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  1. Finally got around to taking a picture... here is Petco (a pet store) proudly showing off XP... sorry how its hard to see the bright light behind the monitor from outside wasn't helping my already sucky camera.
  2. there's plenty 256mb graphics cards for windows 98. I have an ATI radeon 9250, but you can certainly do better than that. take a look at the ATI Radeon 9800 drivers for the 9800: I'm not TOTALLY sure, you may be able to do better than this but i know this model works and is "good".
  3. To OP: beware that this specific "dell-ish" video card needs one of these adapters: (see picture) the black end fits on the card connector and it yields two VGA connectors at the other end. there's apparently a DVI version as well, if that's your thing. buy one:
  4. did you try using 95's resource meter to measure resources? (may have to be enabled in add/remove programs)
  5. i noticed this as well, in windows 2000, i clicked windows update on the start menu, and it worked! let me check...hey! it works on xp for me as well!
  6. I agree that they shouldn't be plastered everywhere but in their current numbers, the emoticons don't bother me. Recognize that one?
  7. ooooh! before i "unleash" it on my main 98 system i'll set up a VM to see how it goes.
  8. i can say the radeon 9250 sucks. it doesn't seem to fully support DX9.
  9. doesn't really affect me that much but it sounds like a good idea to try, but a challenge at that.
  10. check page two of this's there.
  11. i don't believe 9x was affected.
  12. I sure hope so. It would be a shame if it has been abandoned.
  13. No pictures but i made a list a couple months ago: Places that Have Style still run XP: My house Local Library My school Petco pet store National museum of play Countless ATMs Probably more cash registers/pos WGRZ (Local news station)
  14. Did anyone notice a huge performance increase with flash 24? I can run some games at HQ now...
  15. hopefully someone will start one soon.