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  1. I will give those a shot. Thank you Much.
  2. Thank you I will give it a try. I know win95 did not have this issue (as far as I can tell) Not sure if there was a patch for that but win95 never posted to the Safe mode screen when it was improperly shut down. I am not sure if that had anything to do with tweakUI installed on it or now. But I know win XP and up can be edited to stop that from happening.
  3. Hello, I was directed to this group in hopes to have a question answered. I have a PC in a arcade type environment, the PC is running Windows 98 SE. And as it is in a Arcade Cab, I can not "shutdown" the PC with the start button. I have it set to scandisk every start to check for errors ect... But windows wants to run the Advanced Startup menu when it detects a improper shutdown. This is not acceptable. How can I force Windows to boot "normal" every time even if it gets improperly shut down?