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  1. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    I was considering a rollback to a previous FF version. Do you have the link to D/L 52.0.2? And I agree that day is coming, which is why I'm looking at upgrade options available for those of us on a budget. I'm considering a rebuild of my existing MSI ATX tower and swapping out the motherboard/chipset vs. a new system. So if you know of a good source, I'm listening. Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it
  2. I downloaded SRWiron ver 56 (not 49) which I'm sure is the reason why it would not install. Was incompatible with my OS. I'll test out the version you linked. Thanks Bro.
  3. List of Web Browsers Working with XP 2017

    Hi, I just joined this site and have to tell you Firefox ESR 52.2.1 has issues. What Browser can I switch to?? - I'm running Win XP SP3. I just D/L 98SE's Opera exe so hopefully that will work. Any suggestions?
  4. It's good to find this site as I'm hoping solutions will be available. I have a XP desktop (SP3) and Firefox ESR 52.2.1 is presenting with connection errors to common sites such as Outlook.com/ LinkedIn/ Yahoo and others. Your site came up in a google search and after reading Monroe's thread titled 'Browsers Still Working with WinXP in 2017' it was clear I was not alone in this situation. I would upgrade to a new machine/software but that is not possible at this time if you get my meaning, so I'm trying to see what can be done to preserve internet access. I tried SWiron and Sea monkey but they would not install on my OS. I DL'd 98SE's archive of Opera in hopes it will install and run on my machine. If anyone reading this has some suggestions, I'm open. Thanks to the persons behind this site and I hope to hear from you.