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  1. I see what you mean. It took me a while to understand that; I regrouped the items by Name/Total Size/etc.. and now understand what you mean by all that. Thanks
  2. Hello, this message is for the developer: Hi, and thank you so much for this app; I use the "Use classical drive grouping in This PC" option to separate the Hard Drives from the DVD-Rom & the old-skool iPod that I have. Love the way File Explorer looks. Yet times have been changing and now the section for "Hard Disk Drives" isn't completely correct. I have 3 Drives total: 2 of them are Hard Disk Drives, yet the main one is a Solid State Drive =þ I upgraded that muther. Do you think you can update the app to fix that little out-of-date bug? Suggested Examples: • Solid State and Hard Disk Drives • Hard Disk and Solid State Drives Also, do you think you can implement an optional setting for us to manually rename those sections if we want to? For example, I want to rename "Devices with Removable Storage" to "All The Other Devices" Thank you bro