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  1. Title bar rescaling

    I'll see what happens if I modify the glyphs in the msstyle theme that I'm using, to see if those are imported by Aeroglass. I've found out what caused the blurriness in the 200% pic, by the way. I had attempted to resize the titlebar using the Winaero Tweaker. Somehow, this doesn't work at 4K/200%, but it does cause the textures on the buttons to distort.
  2. Title bar rescaling

    When I rescale the Windows interface, the way in which the title bar is painted appears to change beyond simply resampling its various elements. The minimize/resize/close buttons stretch further down, and the glyphs inside those buttons do not appear to resize at all. I have added two images to illustrate what I mean. The first image is of a 32-bit application which has not been rescaled; the second one is of that same application, yet scaled to 200% of its original size. Would it be possible to counteract or remedy this? I am using Aero Glass on Windows 10 Creators' Update.
  3. Start orb scaling - request/question

    Cool, thanks!
  4. I recently started running my desktop at 4K, scaling the interface to 250% to accommodate for the reduction in size of many desktop elements. The Startisback task bar and task menu scale just fine, with one exception: the Start Button, which is stuck at a relatively small size. I have added a screenshot to illustrate this. Would it be possible to add an option to increase the Start Button's size, too? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Title bar rescaling

    Ah, thanks! I thought those buttons were imported from the file used to paint the window frame. I know how to edit msstyle themes, so I'll give that a go. EDIT - it does render them, though, doesn't it? The buttons displayed are the ones in the theme atlas. Or is Aero Glass somehow telling the Windows rendering engine to use those buttons, without doing the rendering itself?
  6. Start orb scaling - request/question

    I tried that actually - using Photoshop, I created a new PNG image that was twice the size of the original Windows Aero orb. Startisback wouldn't accept it. I think there is a limit to the image sizes it will accept. EDIT: problem solved. It appears I was a bit overambitious last time. Resizing to 150% of the original size was enough. I've attached the file in case anyone needs it.
  7. It works through the donation system. It's some time ago I did it, though.
  8. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    So what is it we're looking at? A theme that uses transparency? New transparency features built into Windows?
  9. Ah, but how does suggesting that people stick with the current stable release make someone 'funny'? I can well imagine some of us might need specific functionality (it's why I'm on the Insiders programme on my phone, in fact), but unless that should be the case there is no real reason to upgrade. Not as long as older releases remain secure, that is.
  10. Unless you're a software developer who needs to ensure the future compatibility of their programme(s), there's surely there's no need to install 16362.1000 yet?
  11. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    This is what I get on version 2.5.1. Search works just fine (N.B. - file names removed from image).
  12. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Many thanks! Using it now.
  13. Does anyone know how I can get the 'Search programs and files' box to use an italic font? I recently tried a Windowblinds skin, and while it made an absolute mess of the start menu (as expected; Windowblinds is not compatible with StartisBack) it did set the font to italic. From this I took it that there was (or, at least, could be) a registry setting that I could toggle. Many thanks in advance!
  14. Try generating a new key, especially if you changed the OS or your hardware. The key is machine-specific.
  15. Beta channel

    Thank you for the new update! Earlier today I was experimenting with ways to get a reflectionmap on the Startisback taskbar, and found a solution that worked quite well: I opened a transparent reflectionmap that someone posted at another forum with Image Eye (a borderless image viewer that supports transparency), and then positioned it underneath the Windows taskbar. I've added a screenshot of the effect below. I was wondering if such a solution could be integrated into Startisback. I hope you don't mind me asking! :-)
  16. Display Your Desktop With Aero Glass 8+

    Windows 10 with StartisBack, Aero Glass, Win 7 icons, a few modded dll files, Winaero's Classic Sticky Notes and the Aero Compact skin for Winamp.
  17. That's odd - I don't get any crashes at all. The only thing that happens in my case is that if I 'shake' a window the other windows minimize (the normal behaviour). I'm using Win10 Pro, 64-bit, version 1703, build 15063.540.
  18. Yay! Off to download it now!
  19. Beta channel

    First of all, thank you for the recent updates! The new jumplists look great on my aerofied Win10 setup. :-) I also have a question: would it be possible to italicise 'Search programs and files', like it was in Windows 7? Many thanks in advance!
  20. EDIT - I just discovered that the real problem was a hard border between the titlebar and the frame. I've enabled coloured titlebars, and everything look fine now. Mods - feel free to delete this thread. Thanks. I am using the current, experimental build of AeroGlass for Windows 10 on top of SagorPD's Aero theme. I've also applied xemnes' Win7 Theme Atlas (http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/?page=37) The application has downloaded the symbols required, and the titlebars are transparent - as intended. As you can see in the pics below, though, the frames on the left, right, and at the bottom do not become transparent. I have tried using WIN7TBAR's skin instead, but this has the same result - the frames remain completely opaque. Changing the theme atlas doesn't seem to result in transparent frames, either. Does anyone know what might be going on? Is there a setting I should change, for instance?