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  1. Sharing Printer to a User with no Profile

    As long as the shares aren't setup to allow everyone access to them, then I believe that disabling the password protected sharing won't have any effect on anything other than the public shared folders and the printers (however I could be wrong). I will test when I get home tonight and let you know what I find, as the machine I was using at work is used by someone else. EDIT: Right I have just tested it on my machine at home and with the password protected sharing enabled I was unable to connect to the machine's printers or shares without entering a password. Once I disabled 'Password Protected Sharing' I was able to access the printers and the public shared folders but not the other shares. The other file shares will only allow people who are authorised to access them, but won't ask for a password from those that aren't. (just like XP shares) Tested on Vista Ultimate X64 with Vista Home Premium as the second machine
  2. Sharing Printer to a User with no Profile

    On the machine I tested it on there was an option directly below the printer sharing option which gave the option of turning the password on or off. As far as I'm aware the password option was only for the printers, and as soon as I turned it off I was able to gain access to the machines printers, but not the file shares. I was testing on a machine running Vista Business attached to a workgroup. Although I see no reason why the option shouldn't be available on other versions.
  3. Sharing Printer to a User with no Profile

    In the 'Network and Sharing Center' on the Vista machine check that Printer sharing is enabled and that it isn't password protected. If it is then there is an option further down to disable the password protection.
  4. Remote Assistant Question...

    Funny, I was just looking at that. That let's you login remotely without logging the current user off? Keystrokes can be seen on the users screen? Yep you can see everything they do and they can see everything that you are doing on their machine. The rescue product does require the user to initiate the session so you can't login at any time to their machine, and it will work without opening any firewall ports. (although some software firewalls do ask if you want to block it or not). Log Me In do do a product similar to VNC but I haven't used it so I can't comment on how it works.
  5. Remote Assistant Question...

    You might want to take a look here. Log Me In. We use it all the time at the company I work for and it is very good piece of software.
  6. There are two possible explainations. 1: register_globals has been turned off in your php.ini file. 2: The new version of XAMP turns it off when it runs. The register_globals feature automatically registers form field as variables. If the feature is turned off then you need to access the submitted form fields using the $_GET and $_POST super globals. Register_globals is turned off by default in the latest versions of php as it is a security risk having it turned on.
  7. Try this in the file adminpage_staff_edit.php $staff_first_name = addslashes(trim($_POST['staff_first_name'])); $staff_last_name = addslashes(trim($_POST['staff_last_name'])); $dept_id = addslashes(trim($_POST['dept_id'])); $staff_title = addslashes(trim($_POST['staff_title'])); $staff_email = addslashes(trim($_POST['staff_email'])); $staff_telephone = addslashes(trim($_POST['staff_telephone'])); if ( !empty($_POST['staff_image']) ) Let me know what happens.
  8. Hi Darph The problem as i see it lies with the following bit of code. <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"maxt1\" size=\"40\"> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"maxt2\" size=\"40\"> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"maxt3\" size=\"40\"> although you have set the variables you haven't actually given them a value so you should change the above to something like below. <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"maxt1\" size=\"40\" value=\"1\"> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"maxt2\" size=\"40\" value=\"2\"> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"maxt3\" size=\"40\" value=\"3\"> By adding the value attribute to the input tag you are giving the variables a value so when you echo the variables using the code in the other file you will get the following. 123 Hope that helps