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  1. You may ask it to Dibya as he knows better than I do.
  2. At last I got a sensible person like me.
  3. How can I take a screenshot when the os has not started at all and my DSLR is in a service centre but even I could have captured it with my phone but the pics are poor and can't be read. And I have already sent a pic similar to mine and accurate.
  4. That question was asked to me so after all it was my duty to reply that. Dibya replied for which I am thankful to him but the question was for me so I dutifully replied so as you are (jacklaz) saying more than requirement I am very disappointed to say that you are losing the respect that I had for you. So, sorry. And thnx to Dibya, perfecthog05 and Tripredacus to come front for help. But Jaclaz I am sorry though I thought you came to help me and not to utter foolish. Sorry.
  5. What do you mean to say by "It is such a rare occasion to have these conversations between[1] deaf people .... ".
  6. I am dual booting two XP OSes
  7. I have installed windows XP on my pc using dual boot system but one of my XP is working properly but the another that I recently installed is showing a blue screen just after completing the installation that is ä problem has been detected......." and it gets resterted. How to solve this?
  8. Hi Dibya I am here to support you and windows XP

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    2. ABM


      This is how the screen looks.

    3. ABM


      I got this pic from INTERNET as it went out quickly but I am 101% sure this one I have seen.

    4. ABM


      If you say I may disable the auto restart and take a pic of my pc and send it again.