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  1. I am coming back after a long time of being absent and getting back into the unattended stuff
  2. The link where you can dl themes is dead.
  3. Well guys my XP cd is done!!!!!! Thanks for all of your help in getting my xp cd to work even when some people didn't belive me. I am getting a dvd burner soon so I can really make an install disc with all my favorite things on there maybe a game or 2. AND I DO PLAN TO POST IN THE OTHER FORUMS SOON!! Just when I'm not so busy. EDIT: I got mp 10 on there too Thanks Everyone. Later B)
  4. Ah yes I found the problem all on my own It was the OemPreinstall= It was at NO So I changed it to yes. To bad I wasted a cd r I'm using VPC now
  5. Will someone please help poor little me.
  6. Well I'm in my new windows at this very moment. I had no problems during the install but it didn't install MP 10. I'm going to plug my other drive in and go back to my normal config. Tell me if you all have any ideas.
  7. Ok guys I'm getting reay to make my iso and burn Wish me luck!
  8. oh wait.... .......do I have to put the exe in its own folder?
  9. In that case, I dont need to change or modify it?
  10. C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\MP10Setup.exe
  11. your losing me again
  12. Um, I put the setup file in C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install so i guess It is. If it is am I ready to go?
  13. Ok I'm in the laptop now. what do I change?
  14. Oh no.. I cant open it in notepad. Wel I guess I will have to do this part on my dad's laptop.
  15. So what is it that I need to change in the batch file?