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  1. Lone Crusader, thank you for your interest. Here are the files: AUTOEXEC.BAT: C:\NTFS\NTFSCHK.EXE /F /S C:\DOS\CD-ROM\SHSUCDX /D:MSCD001 /L:X CONFIG.SYS: SWITCHES=/F /E DOS=HIGH, UMB FILES=90 LASTDRIVE=Z BUFFERS=11,0 FCBS=1,0 STACKS=24,256 DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEMX.EXE /NUMHANDLES=128 /VERBOSE DEVICE=C:\DOS\CD-ROM\GCDROM.SYS /D:MSCD001 /C1 DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\setver.exe SET PATH=C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;C:\;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM;C:\DOS;C:\DOS\CD-ROM;C:\DOS\LOCATE;C:\DOS\UMBPCI_E;C:\MSD;C:\DRIVERS Rloew, thank you for interest. Does your modified "GCDROM.SYS" work with these hardware? PCI to SATA Adapter: Silicon Image Sil 3112 Revision 2 BIOS version: 4.2.84 Date: 01.19.2007 BIOS is flashable, but not under Windows. PCI to SATA adapter is currently linked to: CD-DVD ROM CD-DVD ROM: TSSTcorpCDDVDW 224DB Firmware: SB01 TSST - (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology)
  2. I loaded GCDROM in CONFIG.SYS and in AUTOEXEC.BAT but id doesn't work: "GCDROM V2.3, 8-24-2006 Driver name is "CDROM001". No CD-ROM drive to use; GCDROM not loaded!" That's the error i get. I need to add SATA to PCI adapter driver to load from DOS, that must be why DOS doesn't see anything connected to the adapter. I had a major system stoppage when i added the adapter driver in CONFIG.SYS - when dos tried to load it it stopped booting. I couldn't even get to boot menu to erase the path to driver. I fixed it when i booted to DOS from another hard drive and edited CONFIG.SYS on my other hard disk. How to add adapter driver for loading from DOS? I just edited the title.
  3. Thank you so much LoneCrusader, i downloaded gcdrom.sys. The bootable cd which i have was home made with a boot sector from a Windows 98 startup disk (floppy) a long time ago. I think i used Nero 6 to create that bootable CD. I have Disc Juggler pro version and Alcohol 120% v1.9.5 installed and i will install Magic ISO to try to edit the image (with boot sector intact).
  4. I don't have another (working) video adapter. I put away 2 pentium 4 motherboards and 3 video adapters because of leaky bulged capacitors. I was so excited when Windows Millenium was about to come out on the market. After i installed it i was disapointed and after about 6 months of frustration i formated the disk and installed Windows 98 SE along with patches, hotfixes... and i didn't install windows millenium ever again. So i don't have windows millenium setup CD anymore. I didn't remove NWIZ. You can also disable it in MSCONFIG/STARTUP. What's Xeno's vcache patch? What does it do? All these years i tweaked vcache myself. Thank's for suggestions.
  5. Hello everyone, i need some help to add my Silicon Image Sil 3112r driver on a bootable DOS CD. The driver belongs to a Silicon Image PCI to SATA adapter. The adapter has its own bios and shows a message after POST. (Works the way it's supposed to). Whatever i connect on the adapter works without any problems if i boot Windows from my IDE hard drive. Troubles start when i try to boot from anything connected to the adapter. I tried bootable Windows XP install CD, Super FDISK bootable CD, MEM TEST 86 CD and Bart PE bootable CD, all work on IDE CD-DVD drive. I have also tried a SATA Hard Drive with installed Windows XP on it. It started booting and then stoped. When i boot into Windows from IDE drive and after i installed Sysinternals NTFSCHK.EXE (SATA DRIVER for windows 98), all contents of SATA drive were accessible normaly. I need to boot from the adapter because i'm getting a new SATA Hard Drive on which i wil install Windows 98 Second Edition. Also i need to boot from CDs sometimes. I also need to make a Bootable CD which contains Win98SE install directory and SATA drivers for my adapter. This is the contents of SATA driver directory: Si3112r.inf Si3112r.sys SiiSupp.vxd SilSupp.cpl SIWinAcc.sys TxtSetup.oem Total size 277 kb I currently have a SATA CD-DVD ROM connected to the adapter. Any help is welcome.
  6. "I don't think multiple EMMExclude statements are valid." - What? Did you ever have Windows 98 SE? Why should i disable all memory when i need to target only used adress ranges? And it's A000-FFFF, not 0000-FFFF. "Himem/Himemx aren't needed at all." - Really? If that is so, then go to C:\WINDOWS and rename "HIMEM.SYS" to anything else and make sure that no other MEMORY MANAGER is specified in CONFIG.SYS. If it is put ; in front of it and save CONFIG.SYS. Restart PC then come back here and tell us how far did you boot and what messages were on the screen? "Stacks should probably be 0,0" - The Default DOS value is 9.256 therefore anyone who didn't specify STACKS= in CONFIG.SYS is using 9,256. "Many other settings are highly questionable." - And proven to have fixed the random screen blackouts while at the same time provide great performance and system stability for 71 days in a row.
  7. Proven to work on: Operating System: Windows 98 Second Edition RAM: 512 MB RAM Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7VAX VIDEO ADAPTER: 64 MB NVIDIA GEFORCE 4 MX440 AGP 8X The Fix works if: Your display works normal if you boot in Safe Mode (without any drivers) and when you boot into Windows normaly, the screen will start going black at random times and without any message. After restart many times you are unable to boot to windows desktop (the screen goes black) and if you get to desktop, you get a message that says something is wrong with your display settings and you get a lower resolution. REQUIREMENTS (BEFORE YOU START DOWNLOAD TO HAVE IT READY ON Hard disk): MSD - to find memory adresses AIDA 32 - to find exactly which version of what you have (hardware and software) Startup Cop - to block startup programs Eusing Free Registry Cleaner - i'm using it for 2 years without a single registry problem Video Driver - NVIDIA users with same adapter as mine should use v45.23 Nasty File Remover - to remove video driver remnants (if any) HIMEMX.EXE - new and improved memory manager that handles memory better on new hardware THE FIX NVIDIA USERS: Create a BATCH file (copy and paste text below, then go to Save as and write "RENVIDIA.BAT" Move the batch file somewhere like C:\DOS\ OR C:\ for easier access). In CONFIG.SYS add SET PATH=C:\DOS if you will keep RENVIDIA.BAT there. ALL OTHER VIDEO ADAPTER USERS: Find the paths and drivers of your troublemaking video adapter and then make a BATCH file that does the same as my RENVIDIA.BAT. Save the file and name it "RENVIDEO.BAT" The step above should enable you to boot to desktop (for those who's screen goes black before they can boot to desktop and in case of any more trouble). Enter the BIOS and DISABLE EVERYTHING that you don't USE (Parallel port, Network...) And set AGP to 4X Download Startup Cop and DISABLE: As much as possible but don't disable hotfix and patch files. Download "HIMEMX.EXE" and get rid of HIMEM.SYS (rename it). In CONFIG.SYS USE EXACTLY (Copy and Paste) these: Other CONFIG.SYS Parameters are your choice. In SYSTEM.INI SET these values, however DON'T COPY ANY VALUE THAT STARTS WITH "EMMExclude":
  8. On my Windows 98 SE i had a very similar problem with my Samsung DVD Drive which destroyed 7 DVD-R discs. My DVD ROM hooked to my motherboard via PCI to SATA adapter could read and write CD and only read DVD. I fixed it by downloading firmware for it here: After i downloaded the file i figured it was the same version i had but i decided to install it regardless to refresh it. After restart i decided to try another test burn and it worked just fine. You may need a small screwdriver to get the drive out and read THE EXACT Manufacturer, MODEL, speed and anything else important. There's no drivers for DVD drives, Windows got native support.
  9. Alright it seems that DRWATSON just captured another error: "NVIDIA Compatible Windows 95/98 Display driver, Version 45.23 attempted to access memory that does not exist. Module Name: nvdisp.drv Version:" But for almost 2 days i had no errors of any kind. The only thing that was different was that both USB ports on motherboard were taken at the boot time. I'm gonna plug those again to see if it fixes anything.
  10. submix8c, do you have Conexant (Riptide) combined card Audio & Modem or Audio only (i don't know if Conexant made audio only cards)? If Hewlet Packard installed combined audio & modem cards, no suprise there, they know what's cheaper for them. If you give it volume near or maximum, can you constantly hear something (buzz noise)? Did you solve any Riptide problem?
  11. I disabled AC97 audio in BIOS. And put that combined audio and modem PCI card. It's Riptide from manufacturer Conexant. Driver: "Riptide North American driver update: Audio / Modem Resolves Music Match Eject issue, Milleniun compatibility, and improved V90 fallback" - that's what driver setup says. Now i remember why i put it away in some box. It's because when it's installed, every time a keyboard key is pressed or mouse moved i hear buzzing noise and cracking from desktop speakers and / or headphones. So now i'm rewarded with cracking, buzz noise and random blackouts - just had a blackout. (That combined card was tested on 3 motherboards with that driver and always makes noise.) I downloaded and installed (with KernelEx) AW EDID Editor v01.02.06 it installed successfully, however it's not working. The errors: Window 1: "C:\Program Files\ANALOG WAY\AW EDID Editor\AWEDIDEditor.exe A device attached to the system is not functioning." Window 2: "Error Starting Program The ICUUC53.DLL file is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:GetGeoInfoA." The 2 errors always come together. Tried Windows xp and Vista mode in KernelEx. Anyone got a Windows 98 SE driver for Samsung Sync Master 753S? Maybe that will solve this.
  12. Yeah, that is the proper and i'm afraid ONLY way. I've looked in BIOS and there's a way to disable onboard audio. I've found about 2 months ago a combined sound and network card with driver for windows 9x (but i thought i don't have to use it so now i have to search for it, it's in one of the boxes...) Are sound cards on today's market supporting Windows 9x and if not are there unofficial drivers and how do they work? Do you mean Maximus Decim's NUSB V3.1 OR 3.3 OR SOMETHING ELSE? His USB drivers are great but neither v3.1 nor v3.3 worked on this board. The USB driver i'm using is rloew's. Works fine and doesn't install (no setup...). It's sitting in C:\WINDOWS\INF\OTHER\. Thank you for the tip and link.
  13. I remember now that on this same motherboard i couldn't have USB 2.0 and Realtek Audio at the same time: if i installed usb first and then audio i was unable to boot because of setupx.dll error and if i installed audio driver and later add usb, i had to rename setupx.dll in order to boot. But now it seems that it selected to attack my nvidia card (i didn't get a setupx.dll error related to NVIDIA). And that's why screen randomly goes black.
  14. I FOUND THE PROBLEM!!! Just brought a small capacity hard drive (with no known problems) from another computer. It also has windows 98 se. In BIOS i switched boot device priority and booted off this drive. When it started detecting hardware i refused to install drivers and when it got to PCI Multimedia Audio Device it stopped and MY SCREEN BLACKED OUT! I restarted and again at same point it blacked out. Then, i booted to pure DOS and went to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and renamed setupx.dll (to make Add New Hardware go away) , rebooted and just before desktop icons showed up i was "Greeted" with a error: "RUNDLL32 caused a general protection fault in module DESKCP16.DLL at 0003:00000223." So Realtek Audio is causing all the mayhem!?!?
  15. JUST HAD A BLACKOUT! While the pc was idle for about a hour monitor worked. When i moved the mouse screen went black. Strange but when i play video games, it works fine. Also i'm using rloew's KERNEL32.DLL - since yesterday i figured that i'm getting a windows protection error which fixes itself (now i get it, after restart it's gone) no device or driver was mentioned in it. Gigabyte GA-7VAX has Via 4 in 1 driver pack. That pack should have the GART driver. It's called "VIA Service Pack 4.43" I just installed VIA AGP driver. DXDIAG now successfuly tests Direct3D 7, 8 and 9. I don't want to install other 3 drivers (they were installed when the blackouts started so later i removed them). at least untill i solve the blackout problem.