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  1. Go to Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack FINAL at RyanVM. At the bottom of the first post, there is a list of mirrors. Most of the mirrors don't seem to have the original Microsoft issued updates used to build the pack, but currently the Mega.nz mirror (it's the goo.gl link right of the Dropbox one) does have them under the UpdatePack/Portuguese folder. You can probably get the other PTG updates you're still missing from there as well. (I'm not posting a direct link here because such repositories tend to be pretty volatile and I think it's more useful to know where to get the most current links.)
  2. Thanks for the update, @Bersaglio! I edited my post in the other topic to reflect this. Yeah, and fix the mess at the Catalog while you're at it... Not sure why it's necessary to continually attach my name to this feature
  3. Edited the topic to reflect the switch to KB4011604 (thanks for the heads up, @Bersaglio ). FYI, for some reason the KB4011604 Download Center landing page sometimes gives a "no longer available" message, hopefully the direct EXE links are more stable. If you're a more of a Catalog person, I'm sure you'll appreciate the fact that MS has posted all language versions separately, with no indication which is which, so you basically have to click on each download button until you find the right language...
  4. I keep forgetting to mention that I wasn't able to make this problem appear with the latest ESR update and a clean profile, so it likely only manifests in case of some combination of other settings and maybe extensions. Just setting FF to never remember history didn't cause me any problems with manual installation. In any case, thanks for reporting this and hopefully your workaround will work if anyone else should experience something similar.
  5. (This is a generalized version of something I put together to help out a member here. Of course after having written it I found out that @heinoganda has already mentioned most of this earlier in this thread, but at least this is prettier , so I'm still going to post it.) So, you're looking for an older version of Microsoft Security Essentials in your local language (for example version 4.4.304, the last one officially supported on XP) and find out that the web is full of English versions, but it's very difficult to find an installer for the language you want. Fortunately, you can convert an English installer into any other supported language in just a few steps, using 7-zip and a text editor. Any place you see Italian and IT-IT in this example, just replace them with your language from this list: Download the "English" 4.4.304 installer, for example from https://web.archive.org/web/20140325144125if_/http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/3/8/A38FFBF2-1122-48B4-AF60-E44F6DC28BD8/ENUS/x86/MSEInstall.exe Right-click MSEInstall.exe > 7-zip > Extract to "MSEInstall" (or wherever you like). Open the folder you extracted it to. Open setup.ini in a text editor, change Market=EN-US into Market=IT-IT. Copy the folder EN-US, paste the copy into the same folder (top folder, not EN-US), rename the copy to IT-IT. (Optional) If you also want to change the installation dialogs from English to Italian: Go into the x86 subfolder, open epp.msi in 7-zip. Right-click product.cab > Open Inside. Locate SetupResDllMui_IT_IT, extract it to the IT-IT folder you created before. Delete the existing setupres.dll.mui, rename SetupResDllMui_IT_IT to setupres.dll.mui . (If you absolutely need an Italian EULA as well, download the latest version of the Italian installer and extract EULA.RTF from its IT-IT folder into your IT-IT folder. Judging by the English EULA, the contents differ slightly between versions, but who really cares about the EULA anyway, right? ) To install MSE, execute epplauncher.exe. (If you want to re-pack your results into a single executable installer, search for sfx in 7-zip help.) Of course none of this would even be necessary if only Microsoft could be bothered to make proper unified installers that automatically launch in the OS language (or, even better, allow selecting the language at program startup). I mean, why not just do this if you have all 33 languages packed into the installer anyway?...
  6. @glnz @dencorso The funny thing is that I don't even like to post references with that box thing (which, as I just discovered, is an iframe - ugh...), but since pasting a post link gets automatically converted to it, I just don't bother to change it every time, as the Link tool in the editor has its own idiosyncracies (at least in my case it forgets the clipboard contents, so I always have to go back and copy my text/URL again after having opened it - pretty annoying ). I really wish we could use BBCode here.
  7. If you have the same Compatibility Pack installed, you can and should apply the same updates on both machines. The system may be 64-bit but Office and the Compatibility Pack would still be 32-bit. Also, what @dencorso already told you:
  8. https://web.archive.org/web/20150922145904/download.microsoft.com/download/A/0/5/A05EF63F-F0FF-4D7F-9441-3BAFCCDED0F0/WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-ITA.exe
  9. Thanks for discovering this! I don't use XP x64, so this obvious-in-hindsight difference never occurred to me. I added this point to the guide.
  10. FYI, since probably not everyone here frequents the Office section and this is not something automatically offered to those of us with Office 2000/XP/2003 with Office 2007 Compatibility Pack:
  11. A remote code execution vulnerability was patched this month in Equation Editor, an Office component (CVE-2017-11882 | Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability, Description of the security update for 2007 Microsoft Office Suite: November 28, 2017). Official patches are available only for Office 2007 and higher, but since it's a standalone component that hasn't changed since the year 2000, and Microsoft has simply applied a binary patch to the executable and resigned it, you can also use this patch with Office 2000, XP and 2003. NOTE: KB4011604 was initially released as KB4011276 for English and Chinese only. If you've already installed KB4011276, you don't need to install KB4011604, the Equation Editor payloads are byte-for-byte identical. If you prefer a statement from Microsoft (from the CVE link above): "Customers who have already installed the previously-released updates (4011276 or 2553204) do not need to take any further action." If you don't use Equation Editor, instead of updating it, you might want to remove it from your computer altogether. (Even if you don't have it installed right now, since it defaults to Installed on First Use, it's a good idea to explicitly deselect it in the Office installer.) Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, locate your Office 2000/XP/2003 installer and choose the Change option, then pick Add or Remove Features when the installer launces. Find Equation Editor in the component tree. The exact location may differ depending on your Office version, in my case (Office XP) it was under Office Tools. To disable its installation, or remove it from your computer if already installed, mark it as Not Available and complete the update. You should no longer have an Equation folder under (typically) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared. If you do use Equation Editor, you'll have to update it manually. (Trying to run the installer, it'll just tell you that you don't have an applicable product installed.) To do this, you'll be needing 7-zip (or a similarly versatile unpacker). Get the patch either as an EXE installer from the Download Center (English; other languages direct links by @Bersaglio) or a CAB file from WU/Catalog (English) . Right-click on the downloaded file and choose to open it with 7-zip. (EXE only) Select [0], right-click, Open Inside. Select eqnedt32-[your-language].msp (e.g. eqnedt32-en-us.msp), right-click, Open Inside. Select PATCH_CAB, right-click, Open Inside. Extract EQNEDT32.EXE_[numeric language code] (e.g. EQNEDT32.EXE_1033) to a location of your choice and remove the numeric part from the file name, leaving you with EQNEDT32.EXE. Copy this file to your Equation Editor folder, (typically) at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Equation, replacing the old EQNEDT32.EXE in there. (If you like, you can make a copy of the old version, but you can always restore it later by re-running the Office installer.) To make sure everything is kosher now, check EQNEDT32.EXE properties. The version should show 2017.8.14.0. (Note that if you use the Office installer in the future to change installed components or repair your installation, it may put back the old EQNEDT32.EXE and you'll have to manually replace it again.)
  12. Right, because one person wrecking their system with updates is something that never happened with normal XP updates when it was still being supported... I don't want to be sarcastic, but I'll rather take a forum full of success stories spanning several years than something posted in July 2014 that very informatively says: Still, everyone is entitled to do with their system as they see fit, so anyone who doesn't trust these updates or experiences them causing problems can absolutely choose not to install them. It would be useful though to describe such problems in more detail to better forewarn others - and maybe even get help for solving them.
  13. Unfortunately, they have. As was to be expected, the ealier September 2017 deadline was just a "clever" PR tactic, support will end when ESR 52 ends in June 2018. If you can come up with other (feasible) ways to work around this (with FF itself, without switching to New Moon), we'd all be happy to hear them! Some do. I don't have any specific recommendations to give out as I haven't used them, so I'll have leave it to you to investigate the add-ons site.
  14. Thanks for checking this out, @Bersaglio! We (I and my "tester" ) weren't able to make this problem appear even when we turned our usual UA spoofing off, so I couldn't be sure. It's a little surprising that Facebook has started employing such simplistic measures, but I guess even they must sometimes cut back on their client-side scripting bloat . I'm guessing you suggested 57.0 to look more up to date, not because a lower version wouldn't work as well, as long as it's Win7+ ? BTW, I would suggest that those who are going to employ this work-around use a Firefox extension to manage the UA override (I myself use User Agent Switcher, there are many others), That's both because it's more convenient than manually tweaking about:config, and because without a visual indication somewhere in your toolbar you could end up forgetting about the fix and then get pretty confused if (in terms of likelihood, more like when) some other problem later crops up somewhere else because you're using a spoofed UA. EDIT: Since FB is a major site, I went ahead and added a note about this problem and its workaround to the OP.
  15. Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    I'm definitely under the impression that @JodyT sincerely believes in whatever he believes in at any given time (in the past: NT 6.x is an abomination and needs to die; at the moment: NT 5.x is an abomination and needs to die ). But in any case, I don't see why it's such a big deal that he gets to express his opinions in a sequestered thread. It's not like there aren't any arguments that could be made in favor of getting off XP, so if someone feels the need to keep making them even to a perfectly well informed audience, why nor just shrug it off without getting too aggravated about it?