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  1. carlitosoo555...Thanks for the example...looks good.
  2. carlitosoo555...No offense but I don't see a demo of Aeroglass working here? Barring modern apps. Do you have an example with fluent tuned off then? If of course that is possible. I'm at Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1198) just prior to creators. From what I'm hearing it sounds like things are working OK? Glass2k can set transparent windows... appears to be able to set any layer in any app/program with memory recall to up/down 10% max transparency. It is not dynamic...yet. Very old program that still works to date.
  3. "Aeroglass" isn't dead..."Glass" effects aren't dead...who/what controls them?
  4. I agree with big muscle.
  5. Yes this was briefly discussed in the topic "Change the frame height" which is currently on page 3 of this forum. Also in the above post and image by Carlitosoo555, you can click on See in detail how this tweak works when using Winaero Tweaker . There it will explain the tweaks, the registry tweaks and values ( if Applicable). Home page:
  6. I believe this goes back as far as win 3.1 & 95 days when you were able to adjust nearly every window component in detail...such as title bar, drop downs, text etc.. somewhat gaudy examples that don't begin to demonstrate everything, but you get the idea.
  7. This is an example personal settings affecting edge colors etc. But I'm curious 2 edge colors in the same frame.
  8. My advise is if you have recently or not image file go back.
  9. NoelC and bykaracivi45TR could you help us here? I for one would really appreciate it...and sure others would to. I like the grey scale version in scheme shown by bykaracivi45TR ver Crystalight TextGlow Dark . But it is missing bounding shadow (optional). Could you make one PLEASE!!!
  10. I set up close to yours. Details are close to the same . I think your using win8rp.png because of lack of shadow. I'm showing NoelC square corners here but I tried both atlases and don't see the color difference your seeing. While there is a slight tone change the colors are close to the same. I believe color variation on your edges may be in system or graphic card settings or even perhaps your monitor carefully. Just a guess. Colors should be more gradient to the closest color to itself if personal settings don't conflict ie: if you set black background white text will appear and vise versa. Also to the above about bugs concerning shadow...I don't see it here.
  11. That's not included in this installer.
  12. NoelC win 10 1607 - 14393.351 I can't confirm issue. My reliability monitor indicates 1 Windows Explorer event on 10-09-2016 since 10-02-2016 when I first started using the newest GUI. I experience nothing unusual while making adjustments with the GUI. I don't use any theme patches.
  13. Thanks for the reply...I didn't think so...wasn't sure if I had missed something. Not really a preference...just an older machine but it is still quite useful for me for some things. I also have 2 other machines that are 64 bit.
  14. I recently installed Aeroglass on my 32 bit machine. Is there a modernframe.dll available for 32 bit? Can't find any info.
  15. Interesting. Carlitosoo555... Curious to know. 1. When you say you are using an older version of Aeroglass are you referring to this: Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.4.6 - change log This version is for Win8.1 6.3.9600 and for Win10 up to 10.0.10586 installer from download page and running install or are you just using older files from previous versions of Aeroglass? 2. Are you using the new GUI with the accent tab? 3. Are you using the new Modernframe x 64 release. 4. Are you using any theme atlases or none? 5. Any other editing ex: registry etc? I'm not on the insider win 10 program so the 14955 build doesn't affect me. I'm sure those of you who are, are pleased that you have demonstrated a work around.