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  1. Well.... I'm marcel from the netherlands... No need to say more i think?!
  2. Well... Thanks for the tip!!!!!!!!!! It really worked reanaming it to WINNT.SIF in caps! Kind a strange huh? Thanks man! Everything worked just fine! Just the way I wanted it! VMWare rules big time too! Great way to TEST, TEST and TEST again! Only the drivers path gave errors, but I've already read a topic of that issue, so I'm gonna be just fine from here! Thanks again for the advices!
  3. Just checked it all... It was my floppy drive........ It booted from there, because there was a floppy in it....... And I indead hadn't check the power on dialoque... So thx for the tip!!!! But now it seems that is doesn't respond to my winnt.sif at all on my DVDiso... So I'm just gonna keep noobing on for a while. Glad VMWare works anyway...
  4. Well... I'm MaRsDeB from the Netherlands, and I would like to say Hi this way... I like to spice my welcome with a poll, so please be nice and answer it Like to hear from you all! Cya!
  5. Hi! First reaction of a noob here... I would really like to TEST; TEST and TEST again... But I've got this problem with VMWare... I think the software has a problem with my RAID hardware, cus it says: "No system or disk error" It didn't work with pressing F6 on booting... it failed totally, also with my original XP cd. Can someone solve this problem so I can test??? Thanx