. Hence my question here. I thought maybe you could take a look at the problem for your next build, and maybe implement some sort of fix. c
  8. Is it possible that iCloud.com could be made to work? c
  9. Well, if the best we can do is get 3.6 running, that's really a good place to start, because it's current up to March 2012, and one can backport security and rendering fixes from newer versions to bring it into 2017. I don't know how trivial it would be, but it should be possible? Even standard 3.6 is still relatively functional as is, so it shouldn't need much work once it's working decently on NT 3.x and 9x/ME. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic project! Keep it up!! c
  10. I, too prefer the classic UI. Everything nowadays looks like Chrome, and I don't particularly like Chrome's UI. Firefox up to 57 is OK too, with Classic Theme Restorer, but I really liked the UI in Firefox 28 and below (which Pale Moon, and by extension, New Moon, inherited, by virtue of having been forked from that version). c
  11. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    It's about time I have the obligatory Windows 10 VM, but I'd rather run Windows 3.1 than put up with that data mining spyware masquerading as an OS. Much of it *can* be fixed, but then what? It's basically a slightly improved Windows 7 with a half-broken UI. Might as well just run 7, then. It does pretty much all the same things, but with much less work to get it to behave properly (it's actually pretty good out of the box, but with a couple minor additions (7+ Taskbar Tweaker, Classic Start Menu), it's perfect). c
  12. XP already has LBA48 support? Like, since SP1! c
  13. Excellent! Add the Netscape 4-like theme and it'll fit right in! Is it faster and less clunky than modern Firefox on 2000? FF on 2k works okay for me, but it's slow and somewhat quirky (for example, bookmarking doesn't work). On the other hand, I've found recent versions of FF to be slow and somewhat quirky on modern, supposedly supported platforms as well, so maybe it doesn't matter anymore? c
  14. @roytam1 Could the problem with it not displaying fonts have something to do with your locale? What happens if you use American English NT 4? Perhaps I can set it up in a VM and try it out myself.... Also, has anyone tried compiling Pale Moon XP (the new experimental backport of Pale Moon 27) on NT 4? c