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  1. Very concisely stated! c
  2. Good point. The telemetry in Windows 7 and 8.1 can be removed more easily, though. In Windows 10, it gets put back with every update (whereas in 7 and 8.1, those updates which contain telemetry components can be blocked semi-permanently). XP is definitely the best! 7 is a close second, but only because it can run newer software, in my opinion. c
  3. Well, before Windows 10, I thought Windows 8.x was junk, with all its useless Metro stuff, but after Windows 10, Windows 8.x (and in particular, 8.1) is beginning to look pretty good, something I thought would never happen. A few of the reasons why, of the top of my head: No ugly UI (with a few easily obtainable third-party programs, much of Windows Aero can be reactivated, as it was in Windows Vista and 7; this is somewhat more difficult in 10, and it gets undone with each update. I do miss the classic theme, though) No telemetry (there was some which was added as part of that GWX program, but it's not hard-coded into the base OS as it is in W10) No mandatory updating (updates behave much as they did in prior versions, and one could choose when to install them, select which ones, and even block some indefinitely if desired) No ads (one of the worst things MS has done is introduce ads, particularly for their own services, directly into the desktop UI) Need I go on? If there were a way to strip out all the bad of 10, I'd go for it. But then, it'd basically be not much different than 8.x, which itself isn't hugely different from 7. So, why not just stick with 7, then? Well, I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do c
  4. I agree. Nothing will get me to upgrade to 10! c
  5. I saw that too. It seems to be the full version, though. c
  6. I hope so! In another reality, she probably did (lately, it seems we've gotten stuck in some sort of weird, alternate, and warped non-reality where everything is fake). Anyway, back to the topic at hand: I'm busy reinstalling Windows on my laptop. The 2000 installation I had blew up fantastically after I tried upgrading the Extended Core, so I backed up everything of value and reinstalled XP on the thing. I'm running all the normal updates through EOL, then I'll apply the POS hack to get the rest. Then I can check to see how everything's going. c
  7. Hi, Similar issue, though I eventually figured out how to get the donation.key generated. However, I put it in the aeroglass folder, but I still have the watermark and the window popping up at startup. What am I doing wrong? c
  8. This is a bit off topic, but I just registered for a Microsoft Imagine account (provided to me by my school), and I can apparently download all the recent Windows versions (7, 8.x, 10, and their server counterparts) plus some other stuff. What really humored me, though, is this: Despite all their efforts to seemingly erase all the other Windows versions from existence (3.x, 9x, NT, 2k, XP and Vista, plus any variants thereof), I can apparently still get MS-DOS 6.22! A 24 year-old OS!!! c
  9. Notepad++ 6.x and 7.x seems to work, except there's no toolbar. After hacking the version checks in the msi, Adobe Audition 3.0 seems to work as well. c
  10. Macs have a way of doing that. Not all Macs or Mac-OSes are perfect (Apple has had their share of disasters over the years), but by and large, they do tend to be more reliable than most Windows PCs I've used. c
  11. @2008WindowsVista: What you did to your Win8.1 looks really nice! How, exactly, did you do it? I wouldn't mind doing it myself, as I have 8.1, and don't like the default look too much (I've fixed it up and have got it to look somewhat like 7, which is okay, but I like Vista's look better). I guess it is wishful thinking to have Vista receive the same kind of KernelEx fun that 9x, 2000, and XP have had, given it's terrible reputation (which I find is more due to poor marketing and misrepresentation of the minimum requirements; as OSes go, it's actually quite decent, especially after some of the updates it has received over the years (SP 1 made it much more stable, I think)). c
  12. Not yet, anyway. c
  13. What about the other 10%? c
  14. Well, neon looks a bit better than the black-on-black mess that 10 has been otherwise. I still won't let go of my Classic theme, though. Which means I stay with Windows 7 (with 8.1 used as a supplement). c
  15. I don't need my reality augmented! NR (normal reality) is bad enough!! And, since I still refuse to downgrade to Windows 10, I'll probably never have it. c