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  1. U integrate sp4 using Ryanvm integrator,not nLite,use nLite later for removing and customizing but ryan integrator is for their stuff. I integrated using ryan,removed components using nLite and all work fine,showing sp4
  2. Quick question,what are avaliable upgrades for xp sp3 x32? exept sp4 and 64gb ram patch,what can we upgrade on it? like extended kernel for 2000
  3. It will work ok,but use x64 os for runing nLite on if u want edit x64 xp,thats what I heard on forums :/
  4. Hello, Does anyone know what is safe to remove from xp as its gonna be on separate hdd just for gaming(steam) and that net frameworks work on it.Would like to make barebones with internet connection. Or someone would like to share last session for it?
  5. Does anyone have link for beta build 260? Thanks in advance