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  1. PEBakery

    TestBuild 20171213 released. Download Changelog - Halt command kills subprocess immediately. - If WorkDir is specified in ShellExecute, WorkDir is added to PATH temporary. - Set command supports add/remove of macro command. - AddVariables adds local macro. - Added SetMacro command to manage macro only. - In HTML log export, write [ and ] near LogState. - System,RefreshInterface will block until refresh is done. - Change of interface section will be updated by System,RefreshInterface. - Added compatibility option for FileRename/DirMove to move file and directory. - Added PathMove, a command works like FileRename + DirMove. - Variable and Macro's Name is restricted to regex "[a-zA-Z0-9_\(\)\.]+". - Fix TXTReplace to treat case insensitive string.
  2. PEBakery

    Does If,ExistVar command have only one argument? Please change "If,Not,ExistVar" to "If,Not,ExistRegKey" and see if syntax error still occurs.
  3. PEBakery

    Using github issue tracker keeps me organized about bugs. So if you figured out the cause or details of bug, please create a ticket in issue tracker. (You will be able to see even which source had caused the bugs!)
  4. PEBakery

    1. Multiline Support If you use '\' at end of the line, next line will be used as additional argument. Note) To treat '\' as a string (not multiline token), use doublequote ("\"). Thanks to Paraglider, alacran and Atari800xl for reporting and fixing. With multiline support added, WOW64 is working properly in MistyPE. When testing MistyPE, do not forget to remove line 125 in create.iso.script like Atari800XL said. 2. SectionName/HideProgress is properly recognized in ComboBox GitHub Issue Trakcer by Homes32 : https://github.com/ied206/PEBakery/issues/2 Thanks to Homes32 and Numb. 3. Plugin Refresh Button PEBakery loads whole .script files into memory at load time, for performance. (File IO is the most biggest bottleneck of PEBakery.) To make PEBakery recognize modification of plugin, use refresh button. 1) Big Refresh Button at up refreshes whole project. 2) Small Refresh Button at right refreshes one plugin. 4. Suggestion about logging Checkbox choice to ignore macro / comment in log viewer should be nice! Volume of logging impacts performance due to frequent file IO, so in my opinion "Log Macro" and "Log Comment" options should be kept. Thanks for suggestion, Numb.
  5. PEBakery

    TestBuild 20171210 Download https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TRiF0IoAuPg8DvH5nXnk7ngxEzrIVDNs 1. BugFix - Stop button now terminates subprocess immediately. - Support multiline code (line end with \) - Fix DirCopy overwrite bug when used with wildcard compatibility flag. - When multiline code has error, CodeParser now reports correct command. - '\' will be added to FileBox's direcotry path. - Left plugin tree will be refreshed after refresh of plugin. - SectionName/HideProgress is properly recognized in ComboBox. 2. Feature Add - If,ExistRegMulti implemented. - Escape sequence of # (##) implemented. Thanks to all who reported unknown bugs! EDIT Please redownload build 20171210, a critical bug resides in ShellExecute.
  6. PEBakery

    I plan to introduce new language can write a converter in a long term, but I cannot expect exact date, there are too many things to consider. (Like deciding between using existing language runtime or make a new grammar) So my short term plan is to make PEBakery compatible with existing PE projects, and then introduce new runtime in long term, provide interoperability just like WebAssembly-Javascript model.
  7. PEBakery

    PEBakery is hard-corded to report always [True] to [System,HasUAC] command. I did this because: Starting from Windows 8, Windows does not allow turning off UAC in normal method. (Disabling UAC forcefully will also disable Metro) Support of Windows 7 will end near to 2019 by Micosoft. Turning off UAC is very dangerous. However, if project developers want this command to be correct, I will implement it. How do you think?
  8. PEBakery

    Thanks for intensive testing! I implemented "If,ExistRegMulti", so it will be supported in next release. Make sure to test PEBakery's behavior is correct (I was not able to reproduce use case in WB082, maybe problem with WOW64 reg redirecting?). I didn't know WinBuilder also have '\' next line token. It seems to me that WB support this only in RegWrite (or at least related to registry), am I right?
  9. PEBakery

    To build MistyPE, 3 syntax error should be fixed. I contacted Misty about this 3 week ago, hope it will be fixed soon. [MistyPE\Core\verify.script] - [SOURCE.CHECK] Section IniWriteTextLine,"%Cache%\temp\boot.wim.info.ini",Main,Architecture,%ARCH% -> IniWriteTextLine,"%Cache%\temp\boot.wim.info.ini",Main,Architecture=%ARCH% [MistyPE\Core\Core.script] - [TWEAKS] section ECHO,"Remove 'Pin to Start' and 'Pin to Taskbar' from the context menu options"System, -> ECHO,"Remove 'Pin to Start' and 'Pin to Taskbar' from the context menu options" [MistyPE\Boot.Media\create.ISO.script] - [RAM] Section Else,ShellExecute,Open,"%TOOLS%\oscdimg.exe","-l#$qWinPE#$q -n -m -b#$q%OutputDir%\boot\etfsboot.com#$q #$q%OutputDir%#$q #$q%ISODir%\WinPE.iso#$q" -> ShellExecute,Open,"%TOOLS%\oscdimg.exe","-l#$qWinPE#$q -n -m -b#$q%OutputDir%\boot\etfsboot.com#$q #$q%OutputDir%#$q #$q%ISODir%\WinPE.iso#$q"
  10. PEBakery

    I was short of investable time to develop PEBakery, since it started as in-house project. If I did not used C#, Completion of PEBakery would have consumed years. Moreover, I fed up with WinBuilder 082's slow UI and lack of HiDPI support, which Microsoft dealt very well in cutting-edge version of .Net Framework (which are only supported in Win 7+). Well, having more choice in builder world is much better, I think.
  11. PEBakery

    What is PEBakery? PEBakery is a builder specialized in customizing Windows PE. It is intended to be used with Win10PESE, MistyPE project. Why PEBakery was written? PEBakery is compatible with WinBuilder 082. Projects like Win10PESE are dependent on WinBuilder 082, but WB082's development went discontinued. PEBakery works as a drop-in replacement of WB082, while providing much improved envrionment. Download PEBakery is a open source software, licensed under GPLv3. Source of PEBakery can be downloaded in GitHub. Bug report or Pull request is always welcome. Test Build can be downloaded in here. Latest build is 20171210. How to Test .Net Framework 4.7 and Windows 7 or upper is required to run PEBakery. 1. Download Win10PESE or MistyPE project zip distribution and extract it. 2. Put 'Binary' and 'Launcher.exe' in project root (where 'Project' directory resides in). 3. Run 'Launcher.exe' with admin privilege. 4. Configure project and run. Compare with WinBuilder 082 (which is bundled by default). Documentation Specification of PEBakery script language is being done in GitHub. It is expected to take some time, so for a while reference WinBuilder manual to write your own codes with PEBakery. Disclaimer - PEBakery does not violate WinBuilder's EULA, its development is solely based on document and manual testing. - PEBakery is still in alpha stage, so expect bugs. - Even though I did not experience file corruption, It is advised to backup your files. I do not provide any warranty.
  12. New to MSFN

    Hello, MSFN! I am known as ied206 in other forum, and developing PEBakery, a WinBuilder compatible builder in GitHub. Nice to meet you!