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  1. WinXP SP3 takes VERY LONG checking for updates

    KB321644 you're right, it was a previous misprint and as i said I've spoken only for Office 07
  2. WinXP SP3 takes VERY LONG checking for updates

    Not everyone has resolved WU/MU issue with same amount of time, despite using similar unblocking procedure: i think a lot has written but there's something still missing on the table and should be further investigated about the relation beetween Posready updates and Office updates, as sometimes if you don't unblock both (IE8 cumulative+SP3comptability_pack&office2007 KB_current month related) it doesn't work individually. I underline this is only my opinion based and what has worked for me, absolutely not presuming is valid for everyone. I used this little modified Destro steps, tailored on November '17: 1. Install clean Office with clean SP3. 2. Run windows update and only install the office 2007 updates or do it manually if u have a list. 3. install Fileformatconverters.exe "Office 2007 compatibility Pack" 4. Run windows update and install the updates for just the compatibility pack. 5. Install Office 2007 compatibility pack SP3. 6. Download KB4011205, KB4011265 for compatibility pack SP3 and KB4011199 + KB4011266 (for Excel Word 2007) . 7. Manually apply the 4 patches in step 6 8. Windows update works now. Until i've install the Office 2007 update-unlocks (KB4011199 and KB4011266) i can't get over svchost 50% + no updates avaible on a clean XP_SP3_Office2007+POS registry.
  3. The hotfix suggested are really worth thanks, maybe only the first one (KB948101v3) can be avoided cause it's only related to a specific MBchip (credit @Yellow Horrow). KB948101 - A USB keyboard does not work after you restart a Windows XP-based computer that has an NVIDIA 680i motherboard installed I would add this one KB922120v6 to see XP system in W7/8/10 net KB922120 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP A great resource to retrieve hotfix, as support.microsoft often removes that files, is here (you can use search tab to find anything in any language)
  4. So much helpful information, that needs to be stitched
  5. Antivirus for xp?

    This is exactly the message that needs to be widespread, and i'm sure that on MSFN there are really great security experts (without needing to do silly humor), but it is public forum and i think it's better to alert people rather than saying don't worry because if you stay at your home and you know what you are doing there's no need of AV but in several public institution (schools, hospitals, municipalities) you really can't imagine how many hundreds of pc I've seen with XP (not even embedded) connected to the network with people that do everything.
  6. Antivirus for xp?

    Well, false sense of security is overrated too and really hazardous on XP. Without a serious AV on XP environment your ease is as shaky as your Chrome browser stucked in 49 version. It's well known the most of dangers come from browser and insecure firewall like XP Firewall. So the only thing you can do to secure an old browser (without security updates) is installing an AV like Kaspersky (Free) that integrates itself in the browser to prevent malware exploit on security leak unpatched by the unwilling gg boys. edit: OInly for experts don't worry.. you can also use Commodore 64 to surf the web in total security.
  7. Thank you Destro, i was just asking you where was the link to "manually update office" and the screen you cited. When you say there aren't Office 2007 updates list, i think it could maybe be obtained thru WSUS Offline. I've tried to give another point of view (the famous my 2 cents) on how to turn around the missing office update and speeding up the POSReady updates after clean install. Anyway MSBA seems to be a useful resource cause it gives a specific overview of your system drawing info not only from Microsoft Update but also other offline catalog more comprehensive.
  8. Well, if i change setting i get access to a page (as see you can see below) that only let me change 1. Language 2. Show beta products 3. Disable Microsoft Update, nothing compared to W7 "find out more" related to Office.
  9. "Change settings" wasn't enough, i wouldn't have spent so much time to get back Office updates. Anyway, if someone can test it on a VM would be great.
  10. For POSReady updates you can install all KB related to Vista updates hang-up and in 5 minutes you'll get every updates for your new embedded XP machine For Office updates you must have more care of it. The first moment you open Office after installation is very crucial as well explained here (Office 2007 or 2010 doesn't make difference). The problem is really simple to overcome on Vista/W7/8/10 cause even if you mess the choice panel (at the first open of the Word) you always can revert this choice, switching from don't make changes(=NO Office updates) to find out more(=install office update) just because W7 integrates this choice whenever you want. Instead if you are on XP environment and you missed the first choice (don't make change) you can forget Office updates. In this case you can do 2 things: A) re-installation of Office and be careful this time at the first open B) install Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3, launch it and ensure you have checked the underlined option in the screen below. After an MBSA completed scan (several minutes are requested the first time) you will be prompted your updates are ready and you will find between others, also Office updates. I've tried to group the previous posts but now i don't know how to delete the redundant ones.
  11. I will use your suggestions for Office, but i hope to resolve for XP (POS ready), cause this procedure makes no sense if you do not receive speedly POS security updates! I avoid SP4, despite working greatly in its funcionality, settings for language pack are instable. That's another problem i've already reported: from XP/IE8 i can not see the panel where i can set searching update for other MS programs. Installing all updates cited in this thread (obviously XP/Embedded related) resolve the issue and we get every update for POS & Net Framework! Still waiting for someone that resolve the lack of Office 2007 Updates.
  12. Not so lucky, instead. Changing registry (the small one code) worked fine but these days, after a clean installation of XP SP3, i've only obtained svchost.exe steadly at 50% for three days by now (automatic updates & Bits services setted in automatic and started). I've preliminarly installed KB942288-v3 and also IE8 CU KB4040685 but no way to see any yellow shield with POS updates. Furthermore updates for Office 2007 freshly installed never appearead too, and i can't find any page accesible on IE8 where i can add further updates for microsoft. I tried to install also Silverlight to have this option but it seems that trick works only for Vista/7. Can someone tell me if i have to desist at all?
  13. Thanks 2008WindowsVista your youtube videos are also really useful especially if you can upload it whenever something it's broken in the routine by MS (as some superseeded new KB entries). It would be very appreciated if you extend the video after EOL, including the speed-up patches for Office 07/10 verifying its working.