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  1. Thank you very Much !
  2. Yes,I want the the download link of 1.5.1 too.
  3. 3Q!I'll try it .
  4. Sorry,I mean :Edge Only Uses Tabs,It's good,I love it . But 1.5.2 makes Edge have TitleBar , it's so ugly , I don't like it . I wish the developer fix it(wipe off the titlebar) , makes it look like the second image .
  5. My PC is running Win10.14393(x64),and I have already installed "Aero Glass for Win8+ 1.5.2"。The latest version of “Aero Glass for Win8+” supports UWP。It makes Edge look like this : I think this is not nice.In my opinion,it has to be like this(No Titlebar): So ,Will the developer fix it ? P.S. My English is poor.But I am so grateful to the developer for bringing Aero Glass back to Windows 10 !