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  1. Here is my desktop, hope you all like it. Desktop
  2. Ok, so I just downloaded version 4.2b because I was having errors with the older versions not even loading. Also realized that mshta.exe had some issues and got those corrected. WPI will load up just fine and I have loaded a previous config file from an older version of WPI. The problem that I am having is that everytime I try to add an additional program to my install list, the WPI simply goes back to the main WPI screen instead of allowing me to add a new entry. Any help on this issue would be most helpful.
  3. I have a much easier solution for you. All I did was simply create a batch file which calls upon the transform file that I created with the Office 2003 Resource Kit which is available for download from Microsoft. The code looks like this: cmdow @ /HID @echo off FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%i: %cdrom%\setuppro.exe TRANSFORMS=Office2003Unattended.MST /qb %cdrom%\Updates\kb842532.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb870765.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb873362.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb873381.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\ptk-kb873381.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb887982.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb890854.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb887980.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb885828.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb891067.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb892236.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb887979.exe /q /r:n %cdrom%\Updates\kb892258.exe /q /r:n You could also create an AutoRun.inf file which calls upon this batch file so that all you have to do is drop the cd into the drive and walk away