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  1. X40 means...lets see....not a dam thing lol Just thought it sounded cool at the time...I guess you can call it a personal OS based on XP Home.
  2. What you think of my Windows X40?? ^Click On Thumbnail^ For Larger Image Oh...I recommend people to use imageshack.us for your screenshots...cause it makes thumbnails for you. So...Anyone Got Any Comments On How My X40 Looks?
  3. Whats goin on ya'll....this site is INSANE This is my first time doing anything like this...but Im preparing my first (test) unattended install. I think I'll be fine cause you guys got GREAT guides....thanks a lot for this. Here's A Little About Me - Im not a coder/programmer - Im not a genious - I don't know registry tweaking - I hate dos/promting - I hate Microsoft for being a greedy corporation - I may need help figuring out installing apps with batch commands - I REALLY hate having to install EVERYTHING again when sumthin happens to my computer - I love music, games & girls.....just like the next man I'll keep my signature updated with what im doin on this unattended install...if you see me having problems...feel free to pm me your thoughts. Keep up the good work ya'll