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  1. anybody with an invite please ->
  2. You can set outlook to send/recieve every x minutes though. (Under Send/Recieve Settings)
  3. i'm sure you create a dos script and put it in your startup folder. That could work.
  4. Go for a power supply with Active PFC. Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows power distribution to operate at its maximum efficiency. For more information see Active PFC FAQ
  5. here's my desktop Desktop Link
  6. i use outlook for its calendar and scheduling. If it didn't have that i would use Thunderbird. I say lets merge Sunbird and Thunderbird together to kill outlook as well as IE!!!
  7. @raskren I'm guessing not
  8. this means you can use your ide hard disk. SATA is way better than IDE (150Mbit/s vs 130Mbit/s) and will only getter better with SATA2. As for the fan connections see if the asus site lets u view the manual for the motherboard, it will tell you.
  9. does it work for win2k??
  10. i miss the icons for msn, yahoo and icq
  11. pioneer 108 all the way
  12. when u say there are "tweaks" applied, are they just removing plugins or are some reg tweaks included?
  13. how awesome is firefox just quietly?????
  14. how big is your unattended install cd?