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  1. Experimental builds

    Yes it is ;D
  2. Experimental builds

    Why not? I know that I'm not a developer and I don't know how much work it'd be for you to hardcode the taskbar blur option...but I think everyone agrees that this would be a much appreciated feature for future versions. Ps: I already got a somewhat working taskbar blur with only using the 1.4.5 version of aero glass...not classic shell or any similar tool.
  3. Experimental builds

    Thanks for informing me about this, but I was already aware of this option. In the past at least I found this solution to be pretty useless, as the coloration and saturation of the blur was never quite the same (different color for windows and taskbar and start menu...). But please correct me if I'm wrong and it change since then ;D Ps: I love the look of my bugged old version of aero glass as it makes the taskbar using the same blur^^
  4. Experimental builds

    Will you implement a taskbar option in the new version of aero glass? It looks way better having the same style for windowsframes and the taskbar (blur effect on taskbar, just like this screenshot in version 1.4.5)
  5. [OLD] Experimental builds

    I don't remember if I checked the box for modern apps back when I installed it but they have no glass frames at the moment...
  6. [OLD] Experimental builds

    Is it normals that the glass effect still works even after the update? Even more unexspected the taskbar got the same blur effect as my windows frames do. Edit: It is somewhat buggy. The textures are sometimes incorrect.