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  1. but i tried both Dlink Di-624+ and Linksys WRT54G wireless routers.. and i got the same results.. Dlink Di-624+ and Linksys WRT54G are brand new.
  2. I am facing a problem with my ftp server after i changed my Di-804HV router to wireless router (Dlink Di-624+ and Linksys WRT54G). My detail: OS= win2K pro with SP4 FTP Server IP= Wireless Router IP= Wireless Router= Tried both Di-624+ and Linksys WRT54G i was using Di-804HV router before and everything worked fine. FTP server worked in good condition. After i changed my router to Wireless router (Dlink Di-614+ and Linksys WRT54G), i can't access to my ftp server again. i have configured both wireless router like what i did with my Di-804, but my FTP Server still blocked. port 20,21 opened VPN done to DMZ done to deleted all filtering rules When i logon into my private IP from outside my LAN, something like , it prompt for password. but it keep on repeat to bring out this screen even i keyin the correct password. This condition won't happened when i changed my router back to Di-804HV or i just direct plug in the modem to my FTP server. Please help...
  3. Hi all, There is a red icon stay in my system tray and always says that 'Your computer is infetced!' and a stupid anti spyware-(Worldantispy) always come out automatically. I can't even found any alien in my startup // registry-LM-RUN // registry-CU-RUN !! Please help me to solve this. Thanks
  4. If your target computer is using XP, you needed to add your user account and same password like what you have in computer 1 into target system.
  5. Normally i use PQBoot.exe from Partition Magic. It can view hidden partitions and swaps among the hidden partitions with a simple DOS batch. BUT 1 thing is, the computer will be rebooted after i swapped the partition.
  6. I have a DEMO computer that always connected to the internet in my showroom. What i need to do is: I want to LOCK my IE to access to other URL but only to my company site. e.g. When i on the DEMO computer, it will connect to the internet and IE will be loaded. i have set the IE default page to My problems is, i need to prevent my customer to use that computer for other purpose something like browsing, emailing or chatting. How can i do that..? Please help.. Thankx.
  7. wa haha ~~ i followed the 1 method and get it done.. ~~ actually, i had set my hidden partition as active before i hide it. After i used PM to hide that partition, it was changed and only my Winxp partition is activated. I learned a lot in this topic especially the given links. Thankx jaclaz.
  8. i am using winxp home with SP2. after i added a hidded primary partition in front of my current partition, i can't load my winxp anymore. it keeps on prompt 'Missing Operation System'.. How can i reactive back my windows without remove that hidden partition? i need that hidden partition for another testing.. Please help....
  9. hi, after i linked to a shared folder in my server for several times from my wkstn, a shortcut link to that share folder will be added automatically in my network place in that wkstn... how to prevent this? please help. Thanks.
  10. Done! Thankx.. why? what's the different?
  11. i can't get it done because those files was in used, 'access denied'..
  12. What's wrong to this control panel??? Please help.....
  13. aha~~!! i got them. I tried 'AVS Video Converter 3.4' and 'RealProducer Plus 10' both of them worked fine. 'RealProducer' output is smaller than 'AVS Video Converter' output. Is there any software that better than these?? Please let me know.. Thankx.
  14. hi, How can i convert a video file .dat to .rmvb ? Any software that i have to installed before i can do this..? Please help. thankx.
  15. i am using BAT2EXE to compile my BAT files and the output is .com but NOT .exe and i think there is no decompiler that can convert .com back to .bat. actually, if you sure that a com file was compiled from .bat, you can read that .com file by using a hex editor. i still can read what i've writen in a batch after i compiled it to com but a lot of bin code will be added into .com. After you compiled your batch into .com, that .com file will be same as other .com files which maybe compiled from Assembly or other programming. There is a tool can decompile .com back to .ASM files but not batch. Read this......