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  1. Run-as from a batch file

    is it possible to add a "RUN-AS" command to a script in order to install a software on a client computer? I've tried, but it prompts for a password!
  2. I want to install an application on about 200 client PC's on the network in a workstation environment. the problem is that it needs administrator's credintials, also i cannot get pass from windows xp firewall. any ideas?
  3. Reverse Proxy

    Internet \/ Firewall \/ ISA2004 >>Web Server(HTTP) \/ HTTPS (here I want to implement a reverse proxy to the actual HTTP web server)
  4. Reverse Proxy

    How to setup a reverse proxy? Is it possible to run reverse proxy on HTTPS? What's the best application to implement reverse proxy on Windows environment?
  5. MCE 2005 really doesn't support HT?

    well, in my case it says: ACPI Multiprocessor PC(when Using winXP Pro SP2) both computers have the same motherboard (Gigabyte 8iKNXP), i never had this probelm before on any OS except for WinXP MCE 2005! and that was my question. Anyway, thank you very much about your instructions, and I'll try & tell you the results
  6. MCE 2005 really doesn't support HT?

    I've recently installed Windows XP MCE 2005, when i realized a huge decrease in my system performance. I've started investigating and found that the performance tab on the windows Task Manager shows only one CPU, though it's supposed to show two as I have a HT CPU! Also when I opened the device manager, I looked for "Processors" item that's supposed to show that I have two processors, well, I didn't even find "Processors"! I've tried the OS on another machine, and it game me the same results. Does anyone had the same problem?
  7. Firefox Web Browser? Why do I want this?

    I've totally abandoned IE since the first time I tried firefox..
  8. In my openion, one of the best ideas that an MSFN member ever came up with, is to list all the latest Windows Hotfixes in one place. But I hope that we'll have another forum like that for Windows 2003.
  9. who wants gmail?

    hey, I hope to get an account there. thank you..
  10. Which Browser Do You Use?

    FireFox is the best Using tabs made websurfing much faster
  11. SAV9 Error driving me crazy!

    Do you know what's the name of the Auto-Protect Service? as I said before, I think that it's a service problem..
  12. SAV9 Error driving me crazy!

    By the way, while I'm installing the program, or the update, the error message appears when the program reaches the "STARTING SERVICES" part of the setup. I think that there's something preventing the Auto-Protect service from starting. But I don't know which service could that be! I've checked each installed symantec service and make sure that they are all set to: Automatic.
  13. SAV9 Error driving me crazy!

    sure, that's the first thing that I've tried, but it didn't work.
  14. SAV9 Error driving me crazy!

    I have used Symantec Antivirus 9 Enterprise edition for a while now, but after I've installed WinXP SP2, an error message appears, saying: and everytime I try to enable the Auto Protection or restart windows, it gives me the same error message! I've tried uninstalling windows, and it works fine with SP1, but the same thing happens when I installed SP2! I've searched Symantec website for an error like that, but I didn't find any! I've installed the most recent updates of the program, but things remain the same. any ideas, please?